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New Words<1>cautious a.careful to avoid problems or danger 小心的,谨慎的I'm very cautious about expressing my opinions in public. 我对公开发表意见持十分谨慎的态度。My brother is a very cautious driver. 我弟弟驾车很小心。<2>scanvt.examine sth. carefully but quickly 细看;审视He scanned the horizon, but there was no sign of the ship. 他扫视了地平线一眼,可是没有看到船的影子。She scanned his face, looking for signs of what he was thinking. 她细细地察看他的脸,想寻找他正在思考什么的迹象。v.read sth. quickly 浏览,快读I scanned the newspaper while I was waiting for the train. 我在等火车时把报纸匆匆浏览了一

New Words

<1>cautious a.careful to avoid problems or danger 小心的,谨慎的

I'm very cautious about expressing my opinions in public. 我对公开发表意见持十分谨慎的态度。

My brother is a very cautious driver. 我弟弟驾车很小心。

<2>scanvt.examine sth. carefully but quickly 细看;审视

He scanned the horizon, but there was no sign of the ship. 他扫视了地平线一眼,可是没有看到船的影子。

She scanned his face, looking for signs of what he was thinking. 她细细地察看他的脸,想寻找他正在思考什么的迹象。

v.read sth. quickly 浏览,快读

I scanned the newspaper while I was waiting for the train. 我在等火车时把报纸匆匆浏览了一下。

I scanned through the page for her name. 我扫了这页一眼找她的名字。

@<3>unusual a.not usual 不寻常的,不一般的

It's unusual for Mary to be late. 玛丽迟到是少有的。

She has a very unusual name. 她有一个很不寻常的名字。

<4>exception n.[C, U] sb. or sth. that is not included 例外

Most of his songs are awful, but this one is an exception. 他的歌大多数很糟糕,但这首例外。

There's an exception to every rule. 每条规则都有例外。

<5>portly a.rather fat 肥胖的

The lawyer was a tall and portly man with a short neck. 这律师个子高高的,胖胖的,脖子很短。

Do you know the portly gentleman over there? 你认识那边那位胖胖的先生吗?

@<6>shave v.remove hair from the face or another part of the body with a razor 剃(胡须);刮(毛发)

I was shaving when the doorbell rang. 门铃响时我正在剃须。

I always shave my legs in the bath. 我总是在洗澡时剃去腿上的毛发。

<7> unshavena.not having shaved 未剃须的,未修面的

He was unshaven and looked pale. 他胡子拉碴,看上去脸色苍白。

They told the police the man was about 22 years old and had an unshaven look. 他们告诉警察:这男子大约22岁,未修面。

<8>shrub n.[C] a small bush 灌木(丛)

