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着迷英语900句 Book 3LAURA: Hi, Bill. 嗨, 比尔你好. BILL: Hi, Laura. How are you today? 嗨, 罗拉. 你今天怎么样? LAURA: Awful. I resigned. 糟透了! 我辞

着迷英语900句 Book 3

LAURA: Hi, Bill. 嗨, 比尔你好.
BILL: Hi, Laura. How are you today? 嗨, 罗拉. 你今天怎么样?
LAURA: Awful. I resigned. 糟透了! 我辞职了.
BILL: You resigned? Why? 你辞职了? 为什么?
BILL: You liked the job, didn't you? 你不是蛮喜欢那份工作吗?
LAURA: Yes and no. I never liked my boss. You know that. 喜欢也不喜欢. 我始终都不喜欢我的老板, 这个你是知道的.
BILL: Yes. But it was an interesting job, wasn't it? 对, 可是那份工作不是蛮有趣的吗?
LAURA: Yes. 是的.
LAURA: We handled all the advertising and promotion for the Fair. 我们负责万博会所有的广告与宣传促销.
BILL: Well, what are you going to do now? 那么, 你现在打算怎么样.
LAURA: Find another job. Do you need a secretary? 找新工作. 你需不需要一个秘书?
LAURA: I type sixty words a minute. 我一分钟可以打六十个字.
BILL: No, not today. But did you look in the newspaper? 今天不需要. 不过你可曾在报纸上找过?
LAURA: Yes. Nobody needs a secretary this week. 找过了, 这个礼拜那里都不缺秘书.
BILL: What about the employment office here at the Fair? 万博会的人事处如何呢?
BILL: Did you check with them? 你到那边问过没有?
LAURA: No, I didn't. 没有, 我没有.
BILL: Why not? 为什么不去呢?
LAURA: Because they aren't going to help me. 因为他们不会帮助我的.
LAURA: I resigned from a good job! 我已经辞掉一份很好的工作!
BILL: Maybe you're wrong. 也许你错了.
LAURA: Oh, Bill. You need recommendations to get a good job. Mr. Crawford isn't going to give me a recommendation. 噢, 比尔, 要找一份好工作, 非有以前雇主的推荐不可. 郭佛先生不会帮我写推荐函的.
BILL: Look. 我跟你讲,
BILL: Mr. Crawford is difficult to work for, right? 替郭佛先生作事很艰难, 你说是不是?
LAURA: Right. 是.
BILL: Well, maybe the employment office knows it, too. 也许人事处里也知道这个情形.
LAURA: Is that possible? 有那个可能吗?
BILL: Of course, it's possible! Maybe you're his seventh secretary in two years! 当然有可能! 说不定你是他两年来第七任秘书!
LAURA: Maybe. Thanks, Bill. 也许吧. 谢谢你, 比尔.
BILL: Don't mention it. Good luck. 不足挂齿, 祝你成功!
MRS.CRAWFORD: Hi, dear. How was your day? 嗨, 亲爱的, 你回来啦! 今天过得好吗?
MR.CRAWFORD: Oh, the same. 噢, 老样子.
MRS.CRAWFORD: How's your secretary? Does she come in on time now? 你那个秘书怎么样? 她最近准时上班吗?
MR.CRAWFORD: Yes... well, in fact, she resigned today. 是的... 嗯, 事实上, 她今天已辞职了.
MRS.CRAWFORD: Laura? Resigned? Why? 罗拉? 辞职了? 为什么?
MR.CRAWFORD: I don't know. Maybe because I criticized her typing. 我不知道. 也许是因为我批评她打字技术不好.
MRS.CRAWFORD: She's a good typist, isn't she? 她是一位好打字员, 对不对?
MR.CRAWFORD: Yes, usually. 是, 通常是打得不错.
MRS.CRAWFORD: Well? 怎么讲?
MR.CRAWFORD: "Usually" isn't "always." "通常" 是不等于 "经常" 的.
MRS.CRAWFORD: You are too critical, dear. 你太挑剔了, 亲爱的!
MR.CRAWFORD: Please. It's my business. 拜托, 那是我的事情.
MRS.CRAWFORD: Don't talk to me that way. And don't forget, it was my father's business. You're too critical of everything and everyone; of me, of the boys... 不要这样对我说话,你也不要忘了,公司本来是我爸爸的.你对每一个人,每一件事物都太挑剔, 包括我, 我们的儿子...
MR.CRAWFORD: Jane, please, don't bother me. 珍, 我求你不要烦我.
MRS.CRAWFORD: Look, Gary, I live here, too. They are my sons, too. 贾瑞你听我讲, 这个家也是我的, 儿子也是我的...
MR.CRAWFORD: I'm tired, and I don't want to talk about it. 我很累, 我不想讨论这些.
MIGUEL: What a mess! 这里乱透了!
PEDR You sound like my mother. Watch out! 你讲话像我妈妈一样. 小心啊!
PEDR Don't step on that sweater. 别踩了那件毛衣.
MIGUEL: Hey, that's my sweater. 嘿, 这件毛衣是我的!
