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例:How much is the shirt?
    A. £19.15.       B. £9.15.     C. £9.18.
62. What does the man think about the vacation?
    A. It’ll be a long vacation.
    B. It’s only a dream.
    C. It’ll be great.
63. What will the woman probably do on Saturday evening?
    A. Go skating.
    B. Call her sister.
    C. Give a lecture.
64. What does the man suggest to the woman?
    A. Having a meeting.
    B. Calling on him.
    C. Buying a house.
65. Where does the conversation most probably take place?
    A. In an office.
    B. In a museum.
    C. In a clothing store.
66. What did Alice ask the man to do?
    A. Borrow some magazines for her.
    B. Return some magazines to the library.
    C. Give some magazines back to her.
67. What has the man been doing?
   A. Writing a book.
   B. Reading a book.
   C. Advertising a book.
68. What is the man’s response to the woman’s suggestion?
    A. He doesn’t take it seriously.
    B. He has rejected it.
    C. He has accepted it.
69. Where does this conversation take place?
    A. At a railway station.
    B. At a coach station.
    C. At an airport.
70. How many suitcases does the woman have altogether?
    A. Three.
    B. Two.
    C. One.
71. What do we learn about the woman?
    A. She has bought a return ticket.
    B. She has taken this trip before.
    C. She has lost one suitcase.
72. What is the problem with the woman’s watch?
    A. It needs cleaning.
    B. It is ruined by water.
    C. It needs a new battery.
73. What does the shop offer if one changes a battery there?
    A. A free battery.
    B. One-year guarantee.
    C. Free cleaning service.
74. Why can’t the woman have her watch repaired right away?
    A. The man can’t fix it at the moment.
    B. The woman doesn’t have enough money on her.
    C. There is no right battery in the shop now.
75. Which of the following is TRUE about the man?
    A. He has lost interest in jazz.
    B. He works in the Student Center.
    C. He is a full-time student.
76. Why did the man decide not to stay with the band?
    A. He didn’t like the bandleader.
    B. He was too busy to make it.
    C. He wanted to join a better band.
77. What role did the man probably play in the band?
    A. A guitarist.
    B. A pianist.
    C. A singer.
78. What suggestion does the woman give to the man?
    A. Organizing a new band.
    B. Joining a new band.
    C. Giving up performing.
79. How many points does a misspelled word cost?
    A. 2 points.
    B. 3 points.
    C. 5 points.
80. What are the students going to do on Friday?
    A. Read a short story.
    B. Take a major test.
    C. Write an essay.
81. When was this lecture given?
    A. On Monday.
    B. On Wednesday.
    C. On Friday.

W: I’m spending my vacation in Hainan this summer. I’ve been dreaming about it for a long time.
M: That’s wonderful. I’m so jealous.

M: I don’t suppose you're free to go skating on Saturday evening, are you?
W: Actually I am. I was planning to go to a lecture with my sister but it was called off.

M: It was nice talking to you. I have to run to a meeting now.
W: OK. Maybe we can meet sometime soon.
M: Yeah, I’d love to, why don’t you drop by my house sometime.
W: Great!

W: Can I help you?
M: I’m looking for some suit that I can wear at the office as well as on weekends.
W: Let me show you a new summer collection. There’re several styles they are just what you’re looking for.

M: Who put this pile of magazines in my office?
W: Alice. She said you were going to take them back to the library.
M: Oh, that’s right. She did ask me to take some magazines back for her. I completely forgot.

W: Hi, Peter, haven’t seen you for ages.
M: Hi, Cathy. I've been busy with my book.
W: Haven’t finished yet?
M: I will have in a few days.
W: Are you going to advertise it yourself?
M: Hmm, some friends suggested I should, but I’m still in two minds about it.
W: If I were you, I would.
M: Thank you for your advice. I think I’ll market it.

W: Good morning.
M: Good morning. What can I do for you?
W: I’d like a ticket to New York, please.
M: Round trip?
W: No, one way.
M: Okey, that’ll be $55.
W: 55? Last time I took this coach it was only 50. Hmm, does this coach still leave 2:15?
M: 2:15 at Gate 11. You ought to be at door by 2:00, though.
W: Fine.
M: Do you want to check in your suitcases?
W: Just two. I’ll carry the other one with me.
M: That’s good. We can only check in two anyway. Give these baggage tickets to the driver when you get to New York
W: Okay, thanks a lot.
M: You’re welcome. Have a good trip.

W: Excuse me, my watch stopped running, and I am not sure what’s wrong with it.
M: Well, let me look at it. Hmm, it seems that it just needs a new battery.
W: Oh, that’s really. I got some water on it last week and I was afraid that it might ruin the watch.
M: How much is a new battery?
M: It’s 6.99, and we not only change a battery but also guarantee it for a year. And if you have the watch cleaned here, we can guarantee it for an additional three months.
W: That sounds like a good deal. I’ll get my battery here. When will it be ready?
M: Usually I can do it right away but now I'm repairing lots of watches and I am way behind. Can you leave your watch here until 5 PM?
W: Okey, see you then.

W: Michel, I heard your jazz band is going to play at the student center. I’m just calling to let you know I’ll be there.
M: Oh, thanks, but I am not in the band any more. In fact I’m not in the group at all right now.
W: That’s too bad. You’re such an amateur musician. Why did you leave the group?
M: I just couldn’t be a full-time student and still practice with the band every night. I also missed a couple of performances during my midterm exams. And I thought I'd better quit before the band leader fired me.
W: Hey, you know my friend Charlie, don’t you? He plays the piano. He and some of his friends are getting a band together. And they need a good singer.
M: I wouldn't have time for that either.
W: Oh, I don’t think they’ll practise very often. Charlie and his friends are all students, too. I’ll give you his number and you can get in touch with him.

    If you’ve been on campus for a while, then you’ve probably already heard about the course. Since this is a composition class, I expect my students to follow such rules. For example, I take a point off various kinds of mistakes. A misspelled word will cost you two points. If you write an imcomplete sentence, you’ll lose five points. This class meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You’ll have a totall of three major tests through out this semester. Your final grade will be the average of these major tests. If you have any questions, you can see me on Tuesdays. Your task for Wednesday is to read Mark Twain’s short story on Page 28. Friday will be the last day of class this week. So you can expect to write a short essay during class time. That’s all for today. I hope to see you on Wednesday.



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