She planted some roses and shrubs. 她种了一些玫瑰和一些灌木。

The small house was hidden by shrubs. 这小屋隐藏在灌木丛中。

<9>parking n.[U] the act of parking a car or other vehicle 停车;停放

I couldn't find a parking space near the shops. 商店旁我找不到停车的地方。

She is not good at parking. 她停车技术不是很好。

<10>pad n.[C] 垫,衬垫

Insert the cushion pad into the cover. 把软垫塞入垫套中。

The dress has pads in the shoulders. 这件衣服有垫肩。

<11>pistol n.[C] a small gun one can use with one hand 手枪

They found a loaded pistol in the room. 他们在房间里发现了一把上了膛的手枪。

He held an automatic pistol in his right hand. 他右手拿着一把自动手枪。

<12>contrive vi.succeed in doing sth. in spite of difficulties 设法做到

She contrived to live well on a very small income. 她设法靠微薄的收入好好生活。

Somehow she contrived to get tickets for the concert. 不管怎样,她设法弄到了音乐会的票。

<13>tossvt.throw sth., esp. sth. light 扔,抛,掷

She tossed the ball into the air. 她把球抛到了空中。

He glanced at the letter and then tossed it into the bin. 他扫了一眼信,然后把它扔进了垃圾箱。

<14>bark v. say sth. quickly in a loud voice 大声嚷,吼叫

The boss came in, barked some orders, and left again. 头儿走了进来,厉声下达了命令,然后又出去了。

Don't bark at her. 不要对她大吼大叫。

vi. (of dogs) make a loud, short sound (狗)吠,叫

His dog always barks at anyone who rings the doorbell. 他家的狗对任何按门铃的人都要叫。

They heard a dog barking outside. 他们听到一条狗在外面汪汪叫。

@<15>instinct n. [C, U] a natural tendency of behaving in a particular way 本能,天性

As winter approaches, birds fly south by instinct.当冬天来临时,鸟儿出于本能飞往南方。

Animals have natural instinct for survival. 动物有求生的自然本能。

<16> instinctively ad. without thinking; without having been taught (出于)本能地,(出于)天性地

I instinctively raised my arm to protect my face. 我本能地举起手臂保护自己的脸。

She knew instinctively that he would not forgive her. 她本能地知道他不会原谅她。

@<17>sideways ad.to or toward one side 向一边,从侧面

I slipped on the ice and fell sideways. 我在冰上一滑,摔倒在一边。

The fence is leaning sideways. 围栏在向一边倾斜。

@<18>slight a. 1. thin and light 瘦小的

He looked too slight to be a boxer. 他看上去很瘦小,不能当拳击手。

Like most long-distance runners, she is very slight. 像大多数长跑运动员一样,她很瘦小。

2. small in degree 少量的;轻微的

She has a slight cold. 她患了轻度感冒。

There has been a slight change in your work. 你的工作已有所改进。

<19>enlargevt. make sth. larger 使扩大;使增大

Good reading enlarges the mind. 好的阅读增长人的才智。

She had the photograph enlarged. 她把这张照片放大了。

@<20>polish vt.1. make sth. smooth and shiny by rubbing 擦光,擦亮

Polish your shoes regularly to protect the leather. 你要经常擦鞋,保护皮革。

He polished his glasses with a handkerchief. 他用手帕擦了擦眼镜。

2. improve a piece of writing, a speech, etc. 提高,改进

Your essay is good, you just need to polish it a bit. 你的文章很好,只需要稍加润色。

The statement was carefully polished and checked before release.声明在发布前经过了仔细润色和检查。

<21> polished a. 1. shiny because of being rubbed 擦亮的,磨光的

a polished floor 擦得很亮的地板

She wears polished boots. 她穿着擦得亮亮的皮鞋。

2. done with great skill 完美的;精湛的

a polished piece of writing 一篇美文

Their polished performance won thunderous applause. 他们精湛的表演赢得了雷鸣般的掌声。

@<22>attach vt. tie or join sth. to sth. else 系;贴

I attached a name card to my bag. 我在包上贴了一张名片。

I attached a photo to my application form. 我在申请表上贴了一张照片。

<23>criminala.1. relating to the part of the legal system that deals with crime 刑事的

He stood before a judge in criminal court and awaited the verdict. 他在刑事法庭上面对法官站着,等待判决。

Her parents were against her becoming a criminal lawyer. 她的父母反对她当刑事律师。

2. relating to crime 犯罪的,犯法的

Stealing is a criminal act. 偷窃是犯罪行为。

At 17, he had a criminal record. 17岁他就有了犯罪记录。

n.[C] sb. who has committed a crime 罪犯

These crimes were largely committed by professional criminals. 这些刑事案件主要是职业罪犯干的。

He is one of the most wanted criminals. 他是被通缉的要犯之一。

<24>victim n. [C] a person who suffers harm or death as a result of sb. else's action, a terrible event, etc. 受害者