PEDR Uh, yes, I guess it is. 这个... 好像是.
MIGUEL: You're a slob, Pedro, but you're a great photographer. 你是个大垃圾虫, 佩德罗. 可是, 你却也是个第一流的摄影师.
MIGUEL: Some of these pictures could be in magazines. 这些照片可以登到杂志上去.
PEDR Thanks, Miguel. 谢谢你, 米盖尔.
MIGUEL: Hey, here's an old picture of you. You had a mustache! 嘿, 这里有一张你以前的照片. 你留了小胡子!
PEDR Let me see. 给我看.
MIGUEL: You're standing with a guy with long blond hair. He looks American. 你跟一个金黄长发的家伙站在一起, 他看起来好像是美国人.
PEDR Yes, he is. He was my first good friend here. A very creative guy. 是的, 他是我来这边以后的第一个好朋友, 是一个很有艺术创作力的年轻人.
PEDR I met him at the art school downtown. 我是在市中区那间艺术学校认识他的.
MIGUEL: What's his name? You never talk about him. 他叫什么名字? 你从来没提过他.
PEDR His name's Michael. 他叫麦可,
PEDR He was in love with this woman. 他跟这位小姐相恋,
PEDR He wanted to marry her. She was beautiful, but crazy. 他想娶她. 她很漂亮, 但是有点神经兮兮的.
MIGUEL: What do you mean "crazy?" 你说她神经兮兮的, 是什么意思?
PEDR One day, she came to my door. She didn't love Michael anymore. She fell in love with me. 有一天 她来到我家门口. 她不再爱麦可了, 她爱上了我.
MIGUEL: Just like that? 就那样吗?
PEDR Well, sure, I flirted with her, but I flirt with everyone! 这个... 当然罗, 我有逗过她, 可是我谁都逗.
MIGUEL: What happened? 结果怎么样?
PEDR You know I can't resist a pretty face. 你是知道的, 我没办法抗拒漂亮女孩子的魔力.
MIGUEL: And Michael? What did he do? 那么麦可呢? 他的反应怎么样?
PEDR He never spoke to me again. About a year ago I tried to call him, but he hung up on me. 他跟我断绝来往了. 大概一年前我给他打电话, 可是被他挂断了.
MIGUEL: What happened to the girl? 那个女孩怎么样了?
PEDR We saw each other a few times. 我们彼此见了几次面,
PEDR Then she moved to Florida. 然后她搬到佛罗里达去了.
PEDR She has a sister there. Things like that don't last long. 她有一个姊姊住那里. 像那种事情是不持久的.
BILL: Hi, Paulo. 嗨, 保罗.
PAUL Hi, Bill. How's business? 嗨, 比尔, 生意怎么样?
BILL: Fine. How's yours? 不错, 你呢?
PAUL Coming along. We're opening some new exhibition soon. Oh, by the way, we're looking for a secretary. 还好, 我们有一个新展览会快要开幕了, 哦, 对了, 我们正要请一位秘书.
BILL: Really? I know a good one. She wants a new job. 真的? 我认识一位好秘书, 她需要一个新的工作.
PAUL Where can I find her? 她在哪里?
BILL: I can give her your number. I see her every day. 我可以给她你的电话号码, 我每天都看到她.
PAUL OK. Here's my card. Tell her to call me. Oh, what's her name? 好, 这是我的名片, 叫她打电话给我, 对了, 她叫什么名字?
BILL: Laura Segura. 罗拉?瑟姑拉.
PAUL Segura... Isn't she Mr. Crawford's secretary? 瑟姑拉... 她不是郭佛先生的秘书吗?
BILL: She was. She resigned. 那是以前, 她辞职了.
PAUL I don't think I can hire her. My office does a lot of work with Mr. Crawford's office. It could be embarrassing. 我恐怕不能用她. 我的公司跟郭佛先生的公司有生意来往, 那将会很尴尬的.
BILL: I see. That's too bad. 我了解, 那真可惜.
PAUL Yes, it is. But perhaps we can find her a job in another department. 是的, 不过, 我们也许可以在其他部门帮她找到工作.
BILL: Thanks, Paulo. 谢谢, 保罗.
PAUL Sure, Bill. 不客气, 比尔.
: Dear Mama, 亲爱的妈妈:
: There is so much to tell you, Mama. 我要和您说的事情太多.
: Everything here seems different, but, at the same time, everything seems the same. 这里的一切, 都好像不一样. 可是, 在同样的时间, 每件事情又似乎是相同的.
: Yesterday was a good example. 昨天就是一个很好的例子.
: At 7:00 the alarm clock rang and woke us up. 闹钟在七点钟时叫醒了我们,
: I turned on the radio, and we listened to the news. 我打开了收音机, 我们收听新闻报导.
: But the news is in English, not Spanish. 可是, 那是英语新闻, 不是西班牙文.
: For breakfast, we have coffee and bread, but the coffee and bread don't taste the same as they do at home. 我们早餐吃面包喝咖啡, 可是这里的面包、咖啡跟家里所吃的味道却不一样.
