初学者爱上英语听力文摘 伟人传记04:最璀璨的创新天堂(mp3+中英)

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初学者爱上英语听力文摘<伟人传记mp3版>第4篇 最璀璨的创新天堂。中英对照阅读,含mp3下载。

The Brightest Heaven of Invention


The saga of Steve Jobs is the Silicon Valley creation myth writ large: launching a startup in his parents,garage and building it into the world's most valuable company. He didn't invent many things outright, but he was a master at putting together ideas, art, and technology in ways that invented the future. He designed the Mac after appreciating the power of graphical interfaces in a way that Xerox was unable to do, and he created the iPod after grasping the joy of having a thousand songs in your pocket in a way that Sony, which had all the assets and heritage, never could accomplish. Some leaders push innovations by being good at the big picture. Others do so by mastering details. Jobs did both, relentlessly. As a result he launched a series of products over three decades that transformed whole industries:


The Apple II,which took Wozniak's circuit board and turned it into the first personal computer that was not just for hobbyists.


The Macintosh, which begat the home computer revolution and popularized graphical user interfaces.


Toy Story and other Pixar blockbusters, which opened up the miracle of digital imagination.


Apple stores, which reinvented the role of a store in defining a brand.


The iPod, which changed the way we consume music.


The iTunes Store, which saved the music industry.


The iPhone, which turned mobile phones into music, photography, video, email, and web devices.


The App Store, which spawned a new content-creation industry.


The iPad, which launched tablet computing and offered a platform for digital newspapers, magazines, books, and videos.


iCloud, which demoted the computer from its central role in managing our content and let all of our devices sync seamlessly.


And Apple itself, which Jobs considered his greatest creation, a place where imagination was nurtured,applied, and executed in ways so creative that it became the most valuable company on earth.


Was he smart? No, not exceptionally. Instead, he was a genius. His imaginative leaps were instinctive, unexpected, and at times magical. He was, indeed, an example of what the mathematician Mark Kac called a magician genius, someone whose insights come out of the blue and require intuition more than mere mental processing power. Like a pathfinder, he could absorb information, sniff the winds, and sense what lay ahead.


Steve Jobs thus became the greatest business executive of our era, the one most certain to be remembered a century from now. History will place him in the pantheon right next to Edison and Ford. More than anyone else of his time, he made products that were completely innovative, combining the power of poetry and processors. With a ferocity that could make working with him as unsettling as it was inspiring, he also built the world's most creative company. And he was able to infuse into its DNA the design sensibilities,perfectionism, and imagination that make it likely to be, even decades from now, the company that thrives best at the intersection of artistry and technology.


1.娃谷(Silicon Valley)地处美国加州北部旧金山湾以南,早期以硅芯片的设计与制造著称,因而得名。后来其他高技术产业也蓬勃发展,娃谷的名称现泛指所有高技术产业。
7.“which”引导的非限制性定语从句用于修饰“Apple”,“a place”作“Apple”的同位语,由关系代词“where”引导的定语从句用于修饰先行词“place”。从句中“so creative that it became the most valuable company on earth” (如此具有创造力,以至于它成长为世界上最有价值的公司)用作“ways”的定语。
8.“come out of the blue”是一个英语成语,表示“突然”之意,同义词组还有“come out of a clear blue sky”。
9.爱迪生(Thomas Alva Edison, 1847-1931 ),美国发明家与企业家,他拥有2000余项发明,包括对世界影响极大的留声机、电影摄影机和钨丝灯泡等,他是有史以来最伟大的发明家。1892年创立通用电气公司。
10.福特(Henry Ford, 1863—1947 ),美国汽车工程师与企业家,福特汽车公司的建立者。他也是世界上第一位使用流水线大批量生产汽车的人。他的生产方式使汽车成为一种大众产品,不但革命了工业生产方式,而且对现代社会和文化产生了巨大的影响。
11.此句是用于修饰“ferocity”的定语从句,从句中谓语动词的宾语是“working with him”,连词“as”引导的从句中的代词“it”指代“working with him”。
12.但搭配“infiise A into B”表示“把A融入B中”,句中动词“infuse”的宾语是“the design sensibilities, perfectionism,and imagination”,其后的 “that” 从句用作定语,修饰宾语。此定语从句中的代词“it”指代“Apple”,名词“company”后的“that”从句为定语从句修饰 “company”。

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