He was a victim of war. 他是战争的受害者。

Food is being sent to the victims of the earthquake. 正在向遭受地震灾害的灾民们运送食品。

@<25>identify vt.recognize and correctly name sb. or sth. 辨认出,识别

He was too far away to identify their faces. 他离得太远,辨认不出他们的面孔。

She was able to identify her attacker. 她能够认出袭击她的人。

@<26>offend vi. break a law 违法,违犯

His actions offended against the norms of proper behavior. 他的行为违背了得体的行为举止的准则。

Many of the young men here are likely to offend again. 这儿许多年轻人可能再次违法。

vt.make sb. feel upset or angry 冒犯,触怒

If you don't go to her party, she will be offended. 如果你不出席她的宴会,她会生气的。

He was offended at /by her words. 她的话令他很生气。

<27> offender n. [C] sb. who does things against the law 犯法的人;犯规的人

a first offender 初犯

No smoking here. Offenders will be fined five dollars. 此处禁止抽烟,违者罚款5美元。

@<28>detail n. [C] a small part or piece of information about sth. 细节;详情

She paid close attention to the details. 她特别注意细节。

I recalled every detail of the party. 我回忆了宴会的每个细节。

<29>rip vt. remove sth. quickly and violently using one's hands 撕掉,扯掉

She ripped the phone from his hand. 她把电话从他手中夺了过来。

He ripped the cover from the book.他把书的封面撕了下来。

<30>wrist n.[C] the part of one's arm where the hand and forearm join together 腕,腕关节

I've hurt my wrist. 我的腕关节弄伤了。

He noticed an expensive watch on every wrist.他注意到每个人手腕上都带着昂贵的手表。

<31>lawn n.[C, U] an area of grass in a garden or park that is regularly cut 草坪,草地

I'm going to cut the lawn this afternoon. 我打算今天下午把草坪修剪一下。

Children are playing on the lawn. 孩子们在草坪上玩耍。

<32>dirt n. [U] dust or soil 灰尘 ;尘土

Wipe the dirt off your shoes before you come in. 进来前先把你鞋上的尘土擦掉。

His coat was covered with dirt. 他外衣上都是灰尘。

<33>temple n.[C] either of the flat parts of one's head at the side of the forehead 太阳穴

The stone hit him on the temple. 石头击中了他的太阳穴。

She had black hair, graying at the temples. 她一头黑发,鬓角处开始变灰白了。

<34>Lordn.[sing.] (in the Christian faith) God or Jesus Christ 上帝,耶稣基督

Lord, hear our request. 上帝啊,听听我们的祈求吧。

Lord, bless us! 上帝保佑!

@<35>mercy n.[U] kindness to sb. 慈悲,怜悯,仁慈

He showed his enemies no mercy. 他对敌人毫不心慈手软。

The prisoners pleaded for mercy. 这些犯人恳求宽恕。

<36>sinn.[C, U] a wicked act, esp. one that breaks a religious law 罪恶;罪孽

Lying and stealing are both sins. 撒谎和行窃都是罪孽。

He believes it is a sin to waste food. 他认为浪费粮食是罪恶行为。

vi. commit a sin 违反教规,违犯戒律

You have sinned against the Lord. 你已经得罪了上帝。

Jonah sinned by not obeying what God told him to do. 约拿因不遵照上帝嘱咐的去做而犯了罪。

<37> sinnern.[C] a person who sins (宗教、道德上的)罪人

You are a sinner. 你是一个罪人。

Have mercy on me, though I'm a sinner. 宽恕我吧,尽管我是一个罪人。

<38>footstepn.[C] the sound made by walking 脚步(声)

She heard his footsteps on the stairs. 她听到了他上楼梯的脚步声。

Walking along the darkened street, he heard footsteps close behind him. 沿着漆黑的街走,他听到身后紧随的脚步声。

@<39>fadevi.gradually disappear 逐渐消失

The laughter faded away. 笑声慢慢地消失了。

Hopes of a peace settlement faded. 和平解决的希望成为泡影。

<40>spann.[C] the amount of time that sth. lasts 一段时间,持续时间

Children's attention span is shorter than that of adults. 孩子的注意力持续时间比成年人的短。

The average life span in this country is seventy years. 这个国家人的平均寿命是70岁。

@<41>fryvt.cook food in hot oil 油煎,油炒

Shall I fry the eggs or boil them? 我是煎鸡蛋,还是煮鸡蛋呢?

