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《星火英语15篇背完六级词汇》教你一种用全新的方法突破六级词汇。Some gardeners plan their garden with


    Some gardeners plan their garden

    with meticulous attention to detail.

    They choose colors that

    will complement each other

    and design their garden

    as if they were

    painting on a canvas.

    Others are more spontaneous

    and simply visit a nursery

    and purchase plants

    that appeal to them.

    Often gardeners have a trademark plant

    that is their specialty.

    Perhaps they enjoy the velvet

    texture of the leaves, or maybe

    the flower's color attracts them.

    The varieties of gardens

    are endless. Terrace gardening

    has become popular. With

    a herbal garden, cooks enjoy

    being able to use fresh herbs

    from their garden to

    add zest to their favorite dishes.

    They simply visit their garden

    and clip a few pieces of

    the herb they wish to use.

    Every garden is as individual

    as its owner. Gardens come

    in all shapes and sizes.

    Some are in the shape

    of a rectangle, while others

    are circular or irregular in shape.

    Some gardeners like the appearance

    of an asymmetrical shape

    while others work to

    achieve symmetry in their gardens.

    For vegetable gardens, the most

    popular shape is rectangular

    and vegetables are usually planted

    in a linear fashion.

    This method makes it easier

    to cultivate between

    the rows of plants.

    You could mistake some gardens

    for a meadow when the gardener

    chooses to include only

    wildflowers as a choice of vegetation.

    Including a pond in

    a garden is popular too.

    Entrepreneurs are always looking

    for innovations and gadgets that

    will attract the attention

    of devoted gardeners and

    induce them to spend their money.

    It has become a huge industry

    in the last few years,

    as the baby boomers reach

    retirement age and have more time

    to pursue hobbies such as gardening.

    There are new  products patented

    every year to tempt the gardener.

    It is possible to

    buy a kit that contains

    a complete set of tools

    needed by the home gardener.

    Unfortunately, often the quality

    is poor and the product

    is a fraud. Instead of

    having something good to

    work with, the purchase

    turns out to be junk.

    If you want to flatter

    a gardener, and boost

    their ego at the same time,

    summon up the courage to

    simply ask if you can 

    swap plants. Of course,

    it will give them a thrill

    if you also compliment them

    on the hardiness of their plants

    as compared to yours.

    They might even try to

    console you on your lack

    of competence as a gardener

    because your plants are not

    as sturdy as their plants.

    Irrespective of the competence

    of the gardener, anyone who

    augments the number of plants

    grown is helping to conserve

    our planet by averting erosion.

    This pays great dividends

    for everyone as it also

    serves to protect the ozone layer.

    Some people erect barricades

    to keep small animals

    from attacking the plants.

    Squirrels love to dig up

    flower bulbs. They find

    them a tasty treat.

    It is common to see

    ceramic fixtures or figurines

    in a garden. Even

    the untrained eye can tell

    that the imitations are a fake,

    yet properly placed, they add

    to the intrinsic beauty.

    A rain gauge, attached

    by a bracket to a fence,

    is a common sight and

    is used to enable the gardener

    to diagnose the moisture level

    of the soil around

    the plants and determine

    if they need more water.

    If nature does not provide

    enough rain, then the gardener

    will use a plastic or

    rubber hose to provide

    more irrigation. With a twist

    of a knob, or by moving

    a lever, the thirst of

    the plants for moisture

    can be quenched.What greater pleasure,

    than to work in your garden

    and as you clip

    the overgrown plants back to

    size or prune branches

    of fruit trees, hear

    the buzz of bees?

    You know that they are

    enjoying your garden as

    they extract the pollen

    from the blooms. You relish

    the feeling that you are

    one with nature. The hum

    of insects as they share

    the garden is more pleasurable

    than music from a stereo

    or a symphony to

    a devoted gardener. In addition,

    the scent of the flowers

    is an integral part

    of the joy of spending

    time working in a garden.

    The irony of the situation

    is that nature sometimes

    conspires against the gardener,

    and a hailstorm can riddle

    beautiful plants, shredding their leaves

    in minutes. Hurricanes can uproot

    even the largest trees

    although this is an event

    that seldom occurs in Southern Ontario.

    Tornadoes are more likely

    in this area.Parasites can

    attack plants and threaten their survival.

    Any number of things

    can become a plague.

    It is often difficult

    to discern exactly what it is

    that is destroying the precious plants.

    Any number of complications

    can shatter the gardener's dream

    of surpassing last year's accomplishment.

    An authentic gardener will not

    brood about the disappointment

    for long. Even as

    the disaster is occurring,

    you might overhear the gardener

    murmur “There's always next year.”










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