: Even the water tastes different! 就连自来水的味道都不一样呢!
: At 9:00 I left the house. 我九点钟出门.
: At night, after dinner, we talked and watched television. 晚上吃晚餐以后我们聊天看电视.
: The movies here are the same: war stories, westerns, and mysteries. 此地的影片千篇一律: 有战争片、西部片和侦探片.
: At about 9:30 one of Pedro's friends stopped in to say hello. 大概九点半左右, 佩德罗的一个朋友进来寒喧了一下,
: At about 11:00 Pedro called each one of his twenty girlfriends to say good night and told each one a different story. 大约在十一点左右, 佩德罗给他二十个女朋友一个一个的打电话道晚安, 并分别说了二十个不同的故事给她们听.
: I like Pedro more and more. 我越来越喜欢佩德罗.
: I learn a little more English every day. 我每天都学到了一些英语,
: Yesterday, I learned the word "embarrassed." 我昨天学会了 "尴尬" 这个字.
: love, Miguel 儿, 米盖尔上
: PS You asked for a photograph. Here it is. 再启: 您向我要的照片随函附上一张.
: The girl next to me is Marta. She lives upstairs. 在我旁边那个女孩子叫玛它, 她住在我的楼上.
: My father died the year I was born. 我爸爸在我出世的那年去世了,
: Life was difficult in Spain in those years. 那个年头, 在西班牙谋生很不容易.
: My mother decided to move to Mexico because people said things were easier there. And there was no reason to stay in Barcelona. 我妈妈因为听说在墨西哥生活比较容易, 所以决定搬到那边去, 而认为没有理由留在巴塞隆纳.
: It broke my mother's heart to leave, but it also broke her heart to stay. 我妈妈不舍得走, 可是又不愿留下.
: She sold her diamond ring, the only thing she had, and bought two tickets to Mexico. 她把她唯一的财产钻戒卖掉, 而买了两张到墨西哥的船票.
: There, in Mexico, I forgot yesterday's miseries. 到了墨西哥以后, 我把过去的困苦境遇都忘掉,
: After all, I was only a child. 毕竟当时我还只是个小孩子.
: But our new life was not like my mother's golden dreams. 可是我们的新生活并没有我妈妈想像的那么美.
: I grew up and had to go to work. 我长大后, 就必须去作事,
: I was very unhappy. 我非常的不快乐.
: We were poor and alone in the world. 在这个世界上我们既穷又孤单.
: At eighteen, I married an older man. 十八岁那年, 我嫁给一个年纪比较大的男人.
: He had a little money, and I spent a few happy years with him. 他有一点钱, 我和他过了几年快乐的日子,
: I got new clothes and lived in a fine house. 我买了很多新衣服, 并住在一栋很漂亮的房子里.
: But I didn't love him, and I think he knew it, too. 不过, 我并不爱他, 我想他也知道.
: It wasn't his fault. He wasn't a bad husband. 这不是他的过失, 他并不是一个不好的丈夫,
: He wanted a quiet life and a big family. 他希望日子过得很平静, 及子女生得很多.
: I didn't. We fought about it and made each other miserable. 而我不要, 我们为了这件事而吵架, 弄得彼此都很苦闷.
: Finally we got a divorce. After that I came to New York. 最后我们离婚了, 离婚后我就到纽约来了.
: My dear husband, Francisco, 我亲爱的丈夫法兰西斯哥:
: I miss you, my dear, but we are happy and healthy, and the children send their love. 亲爱的, 我真想念你, 我们都很愉快很健康. 孩子们都向你问好.
: Paulo is busy every minute. 保罗时时刻刻的忙着,
: He is just like you, so sensible, maybe too sensible. 他跟你一样, 脚踏实地. 也许他过度脚踏实地,
: He thinks about business all the time. 一天到晚想着生意的事情,
: He doesn't have any real friends here. 在这里他没有什么真正的朋友.
: Joana is growing up before my eyes. 琼娜在我眼前迅速长大,
: Every day she grows more mature, less shy, and more confident. 她一天比一天成熟, 没有以前害羞, 比以前更有自信.
: She's getting serious about art again, so she's going to take some courses at one of the schools here. 她又对艺术认真起来, 因此打算在此地的一所学校进修.
: She's talented, but not very patient. She has a lot to learn. 她有天分, 但没有多大耐心, 还有许多事情有待学习.
: I am enjoying the Fair, but most of all, I am enjoying the children. 我很喜欢到万博会玩, 但是, 带给我最大的乐趣, 还是孩子们,
: I am very proud of them. 我真以他们为傲.
: At first, Joana was nervous about her English, but now she is almost fluent. 琼娜当初耽心她的英文不够好, 可是现在几乎和美国人一样流利了.
: As a matter of fact, she is teaching me! 事实上, 她还教我呢!
: So, my dear, how are you? 亲爱的, 你还好吗?
: How are things at home? I miss you. 家里的情形怎么样? 我真想念你,
: I read and reread all your letters. 你的信, 我都看了又看.