Fry the mushrooms in a little butter. 用一点黄油炒蘑菇。

<42> fried a.cooked in hot oil 油煎的,油炸的

fried chicken 炸鸡

I prefer fried eggs. 我喜欢吃煎蛋。

<43>eternal a.without end; lasting forever 永恒的,永久的

The company is engaged in the eternal search for goods that will lead the market. 这家公司坚持不懈地致力于寻求一种能主导市场的产品。

Do you believe in eternal life? 你相信生命会永存吗?

<44> eternity n.1. [U] the state of existence after death 来世;永生

Do you believe in eternity? 你相信有来生吗?

2. [U] time without end 永恒;永远

He promised to love her for all eternity. 他发誓永远爱她。

@<45>rob vt.steal money or property from a person, bank, etc. 抢劫

He robbed a bank. 他抢劫了一家银行。

They robbed me of my watch. 他抢走了我的手表。

<46> robbern.[C] a person who steals from a person, place, etc. 抢劫者,盗贼

The robbers shot a policeman before making their getaway. 抢劫者在逃跑前向一个警察开了火。

A young cashier was shot dead by bank robbers.一名年轻的收银员被银行抢劫犯开枪打死了。

@<47>stiff a.1. (of alcoholic drink) strong (酒)浓的,烈性的

He poured himself a stiff whisky. 他给自己倒了一杯烈性威士忌。

A stiff drink—that's what I need. 烈性酒,那才是我要的。

2. very firm; not easily bent or folded 僵硬的,不易弯曲的

He has walked with a stiff leg since he hurt his knee. 他自从膝关节受伤后走起路来一条腿一直伸不直。

Sitting still before a computer all day can give you a stiff neck. 成天坐在计算机旁会使你头颈僵硬。

<48>additionala.extra 额外的,另外的

There will be an extra charge for any additional passengers. 任何额外的乘客都需另外付费。

It will take an additional week to finish the paper. 还得花一星期的时间才能完成这篇论文。

<49>robberyn.[C, U] the crime of stealing 抢劫罪,抢劫(案)

Robbery is a serious crime. 抢劫是一种严重犯罪。

He was charged with four robberies. 他被指控犯有四起抢劫罪。

<50>album n.[C] a book that one puts photographs, stamps, etc. in 影集;邮集

They showed me their photo album. 他们给我看了他们的影集。

She still keeps the stamp album her brother gave her. 她仍然保存着她弟弟给她的邮集。

<51> album-sized a. 影集大小的;邮集大小的

@<52>currentn.[C] a continuous flowing movement of water, air, etc. (水、空气等的)流,潮流

You shouldn't swim in the river. There are dangerous currents. 你不应该在这条河里游泳,这条河的水流很危险。

Don't swim against the current. 不要逆流而游。

a.happening or existing now 现时的,当前的

current prices 时价

He is the current chairman of the organization. 他是这个组织的现任主席。

<53>woe n.[U] great sadness 哀愁

Her face was full of woe. 她满面哀愁。

He told me a tale of woe about himself. 他告诉了我一个关于他自己的悲惨遭遇。

@<54>foundationn.1. [C] the idea, law, or fact on which sth. is based 基础;根据

The first two years of study provides a solid foundation in studying linguistics. 前两年的学习为学习语言学打下了坚实的基础。

All theories should be built on a foundation of factual knowledge. 所有的理论都应建立在事实的基础上。

2. [C] an organization that provides money to research or charity 基金会

the Environmental Research Foundation 环境研究基金会

the British Heart Foundation 英国心脏基金会

3. [U] the act of founding sth. 建立,设立

the foundation of a new school 创办一所新学校

That year saw the foundation of a new state. 一个新的国家在那一年建立了。

<55>discontent n.[U] a feeling of being unhappy and not satisfied with sth. 不满;不满足

