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着迷英语900句 Book 2PEDR Where were you last night? 你昨晚上哪儿去? MIGUEL: At the movies. 看电影. PEDR Oh yeah? Which one? 哦, 真的? 哪一家? MIGUEL:

着迷英语900句 Book 2


PEDR Where were you last night? 你昨晚上哪儿去?
MIGUEL: At the movies. 看电影.
PEDR Oh yeah? Which one? 哦, 真的? 哪一家?
MIGUEL: Uh, I forget. 唉, 我忘了.
PEDR Oh, you forget, huh? Were you with someone? What was her name? 哦, 你忘了, 嗯? 你跟谁去的? 她叫什麽名字?
MIGUEL: As a matter of fact, I was with... 事实上, 我是跟...
PEDR Aha! I'm never wrong. Was it anyone I know? 哈! 我没猜错. 我认识她吗?
MIGUEL: Yes, Pedro, I... 是的, 佩德罗, 我...
PEDR No. No. Let me guess. Hmm. It's someone I know. Was it... 不, 不, 让我猜猜獯. ...嗯, 一定是我认识的人, 她是...
MIGUEL: Pedro, this isn't a game. 佩德罗, 这又不是游戏.
PEDR Oh, Miguel. You're always so serious. Relax! Now, who... 唷, 米盖尔, 你就是这麽认真. 轻松点! 嗯, 她是...
MIGUEL: Pedro... 佩德罗...
PEDR Was it the woman in the candy store? You know, the one with blond hair? 是糖果店的哪位女孩子? 你认识的那位金发小姐?
PEDR She's always smiling at you. 她常对你微笑.
MIGUEL: No, Pedro, it was... 不是, 佩德罗, 是...
PEDR Hmm, I'm usually good at these games. How about Danielle? 嗯, 我最会玩这种游戏了. 是不是丹尼尔?
MIGUEL: Shut up! 不要说了!
PEDR OK. OK. I give up. 好, 好, 我不猜了.
PEDR Who is the mystery woman? 那神秘女郎是谁?
MIGUEL: Marta. 玛它.
PEDR Marta! 玛它!
MIGUEL: Yes. 是的.
PEDR Thanks for telling me. Women! What can you do? One minute she's crazy about me, and the next minute she's going out with you. 谢谢你告诉我. 女人! 你能怎麽办? 一分钟前她还为我而疯狂, 一分钟后, 她却跟你出去了.
MIGUEL: I'm sorry, Pedro. 佩德罗, 很抱歉.
PEDR It's OK. 没关系,
PEDR It's your turn. 现在轮到你了.
MIGUEL: You're wrong. 那你就错了.
MIGUEL: We really like each other. 我们真正的互相爱慕.
PEDR Good luck. 祝你好运.
MIGUEL: Pedro! 佩德罗,
MIGUEL: Aren't you ever serious? 你就不能正经点吗?
PEDR What's happening, Tom? 汤姆, 发生了什麽事?
TOM: Man, you know that chick in the bakery? 老兄, 你认识面包店那女孩吗?
PEDR Yeah, Yolanda. 认识, 叫幼兰达.
TOM: No, man, not that one. Emma. 不, 老兄, 不是那个, 是爱玛.
PEDR Emma? 爱玛?
TOM: Yeah. She's there on weekends. You know her. She's short. 是啊! 她每个周末都在这儿, 你认识她的, 个子矮矮的.
PEDR What color is her hair? 她头发是什麽颜色?
TOM: It's blond. 金黄色的.
PEDR What color are her eyes? 她眼睛是什麽颜色?
TOM: Dark brown. 深棕色.
PEDR Is she pretty? 她长得漂亮吗?
TOM: Yeah, she's pretty, and she's after you. 是的, 她很漂亮, 她在追你.
PEDR Yeah? 是吗?