: Your devoted wife, 你挚爱的妻
: Alicia 爱丽霞上
MR.NIKZAD: What are we going to do with Ali? 对于阿里我们将怎么做?
MRS.NIKZAD: What do you mean, dear? He's only six. 你是什么意思? 他才六岁.
MR.NIKZAD: He'll be seven in a few weeks. It's time to think about his future. 他再过几个礼拜就七岁了, 该为他的前途着想了.
MRS.NIKZAD: Oh, dear. 哦, 亲爱的.
MR.NIKZAD: You spoil him, Zahra. 萨拉, 你太宠他了.
MRS.NIKZAD: And you're too strict. You're always criticizing him. 但你对他太严了, 你总是对他吹毛求疵.
MR.NIKZAD: Because he never behaves. Why can't Ali be more like Hussein. 因为他从不守规矩, 他为什么不能像郝仙那样?
MRS.NIKZAD: But dear, they are different people. They'll never behave the same way. 但是, 亲爱的, 他们俩个是不同的啊! 他们的举止完全不一样.
MR.NIKZAD: We take him to the Fair, and what does he do? He runs away! 我们带他去万博会, 而他做什么呢? 他跑掉了!
MRS.NIKZAD: He's a very independent child. 他是个很独立的孩子.
MR.NIKZAD: I'll never understand him. And what an imagination! He thinks ice cream vendors are secret agents. He talks to animals and toys. 我永远不会了解他. 他多么有幻想力! 竟然把冰淇淋摊贩视为密探, 还对着动物和玩具讲话.
MRS.NIKZAD: All children are like that, dear. 所有的小孩子都是那样子的, 亲爱的.
MR.NIKZAD: No, Zahra, all children are not like that. 不, 萨拉, 并不是每一个孩子都是这样子,
MR.NIKZAD: You can't make excuses for him forever. 你不能永远为他找藉口.
MR.NIKZAD: Last year he misbehaved because he didn't understand English. 去年他不乖是因为他不懂英文,
MR.NIKZAD: This year you won't be able to use that excuse. 今年你不能再用那个理由了.
MRS.NIKZAD: Then we'll have to find a school for children like Ali. 那么我们必须找一所可以收容像阿里这样孩子的学校.
MR.NIKZAD: Where will you find a school for stubborn children with bad manners? 哪里有学校可给又顽强又不懂礼貌的孩子去念?
MR.NIKZAD: He won't listen to anybody. 他是谁的话都不听的.
MRS.NIKZAD: He's not stubborn; he's independent. But don't worry. I'll look for a school for creative children. 他并不顽强, 他是独立. 你放心好了, 我将会找到一所给创作力特别强的儿童念的学校.
MR.NIKZAD: Won't you ever believe me? 你永远不相信我吗?
MR.NIKZAD: The boy needs discipline. 他需要的是管教.
MRS.NIKZAD: Let me try, Simon. Maybe I can find the right school. 塞门, 让我试试吧. 也许我可以找到适合的学校.
MR.NIKZAD: All right, Zahra. But next year, back in Iran, things will be different. 好的, 萨拉. 可是明年 可是明年回到伊朗以后, 事情将会不一样的.
MRS.NIKZAD: Be patient, dear. 你要有耐心, 亲爱的.
MRS.NIKZAD: Ali will make you proud one day. 有朝一日, 阿里会让你感到骄傲的.
MR.NIKZAD: Where is Ali now? 阿里现在在哪里?
MRS.NIKZAD: Watching TV. 他在看电视.
MR.NIKZAD: Are you sure? It's very quiet in there. 你确定吗? 里面一点声音也没有.
MRS.NIKZAD: What are you doing, Ali? 你在作什么? 阿里
ALI: Ssh. You have to be very quiet! 嘘, 安静些!
MRS.NIKZAD: Why? What are you doing? 为什么? 你在作什么?
ALI: Can't you see, Mommy? The Martians are landing. 难道你没注意到吗? 火星人着陆了.
MRS.NIKZAD: Oh. Well, we're eating dinner. 哦, 我们要吃饭了.
ALI: OK. 好.
MRS.NIKZAD: Aren't you coming? 你不来吃吗?
ALI: No, I'm not. 是, 我不要吃.
MRS.NIKZAD: Ali, your father will be very angry. 阿里, 你爸爸会非常生气的.
ALI: No, he won't. He'll be happy. 不会的, 他会很高兴.
MRS.NIKZAD: Why? 为什么?
ALI: I ruin his dinner. He always says, "Ali, why do you always ruin my dinner?" 我破坏他的晚餐, 他老是说: "阿里, 你为什么老是破坏我的晚餐?"
MRS.NIKZAD: He won't say that tonight. 他今天晚上不会这样说.
ALI: Then he says, "Why can't you be like Hussein?" I hate Hussein! I don't want to be like him. 然后他说: u你为什么不能像赫仙那样?」 我恨赫仙! 我不要像他那样!
MRS.NIKZAD: Ali, that's a terrible thing to say about your brother. 阿里, 你这样说你哥哥真是可怕!
ALI: But it's true. 那是真的.
