新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第三册 Unit 2a

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《新视野大学英语》是国务院批准的教育部“面向21世纪振兴行动计划”的重点工程“新世纪网络课程建设工程”项目系列教材之一。 由国家级名师上海交通大学郑树棠教授担任总策划和教材总主编,清华大学、上海交通大学和东北大学等全国十余所大学几十名资深教授和中青年骨干教师共同设计、编写和制作的教育部普通高等教育“十五”国家级规划教材,教育部大学英语推荐教材。 New Words 2A endurance n. [U] the ability to continue doing sth. difficult or painful over a long period of time 忍耐;忍耐力 moderate a. 1. neither very big nor very small in amount, quality, degree, etc. 中等的,适度的 2. reasonab

《新视野大学英语》是国务院批准的教育部“面向21世纪振兴行动计划”的重点工程“新世纪网络课程建设工程”项目系列教材之一。 由国家级名师上海交通大学郑树棠教授担任总策划和教材总主编,清华大学、上海交通大学和东北大学等全国十余所大学几十名资深教授和中青年骨干教师共同设计、编写和制作的教育部普通高等教育“十五”国家级规划教材,教育部大学英语推荐教材。

New Words 2A

endurance n. [U] the ability to continue doing sth. difficult or painful over a long period of time 忍耐;忍耐力 

moderate a. 1. neither very big nor very small in amount, quality, degree, etc. 中等的,适度的 

2. reasonable and avoiding extreme opinions or actions 温和的;不极端的 

evidence n. [U] facts or physical signs that help prove sth. 迹象;证据 

formerly ad. in earlier times 以前,从前 

journal n. [C] a magazine which is published regularly 杂志,期刊 

consume vt. 1. eat or drink 吃;喝 

2. use sth., esp. in large amounts 消耗;花费 

supplement n. [C] sth. extra that is added to make sth. better 增补物,补充物 

vt. add sth. extra in order to improve sth. 增补,补充 

bounce v. (cause sth. to) spring back when hitting sth. hard (使)弹回;(使)反弹 

respectively ad. separately in the order mentioned 分别地;各自地 

ratio n. [C] the relationship between two groups or amounts, which expresses how much bigger one is than the other 比率;比例 

childbearing n. [U] the process of being pregnant and giving birth to a baby 生孩子;生育 

plus conj. used to add more information 并且,而且 

prep. used when one number is added to another 加 

absorb vt. 1. take in a gas, liquid, etc. 吸收 

2. hold sb.'s attention completely or interest sb. greatly 吸引...的注意力;使...感兴趣 

restrict vt. limit the size or amount of sth. 限制;控制 

liable a. 1. (~ to do sth.) likely to do sth. bad or unpleasant 易出问题的;易做坏事的

2. (~ to sth.) likely to suffer from sth. unpleasant 易遭受...的 

allowance n. [C] an amount of sth. that is allowed in particular circumstances 限额,定量 

digest vt. 1. change what sb. has eaten into substances that the body needs 消化 

2. understand information, esp. when there is a lot of it or it is difficult to understand 领会;理解 

digestive a. relating to digestion 消化的 

impact n. [C] an effect or influence 影响;作用 

vessel n. 1. [C] a tube that carries blood through the body, or carries liquid through a plant 血管;脉管 

2. [C] a large boat or ship 船;舰 

leak v. (cause to) get out or in through a hole or crack (使)漏;(使)渗 

n. [C] a hole or crack through which liquid or gas can come in or out 漏洞;裂缝 

typical a. like most things of the same type 典型的;有代表性的 

typically ad. 1. usually 通常;一般 

2. in a typical manner 典型地;有代表性地 

molecule n. [C] 分子 

protein n. [C, U] 蛋白质 

calculate vt. 1. work out a number or amount by using numbers 计算 

2. make a judgment about what is likely to happen 估计;推测 

sufficient a. enough 足够的,充分的 

compound n. [C] sth. consisting of two or more different parts 复合物;化合物 

storage n. [U] the act of storing sth. 储存,储藏 

advisable a. that should be done in order to avoid problems 明智的;可取的 

yearly a. once a year 每年的;一年一度的 

physician n. [C] (AmE) a doctor (内科)医生 

modify vt. make small changes to sth. in order to improve it 修改;改进 

undo vt. 1. remove the bad effects of sth. 取消;消除 

2. untie or unfasten buttons, knots, belts, etc. 解开;松开 

shortcoming n. [C] a fault that makes sb. or sth. less effective 缺点;缺陷 

leafy a. having many leaves 多叶的,叶茂的 

select vt. choose sb. or sth., esp. from a group 选择;挑选 

cereal n. [C, U] 谷类作物;谷类食物 

plentiful a. present or available in large quantities 大量的;丰富的 

derive vt. obtain sth. from sth. else 取得,得到 

vi. (from) have sth. as an origin 源自 

striking a. unusual or interesting enough to be easily noticed 显著的;引人注目的 

substance n. [C] solid or liquid materials 物质 

interfere vi. get involved in a situation and try to influence the way it develops 介入;干涉;干扰 

remedy vt. correct or improve a situation 补救;纠正 

n. 1. [C] a solution to a problem 补救措施;补救方法 

2. [C] a cure for pain or a minor illness 治疗法 

Phrases and Expressions 

bounce back feel better or become successful after experiencing sth. bad 恢复健康;振作起来 

in general in most situations or for most people 大体上;通常 

up to used for saying the most an amount can be 多达;高达 

tip sb. over the edge make sb. so unhappy that they cannot deal with their life or a situation any longer 使某人受不了;使某人难过得不得了 

out of breath breathing fast and with difficulty 上气不接下气 

throw up bring food or drink up from stomach out through the mouth 呕吐 

go up become higher in price, level, etc.; rise 上升;上涨 

interfere with prevent sth. from happening or developing in the correct way 妨碍;干扰 

sum up make a summary of sth. 总结,归纳;概括 

Proper Names 

Purdue University 普渡大学 

Roseanne M. Lyle 罗斯安妮·M. 莱尔 (人名) 

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 《体育运动医学与科学》(期刊名) 

John L. Beard 约翰·L. 比尔德 (人名) 

Nancy Clark 南希·克拉克(人名) 


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