TOM: Yeah. She's always asking me about you. "How's your friend?" And I say "Which friend?" "You know, Tom. That tall, handsome guy with curly hair." 是的, 她时常问我有关你的事. "你的朋友怎麽样?" 我说 "那位朋友啊?" "你知道的, 那位高大而英俊的男孩"
TOM: And I say, "Oh yeah, him." 我说 "哦, 是他啊!"
PEDR Do you know her number? 你知道她的 (电话) 号码吗?
TOM: Yeah, 263... 知道, 是 263...
PEDR Wait a minute. OK. What is it? 请等一下, 好, 几号?
TOM: 263-7954. 263-7954
PEDR Thanks, buddy. 谢谢了, 朋友
JIM: He doesn't watch television! 他不看电视,
JIM: He doesn't go to the movies! He goes to the store every day. 他不看电影, 他每天去商店,
JIM: He never takes a day off! 他未曾休假过!
PEARL: Jim, calm down. 吉姆, 静下来.
JIM: He never laughs! He never gets angry! 他不曾笑过, 不曾生气过!
FRANK: That's the way he is, Jim. 他就是那样, 吉姆.
JIM: Is he happy? Is he sad? Do you know, Dad? He's your father. 他快乐吗? 悲伤吗? 爸, 你知道吗? 他是你的父亲.
FRANK: He doesn't think about happiness, Jim. 吉姆, 他不曾考虑过快乐,
FRANK: He thinks about his family and his obligations. 他只想到他的家庭与责任.
JIM: That's no way to live. 那并非生活之道.
PEARL: Maybe not, but it's his way. 也许不是, 但却是他的生活方式.
JIM: All right. It's his way. But... 好吧, 那是他的方式, 不过...
PEARL: But, what? 不过什麽?
JIM: Why doesn't he like me? 他为什麽不喜欢我?
JIM: Why does he insult me in front of the customers? 为什麽他当著顾客的面侮辱我?
PEARL: He doesn't, Jim! I don't believe it. 他不会的, 吉姆, 我不相信.
JIM: It's true, Mom. He always says, "All of the customers know the prices. Why don't you?" 确实是这样子, 妈, 他常常说 "所有的顾客都晓得价格, 为什麽你就不知道?"
PEARL: Oh, Jim, that's the way he is. 噢, 吉姆, 他就是那样子.
JIM: OK. but does he have to be that way all the time? We work together every day, but we never talk to each other. Either he changes or I quit. 好, 但是他有必要整天都这样子吗? 我们每天一起工作就从来没说过话. 不是他改变, 就是我不.
FRANK: You know, Jim, 你知道的, 吉姆,
FRANK: you are his favorite grandchild. 你是他最疼的孙子.
JIM: How do you know? 你怎麽知道?
FRANK: He doesn't say it, but I know. 他没说过, 但我明.
JIM: I give up. 我不说了.
CUSTOMER: Congratulations, Mr. Yamamoto. You're famous! 恭喜你, 山本先生, 你出名了.
MR. YAMAMOT Famous? 出名?
CUSTOMER: Yes. That was a great article about you in the paper. 是啊? 报上有一大篇关於你的文章.
MR. YAMAMOT Ssh. Don't tell the vegetables. They don't know yet. 嘘! 不要跟蔬菜说, 它们还不知道呢!
CUSTOMER: What does your family think about it? 你家人觉得怎样?
MR. YAMAMOT They're very happy about it. It's good for business. 他们很高兴, 这有助於生意.
CUSTOMER: Where's Jim today? 吉姆今天到那里去了.
MR. YAMAMOT He's at the Fair. He's celebrating. 他在博览会, 他庆贺去了.
CUSTOMER: What's he celebrating? 他庆贺什麽?
MR. YAMAMOT My new fame and fortune. 我的新名誉和运气.
CUSTOMER: Maybe he's right. Why aren't you celebrating with him? 也许他是对的, 你为什麽没跟他一道庆祝呢?
MR. YAMAMOT Celebrations are for young people. 庆祝是属於年轻人的.