MRS.NIKZAD: Ali, my little Martian, I won't enjoy my dinner without you. I'll miss you. Won't you come to the table and eat with me? 阿里, 我的小火星人. 你不在我身边,我吃晚餐就没有乐趣. 我将会想念你的, 请你到餐桌跟我一起吃, 好不好?
ALI: OK. But remember, it's only for you. 好, 可是要记住, 我是为了你而已.
MRS.NIKZAD: I'll remember. It'll be our secret. 我会记住, 那将是我们两个人的秘密.
MR.YAMAMOT Yes? 什么事?
FRANK YAMAMOT Wouldn't you like to take a walk to the Fair today? 您今天有兴趣到万博会去走走吗?
MR.YAMAMOT It's Saturday. I have to be in the store. 今天是礼拜六, 我必须到店里去.
FRANK YAMAMOT I'm sure Jim can take care of the store. 我相信吉姆可以照料店里的事.
MR.YAMAMOT I don't like crowds. 我不喜欢人多的地方.
FRANK YAMAMOT I know, Father, but it's early. There won't be many people there at this hour. 我知道, 爸爸, 现在还早呢. 这个时候不会有很多人的.
MR.YAMAMOT I'd rather go on a weekday. 我宁愿平常日子去,
MR.YAMAMOT Saturday is our busy day at the store. 礼拜六是店里最忙的一天.
FRANK YAMAMOT Take a one-day vacation. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. 休一天假吧, 我敢保证你会觉得很好玩.
MR.YAMAMOT I don't know, Frank. 我真怀疑, 法兰克.
FRANK YAMAMOT People come from around the world to see the Fair. You're lucky. You live right around the corner. 人们从世界各地到万博会来参观, 您很幸运, 您刚好住在附近.
MR.YAMAMOT What's the weather like today? 今天天气怎么样?
FRANK: It's a beautiful spring day. It would be good for you to spend a day in the sun. 是个美丽的春天. 花一天的时间晒晒太阳对您是很有益的.
MR.YAMAMOT Can I get to the Fair by bus? 我可以搭公车到万博会吗?
FRANK: It's not far. Take a taxi. It won't be expensive. 并不远, 坐计程车去, 不会太贵的.
MR.YAMAMOT No. I'll take the bus. 不, 我要坐公车.
FRANK: OK. Take the number 20. It goes right to the Fair. 好吧! 坐二十路, 它直开到万博会.
MR.YAMAMOT Where is my good coat? 我那件好的大衣在哪里?
FRANK: In the hall closet. But you won't need a coat today. 在走廊的壁橱里, 可是你今天不必穿大衣,
FRANK: The sun is shining, and it's going to get warm. 外面是晴天, 而且会逐渐变暖的.
MR.YAMAMOT Are you sure it's not going to rain? 你确定不会下雨吗?
FRANK: I don't think so, but anything is possible. Your raincoat is in the hall closet, too. 我不这么认为, 可是天气是无法预料的, 您的雨衣也放在走廊的壁橱里.
MR.YAMAMOT You know, Frank, I'm not as young as I was. 我跟你讲, 法兰克, 我老了.
FRANK: No one is, Father. 我们都老了, 爸爸.
MR.YAMAMOT You're right. Help me with my coat, Frank. 你讲得对, 帮我将大衣穿上. 法兰克,
FRANK: Have a good time, Father. 祝您玩得很愉快, 爸.
MR.YAMAMOT Thank you, Son. 谢谢你, 儿子.
PEDR Excuse me. How much is the bus? 对不起, 请问巴士车票多少钱?
WOMAN: Fifty cents. 五毛钱.
PEDR Will $10 bill? 十块钱的钞票司机可以找得开吗??the driver change a
WOMAN: I don't think so. Oh, here's the bus. 我想不会的, 噢, 车来了.
WOMAN: Oh, no! 噢! 真糟糕.
BUS DRIVER: What's the matter, lady? 你怎么了? 女士.
WOMAN: Look at me! 你看我!
BUS DRIVER: You look beautiful to me. 你看起来很漂亮呀!
WOMAN: Look at my dress! It's ruined! 你看我的衣服! 完蛋了!
BUS DRIVER: I'm sorry, miss. 对不起, 小姐.
WOMAN: Is that all you can say? 'I'm sorry, miss.' What about my dress? 你就只能说这个吗? " 对不起, 小姐. " 我的衣服怎么办?
PEDR What are you going to do about this? 这事你该怎么办?
BUS DRIVER: Who are you? 你是谁?
PEDR Who do you think I am? 你以为我是谁?
BUS DRIVER: Look, mister. I'm sorry. It's raining. The streets are wet. 瞧, 先生, 我很抱歉. 外面下着雨, 街道都是湿的.
PEDR Let's sit down, dear. 我们坐吧, 女士.
BUS DRIVER: Hey, mister! You forgot to pay! 嘿, 先生! 你忘了付车钱!
PEDR I did not forget. Is the bus company going to pay for a new dress? 我没有忘记付钱, 汽车公司将付新衣服的钱吗?
BUS DRIVER: Forget it! Forget it! Sit down. 算了! 算了! 你坐吧.
