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Thomas Pynchon was born in 1937 and attended Cornell University, where he  published his first story, "Mortality and Mercy in Vienna," in Epoch. Soon  after leaving Cornell, he published three short stories - "Under the Rose,"  in Noble Savage #3; "Entropy," in The Kenyan Review; and "Low-Lands," in New  World writing #16 - which earned him an immediate reputation among the  narrow but intense circle of short-story readers. His novel V. won the  Faulkner Prize as the best first novel of 1963. A second novel, The Crying  of Lot 49, was published in 1966. Since then he has published "The Secret  Investigation" in The Saturday Evening Post, and an essay on Los Angeles in  The New York Times Magazine.

In these few published works, Pynchon has earned a widespread and even  fanatic acclaim, and remains a uniquely forceful figure on the American  literary horizon:

"Pynchon surely ranks as the most intelligent, most audacious and most  accomplished American novelist writing today."    - The Nation




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