CUSTOMER: Well, maybe. But all of us need a day off, sometimes. Why don't you go to the Fair, Mr. Yamamoto? 嗯, 也许是, 不过, 我们大家有时候也是需要休息的. 山本先生, 你何不到博览会去呢?
MR. YAMAMOT I don't really like crowds. 我真不喜欢人群.
CUSTOMER: I can understand that. But you can go on Wednesdays or Thursdays. It's not so crowded then. 我能了解, 不过, 你可以在星期三或星期四去, 那时候就没有那麽拥挤了.
MR. YAMAMOT Yes? Well, maybe. 是吗? 好吧, 也许.
: It isn't a large room, and the furniture in it isn't expensive. 房间不大, 里面的家具也不昂贵.
: At one end of the room, there is a small window. 在房间的末尾有个小窗户.
: Next to the window is a large bed. 窗户旁边是张大床.
: In fact, the only large thing in the room is the bed. 事实上, 在这房间里唯一的大东西就是床.
: There are other things, too; a bookcase, a small night table, a desk and chair, a dresser, and clothes. 也有其他的东西: 一个书柜, 一张小床头几, 一张桌子和椅子, 化妆台, 被褥.
: There are shoes and socks under the bed; shirts, pants, and sweaters on the chair; dirty underwear and ties on the floor; suits, jackets, and a coat in the small closet. 鞋子, 袜子放在床下;衬衣, 裤子、和毛衣搭在椅上; 脏内衣和领带搁在地板上; 西装、夹克和外衣, 挂在小衣橱里.
: There are several cameras, five maybe six, and photographs of women, hundreds of them -- large ones and small ones -- on the desk and on the walls. 有几架照相机, 五架也许是六架, 有大大小小数以百计的女性照片摆在桌上或挂在墙壁上.
: The photographs are smiling, laughing, crying, standing, and sitting. 这些照片上的人有的微笑, 有的大笑, 有的哭泣, 有的站著, 有的坐著.
: One thing is very clear. Pedro likes women very, very much. 很明显的一件事实, 佩德罗非常非常喜欢女性.
: Pedro's mother doesn't like to go into his room. 佩德罗的母亲不喜欢到他的房间.
: She does, of course, because she wants to clean, but she is not happy about it. "The room is full of women. He doesn't need me." she says. 当然, 她还是会去, 因为她必须加以清理, 但是, 她是不十分愉快的, 她说 "房子里满是女人, 他根本就不需要我".
: How old is Grandfather? I don't know. He never talks about his age. 爷爷多大了? 我不知道, 他从不提他的年龄.
: He's around seventy, maybe seventy-five. 他大概在七十岁上下, 或许是七十五岁.
: Years ago he was a strong man. 多年前, 他还是个健壮的人.
: He was a farmer, a soldier, and a wrestler. 他以前是个农夫、军人与角力选手,
: He was the pride of his village. 他常以他的乡村为荣.
: Now he's getting old. He doesn't see without his glasses, and he can't lift heavy things. 现在, 他渐渐老了, 不戴眼镜便看不见东西, 他无法搬动笨重的东西,
: His hair is thin and almost all white. 他的头发稀疏而且几乎全白了,
: But he has a strong face. 倒是他有个健康的脸色.
: Grandfather loves his store. He needs the store. It's his only joy. He has friends, but they are all old. 爷爷很喜欢他的商店, 他需要这商店, 那是他唯一的享受. 他有朋友, 但他们都老了.
: Oh, yes, he has us, the family, and I guess he loves us, but he doesn't show it. 噢, 对了, 他有我们这些家人, 我猜他是爱我们的, 只是他从不表现出来.
: He lives in the past. All of his friends are living in the past. At least the past can't change. 他活在往事里, 所有他的朋友都活在往事里, 至少往事不能改变.
: They can't take it away from you. 你无法把过去拿走,
: It's always there, and you can close your eyes and see it. 它总是在那儿, 即使你闭上眼睛, 仍能看得见.
