美国总统英语访谈录采访林登约翰逊02:我想要尽可能地减少预算 (mp3+中英)

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美国总统英语访谈录,采访美国第36任总统:林登约翰逊---一个一路小跑的总统:I Want to Be Able to Keep It As Low As We Can 我想要尽可能地减少预算,采访文稿中英对

Reporter: Mr. President, have you been able to get your new budget under $100 billion yet?

记者:总统先生,你已经把你的新预算 降到1000亿美元了吗?

Johnson: We finished about a third of the budget last night and sent it to the printer. We have not wrapped up the budget yet. I don’t want to get into any numbers game because I always lose those. I think it is better to say that we want to keep the budget as low as we can, consistent with meeting the needs and the requirements of this country. There is nothing sacred about $100 billion,or 99 or 102 or 104, and anything I say you may interpret that one way and later I’ll be blamed for misleading you. So I don’t want to get into that. I want to be able to keep it as low as we can, and I hope to be able to cut everything out we can forego.

约翰逊:我们昨晚完成了 1/3的预算, 已经送去打印了。我们还没有整理出全 部的预算。我不想玩文字游戏,因为我 不擅长那样。我想最好还是说我们想要 把预算降到最低,以同国家的需求一 致。我说1000亿美元和990亿,1020 亿或者1040亿并没有什么值得害怕的, 不管我说了什么,你们都会用自己的方 式去理解,之后你们还会指责我误导你 们。所以我不想谈论数字,我想要尽可 能的减少预算,我希望能把任何我们能 放弃的部分都给减掉。

Reporter: Mr. President, could I ask you about the travel plans you mentioned in your State of the Union? Do you have in your mind any priorities as between Latin America and Europe, sir?

记者:总统先生,我能不能问一下你在 《国情咨文》中提到的旅行计划?你在 拉丁美洲和欧洲之间已经想好孰轻孰重 了吗?

Johnson: No.


Reporter: Could you give us a clue?


Johnson: I said no.


Reporter: When you might go, I mean?


Johnson: No.


Reporter: Mr. President, talking about travel plans, is there any possibility that you might add Canada to your itinerary?

记者:总统先生,说到旅行计划,你有 没有可能把加拿大放进访问计划中?

Johnson: I would like very much to go to Canada at some time when the schedule will permit.

约翰逊:如果时间安排允许,我很想去 一趟加拿大。

Reporter: Mr. President, where do we stand now in our talks concerning the nuclear problem in Europe, the MLF? Can you sum that up?

记者:总统先生,我们和欧洲的核问题 谈判现在处于什么阶段?能不能总结一 下?

Johnson: Well, as you know, when Prime Minister Wilson was here in Washington we considered the proposal he put for the multilateral force as an expansion of this concept and to the Atlantic nuclear force. Since then, as we had understood and hoped, several governments have been actively discussing these proposals in some detail. They will be further discussed in the days ahead; I believe next week between Chancellor Erhard and Prime Minister Wilson when the Prime Minister visits Bonn. We have been in very close touch with the participants in these discussions and we will continue to follow the progress of these talks with the greatest of interest. We have made clear to the participating governments that we think it is highly important to develop arrangements within the alliance that will provide an opportunity for the nonnuclear members to participate in their own nuclear defense,while avoiding the spread of national nuclear systems. I strongly hope in these talks there will be progress that will allow us to move on to fruitful multilateral discussions. The position of this Government is abundantly clear, and I emphasize what I have said

约翰逊:嗯,你知道,当威尔逊首相来华盛顿时,我们考虑了他提出的多边武 力扩张概念的提议以及大西洋核武力。 之后,我们同意并希望几国政府就此提 议的细节积极进行讨论。接下来的几 天,我们将进行进一步讨论,我想艾哈 德总理和威尔逊首相下周将访问波恩。我们和参 加讨论的 与会者进 行了亲密 接触,也 会继续 踪这些关 系重大的 谈话的进 展。我们 已向与会 政府说清楚,我们 认为在同盟国间为非核国家提供机会参与自己核 防卫的安排是很重要的,同时还要避免 国家核体系的扩大。我非常希望这些谈 话会有进展,让我们向有成果的多边会 谈迈进。政府的态度已经很明了,我在 此再次强调这一点。

Reporter: Mr. President, have you received any response from the Russian leaders concerning your proposal that they visit here?