WOMAN: Very clever. Do you ever pay for the bus? 真聪明, 你经常免费坐车吗?
PEDR By the way, my name is... 对了, 我的名字是...
PAUL And that, Mr. Crawford, is our plan. We'd like your agency to handle the publicity. 郭佛先生, 我们的计划就是这样子. 我们愿意由你的代理商去负责宣传.
MR.CRAWFORD: Good. 很好,
MR.CRAWFORD: Now let me make sure I have all the facts. 让我来确定一下我所知道的整个事情.
PAUL Certainly. 请便.
MR.CRAWFORD: The Brazilian Pavilion is planning a competition for young artists. 巴西馆计划为年轻的艺术家们举办一次比赛.
PAUL Yes, and by the way, the Pavilion will display many of the entries during the final month of the competition. 对. 噢, 对了, 在比赛的最后一个月, 很多应徵的作品要在巴西馆展览出来.
MR.CRAWFORD: I see. Now, the entries must all be oil paintings, correct? 好的. 参加比赛的作品都必须是油画, 对不对?
PAUL Yes. 对.
MR.CRAWFORD: Is there an age limit for the participants? 对参加比赛的人, 有没有年龄上的限制?
PAUL We were thinking of thirty or thirty-five. But you must know more about this than I do. 我们考虑以三十岁或三十五岁为限. 不过, 关于这方面的事, 您知道的比我多,
PAUL You have more experience. 您的经验比较丰富.
MR.CRAWFORD: I think thirty is the right limit. How old are you, Paulo? May I call you Paulo? 我认为三十岁最好, 保罗, 你几岁了? 我可以叫你保罗吗?
PAUL Of course, sir. Twenty-nine. 当然可以, 我二十九岁.
MR.CRAWFORD: You're the same age as my son Michael. 你跟我儿子麦可一样大.
PAUL Yes. 喔.
MR.CRAWFORD: Forgive me. Where were we? 对不起, 我们刚才讲到哪里?
PAUL We were discussing the rules of the competition. 我们刚才在讨论比赛的规则.
MR.CRAWFORD: Yes. Now, you mentioned a grant. 对了, 你提到了奖助金,
MR.CRAWFORD: What kind of a grant were you thinking of? 你们考虑什么样的奖助金?
PAUL We were going to offer a scholarship, a living allowance, and air fare to and from Brazil. What do you think of that idea? 我们打算发给一份奖学金, 还有生活费津贴 及到巴西的来回飞机票, 你认为这构想怎么样?
MR.CRAWFORD: Excellent. 非常好,
MR.CRAWFORD: What about the deadline for the entries. 参加的截止日期呢?
MR.CRAWFORD: Six months from today? 从今天起六个月?
PAUL Yes. They have to enter by November 1. 是的, 他们必须在十一月一号以前报名,
PAUL We'll announce the winner the following month. 而我们将在下一个月宣布得奖者.
MR.CRAWFORD: Good. Well, I can have sample brochures ready for you in a week. 好. 我有小册子的样本, 一个星期之内可以给你.
PAUL Fine. 很好.
MR.CRAWFORD: Then, I'll see you a week from today. Is 2:00 convenient? 那么, 一个礼拜以后见. 两点钟, 方不方便?
PAUL Perfect. 再好没有.
MR. CRAWFORD: Ms. Segura, Mr. Farias is leaving now. Good-bye, Paulo. 瑟姑拉小姐, 法瑞斯先生现在要走了, 保罗再见.
PAUL Good-bye, Mr. Crawford. And we'll see you and Mrs. Crawford for dinner on Wednesday. 郭佛先生再见, 礼拜三吃晚餐的时候, 我们就可以跟您和郭佛太太见面了.
MR. CRAWFORD: We're looking forward to it. 我们正期待着.
MR. CRAWFORD: Were there any calls? 有没有电话?
LAURA: Yes. Your wife called fifteen minutes ago. 有. 夫人十五分钟以前打电话来.
MR. CRAWFORD: Did she leave a message? 有没有留话?
LAURA: No, sir. And your next appointment is here. Mr. Robert Gardner. 没有, 下一个人已经来了, 罗巴特?迦德纳先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: Send him in, please. 请叫他进来.
LAURA: Yes, sir. 是的, 先生.
LAURA: Your coat, Mr. Farias. 法瑞斯先生, 您的大衣.
PAUL Thank you, Ms. Segura, Good day. 谢谢你, 瑟姑拉小姐, 再见.
LAURA: Good day, sir. 再见, 先生.
LAURA: As you see, Claire, the office is very formal. 如你所看到的, 这里是非常规规矩矩的.
CLAIRE: Yes, 嗯,
CLAIRE: I realized that when Mr. Crawford interviewed me. 郭佛先生面试的时候我就领会到了.
LAURA: Well, let's go on. The files are easy. We keep our files in alphabetical order. 好了, 我们继续吧. 档案很简单, 我们这里的档案按照字母顺序排列.
CLAIRE: Who handles the accounts? 谁管帐?