: Grandma was a kind lovely lady, and Grandfather's world is not the same without her. 奶奶是个仁慈可爱的女人, 没有她, 爷爷的世界就不一样了.
: Pedro is attractive. There's no doubt about it. Women are crazy about him. But he's spoiled. 无可置疑的, 佩德罗是很迷人的, 女孩们都为他痴狂, 但他被宠坏了.
: I don't like that. 我不赞成如此.
: It's not right to break a date. 失约是不对的,
: But, it's funny, I don't feel bad about it. 但说来奇怪, 我却不觉得那是坏事.
: I'm sure he breaks dates with women all the time. That's the way he is. 我确知他经常是对女孩子失约, 那是他的一贯作风.
: Why did I want to go to the party with him? 为什麽我要跟他去参加宴会呢?
: Why not? 为什麽不去呢?
: Why did I change my mind? 我为什麽要改变主意呢?
: A feeling. That's not an answer, I know. 是一种直觉, 我知道, 那不算是个答案.
: But my feeling was right. I didn't really want to go out with him. He didn't really care about me. 不过, 我的直觉是对的, 我并不真的要跟他出去, 他并不真的在乎我.
: I was only a date for the evening. All right, it wasn't nice, but he certainly didn't die of a broken heart. 我只是那天晚上一个约会的对象而已, 好吧, 算是不对, 但是他也没有伤心而死.
: Didn't he go to the party anyway? 他最後不是去了吗?
: Yes, I think he did. I'm sure he did. 对! 我想他去了, 我相信他去了.
: Miguel is different. He is serious and considerate. But he's young, and he doesn't know the ways of the world. And he's going home soon. 米盖尔便不同, 他正经而体贴, 只是年轻而不够世故, 而且他没事便回家,
: Oh, well. 噢, 对了!
: He isn't very handsome, but he has a beautiful smile. 他不十分英俊, 但他有个很美的微笑.
JOANA: Mama, the Crawfords are coming to dinner next Wednesday. 妈, 郭佛家人在下星期三将来我们家吃晚餐.
MRS. FARIAS: Mr. Crawford. 郭佛先生?
MRS. FARIAS: Isn't he one of Paulo's business acquaintances? 他是不是保罗的生意上的朋友之一?
JOANA: Yes. 是的.
MRS. FARIAS: I see. When are they coming? 我明白了, 他们什麽时候来啊?
JOANA: Next Wednesday, the nineteenth. 下星期三, 十九号.
MRS. FARIAS: How many people are there going to be? 一共有多少人来呢?
JOANA: Six in all. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford, Michael, Paulo, you and me. 共六位, 郭佛夫妇, 迈克尔, 保罗, 你和我.
MRS. FARIAS: What are you going to serve? 你准备做什麽呢?
JOANA: I'm not sure. 我不太确定.
MRS. FARIAS: Do they like Brazilian food? 他们喜欢巴西菜吗?
JOANA: I don't know. 我不知道.
MRS. FARIAS: We could make "feijoada." Everyone likes that. 我们可以做 "feijoada" (咸八宝饭), 每个人都喜欢这种菜的.
JOANA: I suppose so. What do you think? 我也这麽想, 您认为怎麽样?
JOANA: It isn't very fancy. 那并不很新奇.
MRS. FARIAS: Well, they're your guests. You decide. 好吧! 他们是你的客人, 你决定.
JOANA: You're right. "Feijoada" it is. 您是对的, 就做 "咸八宝饭".
MRS. FARIAS: Tell me about Michael. 告诉我一些有关迈克尔的事.
JOANA: Well, he's very tall and handsome. He has big blue eyes and long blond hair. 好啊! 他高大而英俊, 有一双大大的碧眼及长长的金黄头.
MRS. FARIAS: Oh? How long? 哦! 有多长啊?
JOANA: Down to his shoulders. It's beautiful. Like gold. 到他肩部, 很漂亮的, 就像黄金一样.
MRS. FARIAS: What does he do, dear? 他做些什麽事呢? 孩子.