Johnson: We have extended them an invitation and have had some discussions with some of their leaders, but at this time I am not in a position to go further than I did in my State of the Union Message.

约翰逊:我们已经对他们发了邀请,并 和其中的一些领导进行了讨论,但是现 在我不能再说《国情咨文》中没有提到 的信息。

Reporter: Mr. President, have you had any reaction from American automobile makers to the negotiations for the auto tariff remission?

记者:总统先生,你有没有收到美国汽车 制造商关于减免汽车关税谈判的回复?

Johnson: Yes. I think that they have indicated their pleasure in our ability to avoid further controversy and evolve an agreement that is satisfactory to the two nations, and we think it is highly desirable for both of them. I think both the auto producers and the auto workers will be pleased with the result of these exchanges.

约翰逊:收到了。我想他们已经表达了 他们的欣喜之情,我们避免进一步争 论,从而达成两国都满意的协议,我想 这是他们双方都希望看到的。我想汽车 生产商和工人都会对意见交换后的结果 满意。

Reporter: Mr. President, when you spoke earlier about an invitation, you didn’t mean any formal invitation? Did it go beyond the reference in the State of the Union Message! Was it a formal invitation to the Russian leaders?

记者:总统先生,你之前说到了邀请, 你的意思不是正式的邀请吗?是不是不 是《国情咨文》中提到的那样?是给苏 联领导的正式邀请吗?

Johnson: No, I said I didn’t think I had anything to add this morning to what 1 said in my State of the Union Message.

约翰逊:不,我之前说了我认为我今天 早上对我《国情咨文》中提到的信息没 有任何可补充的。

Reporter: Mr. President, in the State of the Union and in your foreign aid messages there were references to the improved international balance of payments situation over the last few years, but there were reports from Washington yesterday that there had been a recent turn for the worse in the balance and that you might ask Congress to do something about that. Do you contemplate any action in this field?

记者:总统先生,《国情咨文》中和你 的外交援助信息里,有两处提到了改善 最近几年的国际收支平衡,但是昨天华 盛顿报道却说最近的这种收支平衡变得 更糟了,你可能会让国会进行解决。你 对这个方面的行动有什么样的顾虑?

Johnson: I am not in a position to say at this time what may develop from time to time in that field. As you know, our deficit last year was something in excess of $3 billion, 3 billion 3,and this year it is several hundred million below. But as long as there is any deficit it is a problem that gives us concern and one that we will constantly study and try to evolve answers to. And as we study it and as we find answers, and if and as recommendations are necessary, I will make them public. I have none that I am considering at the moment. I saw the story and I would say that probably represents a highly aggressive reporter who met a man who wanted to appear smart. A good many of these administration proposals are administration down at different levels, and I am not aware of the level from which this came. But I am aware of the problem that is constantly with us and we will deal with it as we think best after our studies indicate what recommendations we should make, if any. But they are not at that point at all, as they are frequently not on these things if you look back over a period of months.

约翰逊:目前我不能说那个方面会不时 地出现什么问题。你知道,去年我们的 赤字超过了 30 亿美元,达到 了 33亿美元, 今年降低了几 亿美元。但是 只要还有赤 字,就会成为 让我们担心的 问题,需要我 们不断研究, 不断给出解决 的办法。我们 在研究过程中 找出答案,如果给出的建议有必要,我就会公之于 众。我现在还没有考虑。我要是看了报 道,可能会说某个很激进的记者恰好遇 到了想要显露自己聪明的人。很多这样 的管理建议层次都不同,我不知道来自 于什么层次。但是我知道这个问题一直 存在,我们在对这些建议进行研究后, 以我们认为的最好的方法来解决它。但 是如果回头看过去这几个月的情况,那 些建议往往都没有切中要害。

Reporter: Mr. President, are you expecting additional Cabinet changes in the next few weeks or months?