LAURA: We have an accountant. 我们请到一位会计师,
LAURA: He comes in once a month and goes over the books. 他一个月来查一次帐.
CLAIRE: Laura, may I ask you a question? 罗拉, 我有一件事想问你一下, 可以吗?
LAURA: Of course. 当然可以.
CLAIRE: May I ask why you're leaving? 我想问你为什么辞职?
LAURA: I'd rather not say. 我宁可不说.
CLAIRE: I understand. I'm sorry. 我了解, 对不起.
LAURA: No, don't apologize. Where were we? Oh, yes. 没关系, 不用道歉. 刚才我们讲到哪里了? 哦, 对了,
LAURA: Well, we keep the office supplies in this cabinet-paper, typewrite ribbons, pads, pencils, pens, envelopes, etc. 公司的文具都放在这个柜子里: 纸张、 打字机色带、 便笺 (印色) 、 铅笔、 钢笔、 信封等等.
LAURA: Do you have any questions so far? 到此为止有没有问题?
CLAIRE: Yes. How often do you work late? 有, 你时常工作得很晚吗?
LAURA: Hardly ever. 几乎没有过,
LAURA: Mr. Crawford doesn't like to pay overtime. 郭佛先生不喜欢付加班费.
CLAIRE: Good. Because I don't know if I can stay late. I go to school at night. 很好, 因为我不知道我是否能留得很晚, 我晚上要上课.
LAURA: What are you studying? 你念什么?
CLAIRE: Law. when I was a girl, I wanted to be a lawyer. And I'm going to be one. 法律, 我小的时候 就想作律师, 而我即将就是了.
LAURA: I admire you. 我真佩服你,
LAURA: It must be difficult to work while you're going to school. 一边上班一边读书一定很辛苦.
CLAIRE: It is, but it's what I want to do. 苦虽苦, 不过那正是我希望做的.
LAURA: Good luck. Oh, I almost forgot. We publish a World's Fair newsletter. Henry Leeds is the editor. His office is across the hall. I think that's it. 祝好运. 哦, 我几乎忘记了, 我们出版一份万国博览会期刊, 编辑是里德斯. 他的办公室在走廊对面, 我想那就是.
CLAIRE: Uh - where's the ladies' room? 嗯... 女用盥洗室在哪里?
LAURA: Oh, around the corner, second door on the left. 噢, 转弯 左边第二个门.
CLAIRE: I want to thank you for all your help. 我必须谢谢你帮我这么多的忙.
LAURA: I was happy to do it. Here are the keys. After 5:00 today, it's all yours. One more thing, be on time! He gets angry when you're late. 我很高兴能够帮你忙, 钥匙给你. 今天五点后 全交给你了, 还有一件事, 要准时来! 当你迟到的时候他会生气的.
AA: What am I doing here? What's wrong with this office? Everyone's so quiet. Nobody talks, nobody smiles. 我在这里做什么? 这家公司是怎么搞的? 所有的人都那么沈默, 没有人说话, 没有人微笑.
AA: Oh well, yesterday was only the first day, and things can change. In any case, it won't last forever. 不要想了, 昨天只是第一天; 情况总可以改变. 无论如何, 这是暂时性的.
AA: All right. It's 8:30. Where is everybody? 好了, 八点半了, 人都到哪里去了?
AA: You're early, Claire. Relax. Look around. I wonder where the newsletter file is. 克蕾尔, 你来早了, 不要紧张, 熟悉环境, 我不知道那个期刊档案在哪里?
CLAIRE: -- Good morning, Mr. Crawford. 您早. -- 郭佛先生
MR.CRAWFORD: -- Good morning, Ms... Lindstrom. You're here early. Excellent. -- 早安, 林斯顿小姐, 你来早了, 很好.
AA: I don't know when I'm going find the time to study. I can study during my lunch hour, I guess. 我不知道什么时候才能抽空念书. 大概可以在吃午餐的时候念书吧! 我想
AA: Here they come. 8:55 exactly. 他们来了, 八点五十五分正.
HENRY: -- Good morning, Claire. My name is Henry. We met yesterday. I edit the newsletter. -- 克蕾尔早, 我叫亨利, 我们昨天见过面的. 期刊是我编辑的.
CLAIRE: -- Yes, of course I remember. Good morning, Henry. -- 对, 我当然记得, 亨利您早.
: Dear Miguel, 亲爱的米盖尔:
: Who is this girl, Marta, in the photograph? 照片上面那个女孩子玛它是谁?
: she is very pretty. 她真漂亮.
: Oh, my poor Miguel! 噢, 我可怜的米盖尔!
: I know you are lonely, but you are so young! 我知道你很寂寞, 但是, 你还很年轻!
: Don't ruin your life. 不要浪费你的生命.
: You have to continue your studies or you'll never find a good job. 你一定要继续读书, 否则的话永远找不到好的工作.
: I'm glad you are having a good time, but we worry about you. 我很高兴你玩得很开心, 不过, 我们替你担心,
: We don't even know who she is. 连她是谁, 我们都不知道.
: Is she a nice girl? 她是一个好女孩子吗?
