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FICTION 小说类(五册)

1. Americanah 《美国佬》
作者:Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 希马曼达·恩戈齐·阿迪奇
出版社:Alfred A. Knopf 克诺普夫出版社


By turns tender and trenchant, Adichie’s third novel takes on the comedy and tragedy of American race relations from the perspective of a young Nigerian immigrant. From the office politics of a hair-braiding salon to the burden of memory, there’s nothing too humble or daunting for this fearless writer, who is so attuned to the various worlds and shifting selves we inhabit — in life and online, in love, as agents and victims of history and the heroes of our own stories.
本书是尼日利亚女作家阿迪奇的第三部小说,她以温柔而犀利的笔触,描摹出一位年轻尼日利亚移民进入美国社会后的悲欢际遇。故事论及编发造型美容厅的办公室政治,谈到记忆的负担,对于这位无畏的女作家而言,我们在生活和网络、在爱情世界中遭遇的不同世界以及不同转换的自我,既是历史的代理人也是受害者,是我们自身故事中的英雄。阿迪奇善于将繁复的世界和自我调和在一起,丝毫也不谦让或怯步。阿迪奇生于1977年,名列《纽约客》(The New Yorker)杂志“20名40岁以下北美杰出青年作家”(20 Under 40),曾获象征女性英文写作最高荣誉的奥兰治文学奖(Orange Prize)。

2. The Flamethrowers 《喷火器》
作者:Rachel Kushner 蕾切尔·库什纳
出版社:Scribner 斯克里布纳出版社


Radical politics, avant-garde art and motorcycle racing all spring to life in Kushner’s radiant novel of the 1970s, in which a young woman moves to New York to become an artist, only to wind up involved in the revolutionary protest movement that shook Italy in those years. The novel, Kushner’s second, deploys mordant observations and chiseled sentences to explore how individuals are swept along by implacable social forces.

3. The Goldfinch 《金翅雀》
作者:Donna Tartt 唐娜·塔特
出版社:Little, Brown & Company 利特尔与布朗出版公司


Tartt’s intoxicating third novel, after “The Secret History” and “The Little Friend,” follows the travails of Theo Decker, who emerges from a terrorist bombing motherless but in possession of a prized Dutch painting. Like the best of Dickens, the novel is packed with incident and populated with vivid characters. At its heart is the unwavering belief that come what may, art can save us by lifting us above ourselves.
深受读者喜爱的美国女作家塔特经过11年的潜沉,继《秘密历史》(The Secret History)和《小朋友》(The Little Friend)之后,发表了这部长达784页的厚重作品。小说主人公西奥·德克尔(Theo Decker)因恐怖袭击年少丧母,但意外获得一幅荷兰名画。小说以同名画作《金翅雀》为线索,记叙了德克尔在曼哈顿挣扎求生的经历,充盈着引人入胜的生动角色,揭示艺术升华对生命的救赎理念。

4. 《生生世世》(Life After Life)
作者:凯特·阿特金森(Kate Atkinson)
出版社:A Reagan Arthur Book/Little, Brown & Company 里根阿瑟出版社/利特尔与布朗出版公司


Demonstrating the agile style and theatrical bravado of her much-admired Jackson Brodie mystery novels, Atkinson takes on nothing less than the evils of mid-20th-century history and the nature of death as she moves back and forth in time, fitting together versions of a life story for a heroine who keeps dying, then being resurrected — and sent off in different, but entirely plausible, directions.
英国女作家阿特金森此书布局机敏巧妙而又富戏剧性,也无损于呈现20世纪中叶人类社会的邪恶本质。两次世界大战期间,女主人公厄休拉·托德(Ursula Todd)不断死去,又不断复生,此后发现自己一旦犯错便会经历交错轮回。小说将不同版本的人生故事拼接观照,微妙地诉说了对战争、对人性的感悟。

5. Tenth of December: Stories《十二月十日:故事集》
作者:George Saunders 乔治.桑德斯
出版社:Random House 兰登书屋


Saunders’s wickedly entertaining stories veer from the deadpan to the flat-out demented: Prisoners are force-fed mood-altering drugs; ordinary saps cling to delusions of grandeur; third-world women, held aloft on surgical wire, become the latest in bourgeois lawn ornaments. Beneath the comedy, though, Saunders writes with profound empathy, and this impressive collection advances his abiding interest in questions of class, power and justice.



1. After the Music Stopped: The Financial Crisis, the Response, and the Work Ahead《音乐停下之后:金融危机、应对与未来世界》
作者:Alan S. Blinder 艾伦·S·布林德
出版社:The Penguin Press 企鹅出版社


 Blinder’s terrific book on the financial meltdown of 2008 argues that it happened because of a “perfect storm,” in which many unfortunate events occurred simultaneously, producing a far worse outcome than would have resulted from just a single cause. Blinder criticizes both the Bush and Obama administrations, especially for letting Lehman Brothers fail, but he also praises them for taking steps to save the country from falling into a serious depression. Their response to the near disaster, Blinder says, was far better than the public realizes.
前美国联邦储备委员会副主席布林德在书中对2008年金融崩盘的成因进行了精彩探讨。布林德指出,金融危机并非源自某单一事件,而是由许多关键事件同时触发而共同导致。书中严辞批评了小布什政府和奥巴马政府的经济决策,尤其是令雷曼兄弟(Lehman Brothers)破产之举,但同时也称赞他们采取措施遏制了经济进一步萧条。布林德还表示,美国政府对近期危机的应对比公众所知要好得多。

2. Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House《荣火时代:布什和切尼的白宫岁月》
作者:Peter Baker 彼得·贝克
出版社:Doubleday 道布尔迪出版社


Baker succeeds in telling the story of the several crises of the Bush administration with fairness and balance, which is to say that he is sympathetic to his subjects, acknowledging their accomplishments but excusing none of their errors. Baker, the chief White House correspondent for The Times, is fascinated by the mystery of the Bush--Cheney relationship, and even more so by the mystery of George W. Bush himself. Did Bush lead, or was he led by others? In the end, Baker concludes, the “decider” really did decide.

3. Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital《纪念医院五日:飓风过后医院中的生与死》
作者:Sheri Fink 谢里·芬克
出版社:Crown 皇冠出版社


In harrowing detail, Fink describes the hellish days at a hospital during and after Hurricane Katrina, when desperate medical professionals were suspected of administering lethal injections to critically ill patients. Masterfully and compassionately reported and as gripping as a thriller, the book poses reverberating questions about end-of-life care, race discrimination in medicine and how individuals and institutions break down during disasters.

4.The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914《梦游者:1914年欧洲何以陷入战争》
作者:Christopher Clark 克里斯托弗·克拉克
出版社:Harper 哈珀出版社

 Clark manages in a single volume to provide a comprehensive, highly readable survey of the events leading up to World War I. He avoids singling out any one nation or leader as the guilty party. “The outbreak of war,” he writes, “is not an Agatha Christie drama at the end of which we will discover the culprit standing over a corpse.” The participants were, in his term, “sleepwalkers,” not fanatics or murderers, and the war itself was a tragedy, not a crime.

5.  Wave《浪》
作者:Sonali Deraniyagala 索纳莉·德拉尼亚加拉
出版社:Alfred A. Knopf 克诺普夫出版社


On the day after Christmas in 2004, Deraniyagala called her husband to the window of their hotel room in Sri Lanka. “I want to show you something odd,” she said. The ocean looked foamy and closer than usual. Within moments, it was upon them. Deraniyagala lost her husband, her parents and two young sons to the Indian Ocean tsunami. Her survival was miraculous, and so too is this memoir — unsentimental, raggedly intimate, full of fury.