记者:总统先生,你预计接下来几周或 者几个月里会有其他的内阁变动吗?

Johnson: I don’t think I could say. I don’t think I have an answer to that.

约翰逊:我想我还不能说。我目前也不 清楚。

Reporter: Mr. President, the other day there was a report that on a lower level in the administration there was a proposal to send Peace Corps volunteers to Eastern Europe. Has that reached your attention?

记者:总统先生,前几天有报道说政府 基层有提议派遣安全部队去东欧。你注 意到这个提议了吗?

Johnson: Yes, I read it in the paper. I would say that it was lower level.

约翰逊:是的,我读到了这个文件。我 想说这是下下策。

Reporter: Mr. President, do you share Speaker McCormack’s optimism that Congress is going to act promptly on your major legislative proposals?

记者:总统先生,你同意麦科马克对国 会将迅速贯彻你的主要立法决议持乐观 态度的想法吗?

Johnson: I am going to propose and I know Congress will consider and dispose as the circumstances and merits of the legislation justify. I hope to have material ready for them to consider promptly so that no one will feel we are derelict, and I have every reason to believe that they will act, as other Congresses have done, in the public interest.

约翰逊:我准备提出决议,我知道国会 会根据立法评判的特点和情况进行考虑 和处理。我希望我准备一些材料让他们 考虑一下,这样就不会有人觉得我们玩 忽职守了,我有充分的理由相信他们会 采取行动,像任何国家的国会一样,以 公众的利益为出发点来处理这件事。

Reporter: Mr. President, a great deal was made of extremism in the recent presidential campaign,groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and other organizations. Do you feel that the threat posed by these groups is greater today than it has been in the past?

记者:总统先生,在最近的总统竞选中 出现了很多极端分子,比如3K党和一 些其他组织。你觉得现在这些组织带来 的威胁比过去还要大吗?

Johnson: I have not made any evaluation of that, period.


Reporter: Mr. President, Senator Mansfield was very forceful the other day in complaining of plans to close veterans’ hospitals in his home State, and apparently there have been other complaints by other lawmakers. Do you see any reassessment of those closings coining up or do you have any plans along that line?

记者:总统先生,曼斯菲尔德议员前几 天很激动地抱怨关闭他们州退伍老兵医院的计划,显然其他立法者也是怨声 载道。你有没有看到对这些即将关闭的 医院进行的重新评估或者制定的相关计划?

Johnson: That decision has been made by the Veterans Administrator. That is a matter for him. He is a career employee. That is not something that I am passing on from day to day, on these individual locations.

约翰逊:那是退伍老兵管理员作出的决 定,那是他的事情。他是那里的雇员。我不能时不 时对这些个人场所进行控制。

Reporter: Mr. President, earlier you said when you were discussing the MLF that the position of the US Government was abundantly clear, but I think there are some people in Europe and the United States who would like to think we are not as strongly behind the MLF as we were before and it is therefore negotiable. Could you just say whether we are still strongly in favor of a mixed-manned nuclear fleet?

记者:总统 先生,你之 前说你们在 讨论美国政 府在多边核 力量问题上 的姿态已经很明了了,但是我想欧洲和 美国本国的一些人认为我们在多边核力 量问题上态度没有以前那么强硬了。所 以这都是有待商榷的。你能不能说一下 我们是否还一如既往地坚定支持不同国 家一起控制核舰队?

Johnson: Yes, I said that just now. I will refer you to the statement I just made.

约翰逊:是的,我刚才说过。我想让你 就这个问题参考我刚才的声明。

Reporter: Mr. President, on the eve of your inauguration could you sum up or characterize for us your view of the general world condition,or the leadership job that you see ahead for us?

记者:总统先生,关于你就职的那个晚 上,你能不能给我们讲讲当时你对整体 国际形势的看法,或者你对眼前领导工 作的看法?

Johnson: I prefer to do that off the record for you. I don’t want to create any more problems than we already have. If you want to do it on that basis I will be glad to.

约翰逊:我更愿意找我当时的记录来回 答你。我不想再给我们已经有的问题制 造更多麻烦。如果你在遵从这个的基础 上问,我会很乐意回答。

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