Public discontent with the government is growing. 公众对政府的不满在日益增加。

There is widespread discontent at the quality of education. 人们对教育的质量普遍不满。

<56>presentlyad.1. now 现在,目前

The managers are presently discussing the matter with the workers. 管理人员目前正在与工人讨论这件事。

Of 200 boats, only 20 are presently operational. 200艘船中目前只有20艘能正常运转。

2. soon 不久,一会儿

Take a seat in the waiting room; the doctor will come presently. 在候诊室坐一会儿,医生马上会过来。

The room was hot, and presently her eyes grew heavy as she began to feel sleepy. 房间里很热,不一会儿她双眼变得疲乏无神,开始感到困了。


1. push sth., usually a sharp object, into sth. else 插入,刺入

He stuck his fork into the meat. 他把叉子插入肉中。

The nurse stuck the needle into my arm. 护士把针插进了我的胳膊。

2. attach sth. to another using a substance 粘贴,粘住

He stuck the pages of his homework together and then handed them in to his professor. 他把作业一页页地黏贴在一起,然后交给了老师。

The artist stuck his pictures to the walls of his home. 这位艺术家把自己的画贴在屋子的墙上。

<58>damn.[C] a wall built across a river to hold back the water and form a lake behind it 堤坝,水坝

There was a flood when the dam burst. 决堤时造成洪水泛滥。

They are going to build a dam to store the water. 他们打算建造一个大坝来蓄水。

Phrases and Expressions

<59>face to face (with) 1. close to and looking at sb. or sth. 面对面的/地

I'd like to meet him face to face someday; I've heard so much about him. 我已听到了很多关于他的情况,很想有一天能见见他。

Actually, I've never met her face to face. 实际上,我从未与她打过照面。

2. no escape from sth. and having to deal with it 面临着;面对着

What would you do if you were face to face with so many difficulties? 如果你面对这么多困难,你会怎么办?

It was the first time he'd ever come face to face with death. 这是他第一次直面死亡问题。

<60>pull into move to one side and stop (车)停靠,驶向(一旁)

He pulled into the small parking lot. 他把车开进了那个小停车场。

The train pulled into the branch line station. 这列火车缓缓驶进了支线车站。

<61>as if in a way that sth. seems to be true 好像

He behaved as if nothing had happened. 他的举止就好像什么都没发生过似的。

It sounds as if she's been really ill. 听起来她好像真是病了。

<62>attach... to... fix sth. to sth. else 系在...上,连接到...上

There was a message attached to the flowers. 随花一起送来一张便条。

He attached a check to the order form. 他在定货单上附了一张支票。

<63>have mercy on sb. treat sb. in a kind way 对某人仁慈

Have mercy on me! 可怜可怜我吧!

She appealed to the judge to have mercy on her husband. 她请求法官宽恕她丈夫。

<64>get to one's feet stand up 站起来

At the end of the game, the whole crowd got to their feet and cheered wildly. 比赛结束时,整个人群都站起来疯狂地欢呼。

He got to his feet and stood gazing at her. 他站了起来,站在那儿出神地盯着她看。

<65>look through search for sth. among a lot of others 浏览;查找

I'll look through my notes but I don't think I have a record of his name. 我会浏览一下笔记,但我觉得我没有记下他的名字。

He asked me to look through the article for any spelling mistakes. 他叫我把文章检查一下,看有没有什么拼写错误。

<66>out of control no longer in control 失去控制

The situation was out of control, and fighting broke out. 局势已失去了控制,发生了打斗。

The fire was out of control. 大火失去了控制。

<67>eat (away) at gradually reduce the amount of or destroy sth. 侵蚀;消耗

The sea has been eating away at this shore for centuries. 几百年来海水一直在侵蚀着海岸。

His gambling was eating away at his income. 他的赌博正慢慢耗尽他的收入。

Proper Names

<68>KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken 肯德基

<69>Leslie 莱斯利(人名)

<70>LAPDthe Los Angeles Police Department 洛杉矶警察局

<71>Blake 布莱克(1757—1827,英国诗人和版画家)

<72>Thames(the ~) 泰晤士河


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