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英语专业四级词汇语法模拟选择题练习及答案解析(52)1. They feel they are justified ____ the child because he was not behaving himself. A. to punish B. to be punishing C. in punishing D. punishing2. ____ in the first round of the competition, our team took the earliest flight back. A. Being knocked out B. Having been knocked out C. We were knocked out D. We had been knocked out 3. If the door was not forced open, ____ that the burglar must have had a key. A. it follows B. it is followed C. following is D. it will be followed4. Miss Helen always buys ____ priced clothe


1. They feel they are justified ____ the child because he was not behaving himself.
A. to punish       B. to be punishing
C. in punishing  D. punishing

2. ____ in the first round of the competition, our team took the earliest flight back.
A. Being knocked out          B. Having been knocked out
C. We were knocked out    D. We had been knocked out

3. If the door was not forced open, ____ that the burglar must have had a key.
A. it follows       B. it is followed 
C. following is   D. it will be followed

4. Miss Helen always buys ____ priced clothes.
A. higher    B. high   C. highest   D. highly

5. By 1990, production in the area is expected to double ____of 1980.
A. that    B. it        C. one    D. what

6. I did not choose any of the three offerings, because I found ____ satisfactory.
A. neither of them   B. none of it
C. either  of them   D. none of them

7. A panda’s primary activity is sleep, ____ its waking hours looking for food.
A. that it spends   B. for spending
C. and it spends   D. will spend

8. The university of California, ____ in 1868, is administered by president and governed by a twentyfourmember board of regents.
A. founded                         B. has been founded
C. to have been founded   D. was founded

9. ____ of the play, Desire Under the Elm, introduces the cast of characters and hints at the plot.
A. The act first     B. Act first 
C. First Act          D. Act One

10. I’d rather we ____ our lesson now.
A. have    B. had   C. should have    D. shall have

11. Their walkingtour through Springfield never came ____.
A. to    B. off     C. out    D. round

12. The conflict between romantic ____ and harsh reality has been the theme of many great novels.
A. fantasies     B. perceptions  C. affairs  D. revelations

13. Bob’s work is ____ to Tom’s.
A. interior   B. inferior   C. exterior    D. better

14. Sunglasses serve to ____ eyes from the glare of the sun.
A. shield    B. shelter    C. defend    D. guard

15. They bought that piece of land with a ____ to building a new shopping center.
A. purpose  B. reason   C. view     D. goal

16. To be ____, I couldn’t understand what he was driving at.
A. modest   B. frank   C. sincere    D. trivial

17. The exact cause of the killing disease was not known until Dr. Smith discovered it ____.
A. by all means   B. by accident
C. by hand         D. by and by

18. David found the book ____, it provided him with so much information about the subject.
A. flattering           B. fabricating
C. enlightening     D. perplexing

19. He had deceived  a great many people but she ____him at once.
A. saw through   B. saw off 
C. saw about     D. saw into

20. It’s on the top shelf, out of ____.
A. reach     B. touch    C. hand     D. distance

21. All the hotels in the town were full up so we stayed in a ____village.
A. close     B. near      C. nearby  D. neighborhood

22. He does not work but he gets a good ____ from his investment.
A. income   B. salary    C. wage    D. earning

23. Mr. Black asked his son Olive to buy a ____ of bread at the baker’s near his school.
A. pound     B. loaf    C. bag    D. packet

24. This detective story may not be ____ interestingto keep the child awake.
A. inadequately   B. enough     C. sufficiently  D. amply

25. The two pieces of fried steak Karl had for dinner gave him a(n)____.
A. headache  B. infection   C. soar throat    D. upset stomach



1.   C)  
【句意】  他们认为惩罚这个小孩是有理的,因为他行为不当。
【难点】  be justified in doing意为“做…是正当的(有道理的)”。

2. B)  
【句意】  由于在第一轮比赛就被淘汰,我们队便乘最早的航班返回了。
【难点】  现在分词的完成时形式用作原因状语,被动语态是句意的要求,所以选B)。

3. A)  
【句意】  如果门不是被撞开的话,那么可以断定,强盗一定是有钥匙。
【难点】  “it follows that…”是一个句型结构,意为“可以断定…”。

4. D)  
【句意】  海伦小姐总买贵衣服。
【难点】  higher 不对,因为不存在比较,highest是最高级,在意义上可以,但形容词的最高级要加“the”;high本来是形容词,不能形容“priced”,但副词highly可以与priced成合成词highlypriced。

5. A)  
【句意】  截止1990年,该地区的生产渴望比1980年翻一番。
【难点】  需要填入的是一个代替production的词,应使用that。不能用it。

6. D)  
【句意】  给我的三样东西我都没有选,因为我发现没有一样令人满意。
【难点】  首先,相对于两件事物来说,只能用either或neither,none是用在有三件或以上事物的情况中的。其次,主句说did not choose,说明都不好,从句应为否定。

