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Prudential PLC


Prudential PLC’s strong mix of businesses around the world positions as well to benefit from the growth in customer demand for asset accumulation and income in retirement. Our international reach and diversity of earnings by geographic region and product will continue to give us significant advantage.


Our commitment to the shareholders who own Prudential is to maximize the value j over time of their investment We do this by investing for the long term to develop and bring out the best in our people and our businesses to produce superior products and services, and hence superior financial returns. Our aim is to deliver top quartile performance among our international peer group in terms of total shareholder returns.


At Prudential our aim is lasting relationships with our customers and policyholders, through products and services that offer value for money and security. We also seek to enhance our Company's reputation, built over 150 years, for integrity8 and for acting responsibly within society.


Established in 1848, today Prudential PLC is a leading international financial services company with some 16 million customers, policyholders and unit holders and some 20, 000 employees worldwide.

• 保诚保险集团成立于1848年,是国际金融服务行业的领头企业,拥有1600万客户,保单持有人,单位持有人以及全球20000名员工。

• In the UK Prudential is a leading life and pensions provider with around seven million customers.

• 在英国保诚约700万客户人寿和养老金的提供者。

• In Europe, Prudential currently has operations in France where its products are sold through local distribution partners.

• 在欧洲,保诚现在在法国有营业点,产品通过当地分销伙伴销售。

•       M&G was acquired by Prudential in 1999 and is the Group's UK and European fund manager.

• M&G于1999年由保诚收购,现在是集团英国和欧洲的基金管理公司。

• Launched by Prudential in 1998, Egg is an innovative financial services company, with almost 2.6 million customers and five per cent market share of credit card balances. 

• 蛋蛋银行是保诚1998年发行的,这是一家创新金融服务公司,有近260万客户,占有信用卡欠款市场5%的份额。

• In Asia, Prudential is the leading European life insurer with 22 life and fund management operations in 12 countries serving some 4 million customers.

• 在亚洲,保诚是欧洲人寿保险的领头者,在12国家有22家人寿和基金管理运营点,拥有客户400万。

• In the US, Prudential owns Jackson National Life, a leading life insurance company, and has more than 1.5 million policies and contracts in force.

• 在美国,保诚拥有杰信人寿保险,保险公司的领导者,有150多万有效的政策和合同。

Our Business today


Prudential UK and European Insurance


Prudential is a leading life and pensions provider in the UK.


• Prudential's UK Insurance Operations provide a range of financial products and services including annuities, corporate and individual pensions, with-profits bonds, savings and investment products and Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) to around seven million customers.

• 保诚在英国的保险运营点提供一系列金融产品和服务,包括年金,公司和个人退休金,利润分成,储蓄和投资产品以及个人储蓄户头,共有约700万客户。

• Its products are distributed through a number of channels including direct to customers (telephone, internet and mail), through intermediaries including Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) and consulting actuaries, through the workplace to its corporate pension customers and via affinities and banks.

• 产品的销售是通过多渠道的,包括直接对客户(电话,网络和邮件),通过独立金融顾问,咨询精算师这样的中介,通过企业养老金客户的工作地点,通过关联公司和银行。

• The business currently employs some 7,000 staff located in offices in Stifling, Reading, Belfast and London (as in January 2003).

• 公司现有员工7000人,办公室设在斯特灵,雷丁,贝尔法斯特和伦敦(2003年1月设立)。

Prudential Europe was formed in 1999. Its operations encompass both the manufacture and distribution of Prudential branded products in France and international bonds for the UK business.


• Prudential offers single premium savings products in France sold through local distribution partners.

• 保诚通过当地分销伙伴在在法国销售单笔投入储蓄产品。

• Prudential Europe employs some 350 staff at its offices in Dublin, Frankfurt and Paris.

• 保诚欧洲员工有350名,办公室设在都柏林,法兰克福和巴黎。

M & G


Founded in 1931, M & G was acquired by Prudential in 1999 and is the Groups UK and European fund manager, responsible for managing over £112 billion of funds.


• M & G is one of the UK’s top three fund managers in terms of assets under management (out of 133 fund managers, according to statistics published by the Investment Management Association (IMA) in December 2002).

• M&G是英国资产管理(2002年12月由投资管理协会发布的数据显示有133家基金管理公司)方面排名前三的基金管理公司之一。

• M & G’s retail investment products include unit trusts, personal equity plans (PEPs), Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs). Open Ended Investment Company (OEICs) and investment trusts. Its institutional business focuses on segregated fixed interest and pooled pension funds, structured and private finance.

