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8 Effective Ways to Cope with Your Child’s Bad Temper


1. Prevent emotional explosions


As a parent, you might have a close emotional connection with your child. You’re the only one who can feel their emotions and understand almost all behavioral hints. Every mother has an opportunity to keep an eye on their children and analyze everything they say and do. If you see that your child is in low spirits, you should be ready to take immediate measures to prevent the explosion of a crying bomb. Try to notice strange gestures and puzzled expression of a child’s face. All these signs indicate that something bad is going to happen. I’m sure that your intuition and premonitions will help you prevent emotional outbursts of your kid.


2. Don’t bend


Children sometimes prefer to pretend and make a convenience of their parents. They’re small and harmless by nature, but their temper is a very dangerous weapon. The emotional blackmail and pressure are the best strategies of manipulation. It doesn’t mean that all children are manipulative, cunning and insidious. I think that it’s a choice of their parents.


When your child tries to plead for sympathy, you should never back down from a stand you have taken. Let them understand that you’ll never follow their tastes. Children’s usual trick is to behave hysterically and shame their parents in front of other people. By all means, you should keep an equal mind and stand your ground.


3. Help your child understand their feelings


Every parent is a teacher and a role model for their children. Dominance and emotional confrontation aren’t an aim, but tools that help parents bring up well-bred, healthy and smart personalities. Very often kids cannot understand what’s happening to them. There are so many blurred feelings and emotional states. Today even adults can’t master their thoughts and emotions.


4. Forget about corporal punishment


This old-school-method of parenting is not the best way to cope with a child’s bad temper. After all, corporal punishment is a very painful and offensive thing. This strategy is the easiest way to instill discipline and make your child obedient. But every medal has its dark side. Psychologists say that corporal punishment is a dangerous time bomb that can lead to severe fits of hysteria. It fills the minds and hearts of children with fear, hatred and anxiety. I believe that emotional pressure is a little bit better than corporal punishment. Try to ignore the child’s fits of bad mood and they’ll realize that their efforts are totally pointless.


5. Use their negative energy in a proper manner


Children are like inexhaustible sources of energy. They can run, jump, scream and fool around all day long. It’s crucially important to find developmental activities and keep your child engaged as much as possible. Busy kids have no time and desire to go into hysteric, because they quickly get tired and sleepy. Let them play games and exercise as long as they want – physical activity is good for their health. Don’t forget to encourage your child and present them with candies or stickers. If your child is fond of singing or dancing, then give them an opportunity to open up and perform like a star.


6. Communicate with your kid


Every child needs gradual socialization and communication with parents and coevals. You should talk to your child each day: your words and pieces of advice help them become stronger and find the right path in life. It’s a good chance to avoid generation gap and build a relationship based on trust. If you find a common language with your kid, you’ll reduce the frequency of annoying hysterics in future. Lack of contact and communication usually make children too nervous and antisocial personalities in future.


7. Arm yourself with patience


Patience is the main priority for many parents who deal with children’s fits of hysteria. Every mother knows that it’s hard to preserve unchanged composure and remain indifferent to children’s cries and tears. Boost the strength of your mind and fill your heart with hope and wisdom, because parenting is the hardest job in the world.


8. Let them redeem their fault


Nowadays many parents prefer to put emotional pressure upon their kids and make them feel guilty. The feeling of guilt is a powerful emotion that leads to chronic anxiety and stress. Parents should give children a chance to admit all wrong doings and redeem their fault. Both adults and kids need to release negative emotions, especially the feeling of guilt. My daughter usually presents me with a candy when she feels guilty for her bad temper.


I think that the source of the problem is not children, but their parents. Those parents who indulge child’s caprices will regret about it later. I hope these useful pieces of advice will help you respond to your child’s hysterics adequately. You’ll forget about it when the psyche of your child will reach a higher stage of development. What other ways to deal with child’s fits of bad temper do you know? Share your point of view!


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