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看英语搞笑视频学英语口语:iPhone 4S功能测评,讲述了iPhone 4S功能测评的话题,含有中英字幕视频及mp3下载。


Hello everyone. It is me again. You probably already watched my previous video of the iPhone 4S. You probably did not like it. Because the title was misleading. I said iPhone 4S review even though it really isn't. So I decided to make a new one and make it the real review.

大家好,又是我啦。你可能已经看过我之前的一个讲iPhone 4S的视频。你可能会不喜欢,因为标题有点误导。我写的是iPhone 4S评测,其实不算是,所以我要再录一个视频。这次真的是评测哦。

This is the 1st iPhone 4S review on YouTube. So we'll start off and I'm just gonna show you the features. Basically the 1st feature we're gonna start off with is the main feature and the main feature I think the biggest feature is Siri.

这个是YouTube上第一个iPhone 4S评测视频。我们开始吧,我要给你们展示一些功能。第一个要说到的功能也是最主要的,最主要最大的一个功能就是Siri。

So what is Siri actally? You guys probably know it already. But if you don't, it's like... Voice control except far more advanced. Let me just demonstrate you.


What time is it in New York? The time in New York City. NY. US is 10:52 am.


Where is New York? Here's New York City.


So, it can pretty much do anything for you. You can as well use if for some really funny stuff like asking this application some personal questions, as example.


What's your name? My name is Siri. But you knew that already.


Or how old are you? I'm not allowed to answer that question.


Can we be friends? Sorry I don't understand " Can we be friends".


Oh. Last time I tried that it said " I respect you".


I love you. I hope you don't say that to those other mobile phones.


OK... well... You know you can use if for funny stuff like that. But you can as well use if for very useful things like I just previously showed you for the time, the date, the location, etc. But you can as well make google searches as example.


Google search iPhone. Searching for iPhone.


So you know, google search anything any word. It's just automatically gonna search for it. I said iPhone so it makes google search for iPhone. So that's really nice.


I don't really know anything else to tell Siri, but... either the main things you can do with Siri. It's very useful. And I think... Apple did a great job with that. Something else you can ask it are...mathematical equations and calculations like...


What's the squre root of 32? Checking on that for you. This might answer your question.


There you go. Exact result, and decimal approximation. It's very useful. You get the point. Then next thing: Newsstand. Basically what Newsstand is... it's like iBooks except that it's for magazines and newspapers. Which you can obciously download from the AppStore. So, nothing too special, I guess.


Then you have reminders. You have your tasks and...very simple. What I forgot to show you is... You can make Siri creat the reminder by doing the following.


-Remind me tomorrow at 6 pm. -OK. Just tell me what you want to be reminded about. -Remind me about work. -Here's your reminder for tomorrow at 6 pm. Shall I creat it? -NO. -OK then.


It's very useful. I think really the biggest feature in iPhone 4S is Siri. You have Newsstand, Reminders, other stuff is pretty obvious, pretty much the same. The other thind is videos and music are now seperated. Before on the iPhone 4, on iOS4. It was just like iPod and you had videos and music in it being nothing special, nothing to talk about.


Then we have the same Compass and VoiceMemos. I think VoiceMemos changed the icon as well.


Then we have Metronome. If you play an instrument, this is very useful. If you don't, I don't know what you would use it for but it's quite useful. So you can change the speed. I myself play piano so I sometimes use a metronome. So it works pretty well. This is manual. You can as well tap like this. It's gonna speed it up. This is the fastest.


I think these are pretty much all the new features. Another cool thing about the iPhone 4S is obviously the camera. It shoots in 180p (1080p actually). I don't know what to shoot right now. I'm just gonna put my mouse on here. I don't know how I'm supposed to show you this. This is very close. You can auto focus like usual. You can turn on flashlight.


OMG My mouse is so dirty. I gotta clean that a little bit. So yeah. Nothing too special about it. It's just the camera has improved a lot.


If you want to, just ask. I can record a short video outside with this phone and put it on YouTube so you can... see how well the camera is. But right now, I can't really show you and my mouse is actually dirty.


Of course you have iCloud and stuff like that. Right here. I think these are pretty much... the main features of the iPhone 4S. Of course the iPhone 4S has a way way better... improved performance than the iPhone 4. So, what I suggest you, if you do not have an iPhone at all or an iPhone 3GS and you wanna upgrade or buy an iPhone, buy this phone. It's great.

当然还“云服务”还有一些七七八八的,这里。我想这些差不多就是iPhone4S的主要功能了。显然iPhone4S的性能会比iPhone4好很多。所以,如果你还从来没买过iPhone或者你现在用的是iPhone 3GS,你想升级或是想买第一台iPhone,就买这个,这个很好。

But if you have an iPhone 4, I don't really think it's worth it. OK? If you wanna buy it, you buy it. I'm just giving you advice. It's a good phone in overall.


I hope you enjoy this review. If you want to, you can click the thumbs-up or leave a comment ask anything I might have skipped some features that you wanted to see. I'm not aware of all the features on the iPhone 4S. If you wanna see anything, just ask me, leave a comment. I will do it. Thank you for watching, guys. Bye!


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