• M&G的零售投资产品包括单位信托基金,个人证券投资计划,个人储蓄账户,开放性投资公司和投资信托基金。公司的机构业务集中于分离固定利息,集合退休基金以及多层次的私人来源的资金安排。

• M & G employs some 1,700 staff and services more than 938,000 retail unit holder accounts.

• M&G拥有员工1700人,服务于938000多个零售单位持有人账户。

• M & G offers a range of over 40 funds and invests in a wide range of assets including UK and international equities, fixed interest, property and private equity.

• M&G提供四十多款基金并投资于一系列资产,包括英国和外国公司证券,固定利息和财产私营公司证券。

• During 2002, M & G International expanded its international distribution capability and now has operations in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Italy.

• 2002年期间,M&G国际部拓展了国际分配能力,现在在德国,澳大利亚,卢森堡和意大利都有运营点。

• Prudential Property Investment Managers Limited, the largest institutional property investor in the UK, and PPM Ventures, a private equity finance source, are also part of the M & G group.

• 保诚集团投资管理公司是英国最大的金融机构投资者,PPM风险投资公司是一家私人投资机构,也是M&G集团的一部分。



Launched by Prudential in October 1998, Egg is an innovative financial services company providing banking and financial services products through its Internet site.


• Prudential completed an Initial Public Offering of just over a 20 per cent share of Egg in June 2000.

• 2000年6月保诚仅拥有蛋蛋20%的股份就完成了首期上市。

• Egg launched in France in November 2002 and in the first two months 69,000 people applied for a La Carte Egg card.

• 2002年11月蛋蛋在法国成立,前两个月就有69000人申请蛋蛋卡。

• Egg PIC has almost 2.6 million customers and employs some 2,000 staff based at its call center in Derby and Dudley, and in France.

• 蛋蛋PIC在德比,达德利和法国有近260万客户和2000余名员工。

Prudential Asia


Prudential began its first Asian operations in India in 1923. Today, it is the leading European life insurer in Asia, employing over 6, 000 staff and serving some 4 million customers.


PCA has 22 operations in 12 countries and regions, namely mainland China, Hong Kong SAR of China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan Province of China, Thailand and Vietnam.


These include strategic partnerships with some of the region’s leading players including:


• Bank of China International for Mandatory Provident Fund business in Hong Kong;

• 中国银行国际部在香港的强制备用基金市场;

• ICICI Ltd (India) for both life insurance and mutual funds; and

• ICICI公司(印度)的热寿保险和公共基金;以及

• China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CHIC) for life business in China (Guangzhou and Beijing).

• 中国国际信托基金和投资公司在中国(广州和北京)的人寿业务。

It has top five market positions in eleven of these operations (eight in its life businesses, two in mutual funds and Hong Kong's Mandatory Provident Fund market.


• PCA's distribution is predominantly through its 89,000 tied agents but also through a growing number of other distribution channels including ban assurance agreements with 18 partner banks covering ten countries and regions (including Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong SAR of China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan Province of China and Thailand).

• PCA既通过89000家固定公司产品代理商进行分配,还通过系列其他渠道,包括与覆盖10个国家和地区的18家银行伙伴的银行保险公司联营(包括中国香港特别行政区,马来西亚,新加坡,中国台湾省和泰国的渣打银行)。

• PCA offers a comprehensive range of savings, protection and investment product.

• PCA提供一系列综合储蓄,保护和投资产品。

Jackson National Life


JNL, acquired by Prudential in 1986, is a leading life insurance company in the United States and has more than 1.5 million policies and contracts in force.


• JNL is a leading provider of fixed, indexed and variable annuities, term and permanent life insurance, and stable value products.

• 杰信人寿保险提供固定年金,与指数挂钩的年金和可变年金,定期和终身人寿保险和价值稳定的产品。

• Headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, and employing 2,700 people JNL markets its products in 50 states and the District of Columbia (in New York as Jackson National Life Insurance company of New York) through independent agents, broker-deaiers and financial institutions.

• 总部位于密歇根州的兰辛,员工2700余人,产品通过代理商,证券经纪人和金融机构在50各州和哥伦比业区(纽约杰信人寿保险公司)有售。

• JNL’s investment portfolio is managed by PPM America Inc. , which manages some US $62 billion of assets.

• 杰信人寿保险的投资组合有PPM美国公司管理,该公司管理者约620亿美元资产。

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