: Is she from a good family? 她有个好家世吗?
: Can you tell me what her father does? 你能不能告诉我她爸爸做什么事?
: You won't do anything foolish, will you, Miguel? 米盖尔, 你可不能作傻事,
: You don't know how important you are to us. 你不知道你对我们来说是多么的重要.
: Do you remember the Monteros? 你还记不记得蒙特若夫妇?
: They moved to New York about seven years ago. 他们大概七年前搬到纽约去了,
: They have a daughter, a very pretty girl. 他们有一个很漂亮的女儿,
: She's just about your age. 跟你差不多一样年纪.
: They won't recognize you, of course, but they'll remember us, and they'll be very happy to see you. 当然, 他们会认不出你是谁, 但是还会记得我们. 他们看到你, 一定会很高兴.
: The girl's name is Maria. 他们的女儿叫玛丽亚,
: I'm sure you'll find the number in the telephone book. 我想你在电话簿里一定可以查到电话号码,
: His first name is Fernando. 他的名字叫费南多.
: Forgive me, Miguel. 请原谅我, 米盖尔,
: I know you are a man now, 我知道你已经不再是小孩子了,
: but you are also my son. 可是, 你仍然是我的儿子.
: I worry about you, and I suppose I always will. 我替你担心, 我想, 大概永远会替你担心.
: Love, Mama 妈
: PS Write soon. 再启: 快一点来信.
: It was a warm day, warm for April. 是一个温暖如四月的天气.
: People were walking around the Fair with their coats over their arms. 在万国博览会有人一边把大衣挂在胳膊上, 一边散步.
: The sun was bright, and there were little white clouds in the blue sky. 太阳很大, 蓝色的天空里有小小的白云,
: The trees wore a light green smile. 树木露出浅绿色的笑容.
: At noon the Saturday crowd was very large. 在星期六的中午一大堆人群,
: Adults were laughing, children were crying, and everyone was having a good time. 大人们在笑, 小孩子们在叫, 大家都玩的很开心.
: A thousand vendors were selling ice cream, hot dogs, and cold drinks. 无数的摊贩在卖冰淇淋、热狗和冷饮.
: It was a beautiful, spring morning -- 这是一个美丽的春天的上午,
: the kind you want to last forever. 一种使人们希望它会持续到永远的天气.
: Later in the afternoon, the sun was not so bright, 下午之后, 太阳没那么炎热了,
: the sky was not so blue. 天空也不那么蔚蓝.
: The little white clouds were now large and gray. 小小的白云变成了大大的黑云.
: There was a drop here, a drop there... 这里掉了一滴雨水, 那里掉了一滴...
: then ten thousand noisy drops. 然后哗啦哗啦的下了倾盆大雨.
: People shouted and ran in every direction. 人们一边喊叫一边向四面八方跑,
: Then there was silence, the sun, the blue sky, and a rainbow. 然后一切平静下来, 天空中又出现了太阳、蓝天, 还有一道彩虹.
: I admire Claire. 我真羡慕克蕾尔.
: She works all day and goes to school at night. 她白天上一天的班, 晚上还要去读书.
: She knows where she's going and what she wants, and she's willing to work for it. 她掌握了人生的方向和目标, 而且肯为达到目标而努力.
: Am I? 我能吗?
: In my first job, I was secretary. 我第一份工作是当秘书,
: When I married my husband, I quit. 结婚以后我就辞职了.
: After I left him, I went back to the same office. 离开丈夫以后就回到同一个公司,
: I never thought about other possibilities. 我始终没有考虑走别的路.
: When I came here, I got a job right away. 当我来到这里以后, 马上有了工作.
: I was happy with anything. 那个时候我一点也不挑剔, 对任何事情都感到很快乐.
: Now I'd like a change. 而现在我却想换一个环境.
: First things first. 首先最重要的是,
: What skills do I have? 我有些什么技能?
: -- OK. I can do anything. -- 是的, 我什么都能作.
: -- Anything? -- 什么都能做吗?
: -- Yes, anything. -- 是, 我什么事都能做.
: -- Come on now, Laura. Be realistic. -- 罗拉, 你不要这样子了, 面对现实点吧!
: -- All right, almost anything. -- 好吧, 差不多什么都能做.
: I can speak, read, and write English and Spanish. 我能说、读、写英文和西班牙文,
: I can run an office. 我能负责办公室的一切事务.
: I'm friendly and competent. 我又合群又能干,
: Uh... there must be more. 嗯... 一定还有,
: Oh, yes, I type and take shorthand in two languages. 对了, 我有两种语言的打字和速记技能.
: -- Well, then, if you can do all that, -- 那么, 你既然有这些技能,
: you don't have to work for the Mr. Crawfords of the world! 就不必要替郭佛先生这种人工作!
: -- But, what will I do, then? -- 那么我将要怎么做呢?
: -- Well, what kind of job would you like? -- 你想要怎么样的工作?
: Do you want to work in an office again? 你愿不愿意再到办公室去工作?
: There's so much to think about. 要考虑的事情可真多!

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