7. C)  
【句意】  熊猫的基本活动是睡眠,睡醒的时候寻找食物。
【难点】  填入C) 后结构正确,因为and连接两个并列分句。

8. A)  
【句意】  加利福尼亚大学创建于1868年,现由校长和24名董事管理。
【难点】  founded in 1868作为一个插入成份修饰主语。

9. D)  
【句意】  《榆树下的恋情》这出剧的第一幕介绍了演员阵容并暗示了故事情节。
【难点】  表示“第一部”有两种方式:一、Act One 二、The first act。

10. B)  
【句意】  我宁愿我们现在就上课。
【难点】  虚拟语气,表示对不可能发生的事情的希望,用一般过去时。

【句意】  他们徒步穿越斯宾菲尔德的活动从未付诸实践。
【难点】  come off 意为“发生,举行”;come to意为“涉及,谈到”;come out意为“真相大白”; come round意为“迂回而至”。

12. A)  
【句意】  浪漫的幻想和残酷的现实是很多小说的主题。
【难点】  fantasy意为“想象;幻想”;perception意为“感觉,感知”;affair意为“风流韵事”;revelation意为“揭示,展现;显示”。

13. B)  
【句意】  鲍勃的工作不如汤姆的。
【难点】  inferior(to) 意为“次的;次于…的”;interior意为“内部的”;exterior意为“外部的;外面的”;better意为“更好的”,后不接to.

14. A)  
【句意】  太阳镜能为眼睛遮住眩目的太阳光。
【难点】  shield意为“保护,保卫”,与from连用;shelter意为“掩蔽;庇护;为提供避难所”;defend意为“防御;保卫”;guard意为“监视;看守”。

15. C)  
【句意】  他们购买那块地的目的是建一座新的购物中心。
【难点】  with a view to doing 意为“为了…目的;打算做”;purpose意为“目的,意图”;reason意为“理由,原因”;goal意为“目标,目的”。后三个词不能代替view。

16. B)  
【句意】  说实话,我不懂他说的是什么意思。
【难点】  to be frank 是个习语,意为“开诚布公地说”,作句子的开首语。modest意为“谦虚的”;sincere 意为“诚实的,真挚的”;trivial意为“琐碎的;不重要的”。

17. B)  
【句意】  这个致命性疾病的确切原因直到史密斯博士偶然发现之后才真相大白。
【难点】  by accident意为“偶然”;by all means意为“一定,务必”;by hand 意为“用手;用体力”;by and by意为“不久;过一会儿”。

18. C)  
【句意】  大卫发现这本书很富启蒙性,因为这本书上有很多关于这个学科的知识。
【难点】  enlightening意为“有启迪作用的,使之启蒙的”;flattering意为“谄媚的,奉承的”;fabricating意为“捏造的,伪造的”;perplexing意为“使人困惑的,令人费解的”。

19. A)  
【句意】  他骗了很多人,但她一下子就把他看穿了。
【难点】  see through意为“看穿,识破”;see off 意为“为…送行,向…告别”;see about意为“料理,办理”;see into意为“调查;领会,了解”。

20. A)  
【句意】  东西在最上面的架子上,够不到。
【难点】  out of reach意为“无法拿到的;力所不及的”。另三项选择不能与out of形成合理搭配。

21. C)  
【句意】  城里的所有旅馆都住满了,所以我们住在附近的一个小村里。
【难点】  nearby意为“在附近的”;close 意为“亲密的,紧密的”;near 意为“接近”,后接to;neighborhood意为“邻里地区”。

22. A)  
【句意】  他不工作,而是从投资中得到丰厚的收入。
【难点】  income意为“收入”;salary 意为“薪水”;wage意为“(以时间计酬的)日薪,周薪”;earning常用作复数形式,意为“所得,收入”。

23. B)  
【句意】  布莱克先生让他儿子奥利弗到学校附近的面包店买块面包。
【难点】  形容面包的量词单位应为loaf, 其它三个词不恰当。

24. C)  
【句意】  这个侦探故事的趣味性可能不足以使这个孩子夜不能寐。
【难点】  sufficiently意为“足够地”,修饰形容词或动词;inadequately意为“不充分地,不恰当地”;enough是形容词,意为“足够的”;amply意为“充裕地,绰绰有余地”。

25. D)  
【句意】  卡尔晚饭时吃了两块炸牛排,他感到肠胃不适。
【难点】  an upset stomach意为“胃肠不舒服”;headache意为“头痛”;infection“感染”;sore throat意为“嗓子痛”。

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