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淘金式英语六级词汇解析 Lesson 40

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Alleviate vt.减轻,缓和 Chinese medical researchers have successfully developed a new medicine to all

Alleviate vt.减轻,缓和
Chinese medical researchers have successfully developed a new medicine to alleviate the cancer patients' suffering.中国医学研究人员已成功地研制出一种新药, 来缓解癌症病人痛苦.

Bonus n.奖金,红利
To some degree bonus is an effective way to motivate the workers.在某种程度上来说,奖金是调动工作积极性的一种有效方法.

coherent  a.条理清楚的,连贯的;一致的
We should try to be as coherent as possible whenever we speak or write in English.无论何时我们用英语说话或写作时,都应该尽可能地做到条理清楚.

collaboration  n.合作,协作;勾结
Football is a collective game. Members of a team have to work in close collaboration in order to win a match.足球是集体项目.要赢得比赛,队员就必须紧密配合.

Comet n.彗星
Newly discovered comets are now named after the famous figures proposed by the discoverers.新发现的彗星是以其发现者的所推荐的名人的名字来命名的.

differentiate  vi.区分 vt.区别,使不同
Men are differntiated from animals in than men can communicate with each other by language.人与动物的区别在于人能够用语言进行交际.

Dilute ;vt.稀释,冲淡 a.稀释的,冲淡的
Water can dilute all kinds of chemical liquids.水可以稀释各种液体化合物.
The nurse diluted the drug with saline water.护士用生理盐水加以稀释.

Entail vt.使承担,需要
The construction of the Three Gorges Project entails large migration.三峡工程建设需要大批移民.
Writing a history book entails a lot of work.写一本历史书需要下很大功夫.

Entity n.实体,实际存在物
The southern Cantonese culture is a separate cultural entity.岭南文化是一单独的文化实体.

Flare vi.(火焰)闪耀;突出 n.闪光信号,照明弹
A signal flare is usually shot when troops make a sudden attack at night.部队夜间发动突然袭击使通常发射信号弹.

Gracious a.亲切的,和蔼的;优美的,雅致的 int.(表示惊讶)天哪
Queen Elizabeth II almost always appears in the public with a gracious smile.伊丽莎白二世女王在公共场合出现时总是面带和蔼的笑容.

Hose n.水龙头,软管 vt.用软管淋浇(或冲洗)
For the sake of safety,all tall buildings must be equipped with hoses.为了安全起见,高层建筑必须安装消防水龙头.

Inclusive a.包括一切的;所有数目包括在内的
The Chinese Football Team consists of 30 people,inclusive of the doctors and the interpreter.中国足球队共有30人组成,包括队医和翻译在内.

Incur vt.招致,遭受,引起
The American bombing to the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia incurred strong condemnation from many countries.美国对中国驻南斯拉夫大使馆的轰炸遭到许多国家的强烈谴责.

Lever n.杆,杠杆;途径,手段 vt撬动,撬起
Democrats used popular opinion as a lever to get the Act through the Congress.民主党人用舆论压力作为杠杆促使该法案在国会获得通过.

medieval  a.中世纪的,中古(时代)的
Jeffery Chaucer was a medieval British poet,considered by the British people as "the father of poetry".乔叟是中世纪英国诗人,被英国人视为“诗歌之父”.

Norm n.标准,规范;准则
The U.S. usually uses dual norms to judge the human rights in other countries.美国总是用双重标准来评价别国的人权.

Optimum a.最合适的,最优的,最佳的 n.最适条件,最适度
Scientists are now trying to find out whether there is optimum environment for life in the outer space.科学家正在努力探测外层空间是否有适合生命生长的环境.

Portray vt.描写,描绘;扮演
Vicky Zhao  portrayed a very ugly person in the film Shaolin Football.赵薇在电影《少林足球》中扮演一个奇丑无比的人.

Posture vi.装模作样 n.姿势,姿态;看法,态度
An arrogant person usually assumes a posture of superiority.傲慢的人通常摆出一副高人一等的样子.

Remnant n.残留部分
We must get rid of the remnants of the feudal thought.我们必须消除封建思想的残余.

Simulate vt.模仿,模拟;假冒
Simulated English tests may not always accurately reflect one's true proficiency and skills.英语模拟考试不一定总能准确地反映一个人的真实水平和技能.

situated  a.位于…的,坐落在…的
Wuhan City is situated in the center of China.武汉市位于中国的中部.

Slack a.懈怠的;萧条的,不活跃的 n.松弛部分;宽松的
Those who are slack in their work will never have a chance to be successful.干活马虎的人永远都不会成功.
Don't slack off in your studies.不要荒废学业.

Slot n.狭缝;空位 vt.把…放入狭长开口中
If you want to draw money from the ATM,just insert the magnets card into the slot and enter your pin number.如果想从自动取款机里取钱只要将磁卡插入,输入你的密码即可.

Tile n.瓦,瓷砖 vt.铺瓦,贴瓷砖
A roof tile is made of baked clay.屋顶的瓦是用黏土烧制而成的.
We use titles to cover roofs and sometimes floors and walls.我们用瓦片盖房顶,有时 也用瓷砖铺地面和墙面.

Toxic a.有毒的,因中毒引起的
This medicine is toxic if taken in large quantities.这种药若服用过量是有毒的.

Vent n.通风口;(衣服低部的)开叉; vt.排放;表达,发泄 (情感等)
The news that the U.S. will cut down its financial aid to Korea has taken vent.美国将消减对韩国的经济援助的消息给泄露了.

Whereby ad.靠那个,借以
We need this system whereby a new plan may arise.我们需要这种可能借以产生新计划的制度.










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