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《星火英语15篇背完六级词汇》教你一种用全新的方法突破六级词汇。She relished the novelty and thrillof

    She relished the novelty and thrill

    of having been summoned

    to this prestigious man's home.

    The sheer beauty of the place

    far surpassed her expectations.

    However, she was becoming suspicious

    about the reason for this visit.

    Now that she had received

    an orientation to his home,

    and notwithstanding her first impressions

    of the man, she was anxious

    to learn why she was here.

    What could a mere reporter

    do for this rich, influential man?

    He began to speak soberly,

    contradicting his earlier spontaneity.

    “I will tell you a story

    you may have difficulty believing,”

    he said, softly. “I was

    not born into this lifestyle.

    It is ironic that there is

    such a discrepancy between

    what I was and what I am.

    My father left the United States

    when I was about two years old.

    He ran a junk store

    in the slums of Winnipeg

    when I was a kid.

    He was a vulgar man

    but he knew how to

    fool people into thinking

    they were buying something

    rare or valuable. It was

    under his tutelag that

    I learned to be a fraud.”

    I decided at an early age

    that if there was

    a shortcut to success,

    I could bypass the complications

    of getting there by

    the conventional methods. I was

    like a hurricane, rushing forward

    without consideration for the rules.

    If it's any consolation,

    I didn't intentionally harm anyone

    in the process. I was able

    to stay within the parameters

    of the law, but just barely.

    I bought and sold used furniture

    before going into the antique business.

    When I bought, I always

    paid a fraction of the potential

    worth of the goods.

    When I sold, I always

    made a profit. I was able

    to upgrade my stock with

    almost every transaction. In time,

    I had a warehouse full

    of merchandise.I didn't

    flatter myself by thinking

    I hadn't muddied the waters a bit.

    I knew I had probably

    stepped on a few toes, but

    I was on a roll. I had

    the momentum and rejoiced

    in my success. As long as

    the money kept coming in,

    anything was permissible.

    One day, I received a visit

    from a rather important patron

    of the arts. He had an

    interesting proposition for me.

    He held the patent and trademark

    for the prototype of

    an innovative way to determine

    the age of a painting

    using ultraviolet light. He would

    sell them to me for

    the nominal fee of a nickel

    if I would reciprocate by

    doing him a favor. I was

    to include one of his

    personal paintings in my next shipment

    of antiques going to New York.

    At first, I thought he was

    mocking me, but he gave

    me his oath that he just

    wanted to ensure the painting

    would arrive at its destination safely,

    and, because it would be

    a part of an antique shipment,

    it would be exempt from import duty.

    It was a provocative offer,

    and even though I remained skeptical,

    I agreed.A few days later,

    a crated painting arrived and

    was added to my goods

    ready for delivery to New York.

    I had always subscribed to

    the theory that if something appeared

    to be too good to be true,

    it probably was. However,

    my greed prevailed and

    the painting was on its way.

    I was unaware at the time

    that my fortunes were about

    to go into a downward spiral.

    My benefactor, it turned out,

    was a man with a grudge

    against me. Irrespective of the fact

    that I felt a deal

    we had made years before

    had been fair, he felt

    I had cheated him.

    I was about to be

    the recipient of his wrath.

    When my agent in New York

    went to customs to retrieve

    the shipment, he was greeted

    by a squad of police waiting

    to detain him on

    charges of smuggling cocaine.

    It appeared there was a bit

    of a discrepancy between

    what I was told was in

    the crate and the actual contents.

    The drugs were in

    a hidden compartment in the crate.

    I admit it was naive

    of me to believe

    I had no enemies,

    but I didn't know anyone

    would go to this degree

    to prove how much he despised me.

    Hitherto, I had gone through

    life thinking that when two people

    agreed to a deal, if one of

    them got the better of the other,

    it was fair, because they did agree.

    Now I was learning that if

    you take advantage of some people,

    even with their permission,

    you aggravate them to seek revenge.

    I can't refute my recklessness.

    Almost seven years have

    elapsed since that time.

    My agent took responsibility

    for the crime and went

    to jail for five years.

    I felt guilty as hell,

    but I continued to pay him

    by sending the money to his family.

    I even withheld extra

    in a bonus account to give

    to him when he was released.

    I also gave up my business

    and began to help others

    start their businesses. In time,

    the guilt I felt subsided.

    I put my energies into stepping

    into the breach to help

    those less fortunate than I.

    To my amazement, my luck started

    to fluctuate upward and I flourished.

    All you see here today,

    I have accumulated since that time.

    Now, it seems, my enemy

    has decided to reclaim

    his power over me.

    He has reported the crime

    and the erroneous imprisonment of my

    agent and named me as

    the person responsible for the offence.

    I had never changed my citizenship,

    so the F.B.I. wants me

    deported so they can

    prosecute me in New York.

    I hope I can induce you,

    through your column, to tell my story.

    Next week I have to appear before

    a magistrate for the preliminary hearing.

    If I'm not mistaken, public pressure

    might enable me to

    avoid deportation at least.

    I am more likely to get

    a fair trial here than there.

    My record as a good citizen

    may offset the perception that

    I may be a criminal.

    What do you think? Will you help?

    Kate had listened to this synopsis

    in silence but her outrage

    was building. While his story

    seemed plausible, this plea

    for her assistance didn't quite fit.

    With his financial resources,

    he could hire the best

    legal team in the country.

    She realized she had to

    detach herself from her first impressions

    and extract fact from fiction.

    Why didn't she believe him?

    Suddenly, it came to her.

    Exposition of this version

    of Victor's tale would not only

    gain him public sympathy, it would

    invalidate any testimony against him.

    Nothing could constrain her

    when she realized she had literally

    been taken in by his story.

    “If you were innocent,

    why weren't you the defendant?

    If you were innocent

    all those years ago,

    why did your agent

    go to prison for you?

    Why did it take so long for

    your enemy to turn you in?

    The statute of limitations

    for that offence has expired.

    I believe this has been

    a pathetic attempt to get me

    to mediate your case in the press.

    I think you have always been

    an integral player in

    the criminal world and your past

    has caught up with you.

    My cardinal sin was allowing myself

    to be reeled in by your tales

    of what a model citizen you are.”

    Kate could feel herself

    getting dizzy and light-headed,

    surprised by the audacity she had,

    talking to anyone in that manner.

    Before she lost complete control,

    she would have to

    get out of there.

    She stood, turned, and

    marched toward the door.

    As she began to open

    the front door, she looked back.

    Victor stood beside his chair,

    pale and shaken. “You admitted

    you were a fraud in your youth.

    You are still a fraud!

    I will write your story...

    my version! My guess is that

    the eventual verdict will be‘guilty’!”











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