JOANA: He does many things. 他做许多事,
JOANA: He's very creative. 他很有创造力,
JOANA: He's a great painter, really. He also gives free English lessons to the people in his neighborhood. 事实上他是个画家, 他还免费帮他的邻居上英文课.
MRS. FARIAS: I see. 我懂了.
JOANA: You're going to like him. Everybody does. 你将会喜欢他的, 每个人都喜欢他.
MRS. FARIAS: Where does he live? 他住在哪儿啊?
JOANA: He has a small apartment on 88th Street. 他有间小公寓, 在八十八街.
MRS. FARIAS: A small apartment. On 88th Street. 小公寓, 在八十八街.
JOANA: Don't worry, Mama. 不要操心, 妈,
JOANA: I'm not going to marry him tomorrow. 我不会明天就嫁给他的.
: Michael. Hello. How nice of you to call! 迈克尔, 喂, 你打电话来太好了!
: This Friday night? What a good idea! 这个星期五晚上? 多好的主意!
: Yes. I'm sure Paulo can come. He doesn't work Friday nights. 是的, 我确定保罗会去, 他星期五晚上不工作.
: Can I help? I could bake a cake. 要我帮忙吗? 我可以烘蛋糕.
: Don't be silly. I like to bake, and I love parties. 不要傻了, 我喜欢烘蛋糕和参加宴会.
: Can I see some of your paintings? 我能参观你的一些画吗?
: Yes, really. I paint, too. 是的, 真的吗? 我也画画.
: I never talk about it. I'm not very good. In fact, my paintings are pretty bad. 我从不说它, 我画得不好, 事实上, 我画得很差.
: No. I don't have any with me. They're all home in Brazil. 不, 那些画并没在我身边, 它们全在巴西的家里.
: Oh, really? Perhaps some afternoon I could go to art class with you. 噢, 真的吗? 或许那天下午, 我能够跟你一起上艺术课.
: Fine. See you Friday, then. 很好, 星期五见.
: Friday, at 8:30. Thank you. Good night. 星期五, 八点半, 谢谢你, 晚安.
NORA: Good morning, sir. May I help you? 早安, 先生, 我能效劳吗?
CUSTOMER: It's our anniversary today. I'm looking for the same flowers as the ones in her wedding bouquet. 今天是我们结婚年, 我要找 (买) 一些和内人在婚礼上所拿的相同的花束.
NORA: What do they look like? 是什麽样子的?
CUSTOMER: White. They're white. 白色的, 白色的花束.
NORA: How tall are they? 有多高啊?
CUSTOMER: They're short, I guess. About the same height as those short flowers over there. 我想, 它是矮矮的, 差不多跟那边的花朵一样高.
NORA: Do they look like roses? 它像玫瑰?
CUSTOMER: No. They look like little bells. 不像, 它们看起来像个小钟形.
NORA: Oh -- lilies of the valley. No, I'm sorry. 哦 -- 铃兰, 很抱歉,
NORA: We're out of them at the moment. 这个时候我们没有铃兰.
CUSTOMER: Oh, that's too bad. 哎呀, 那太糟了.
NORA: What about roses? 买些玫瑰怎麽样?
CUSTOMER: How many do you suggest? 你认为需要多少?
NORA: As many as you like, sir. They're beautiful, aren't they? 你需要多少就买多少, 先生. 它们很漂亮, 不是吗?
CUSTOMER: Yes, they are. 是的, 很漂亮.
NORA: Hi, Peggy. Hi, Suzy. 嗨, 蓓姬、苏西,
NORA: What a nice surprise! 真是巧极了.
PEGGY: Hi, Mom. We're on our way home from school. 嗨! 妈, 我们刚下馕正要回家.
NORA: Excuse me a minute, girls. 等一下, 孩子们.
NORA: Jane, can you take care of this gentleman? Now, how was school today? 珍, 你能来招呼这位男士吗? 好了, 今天在学校怎麽样?
SUZY: The same as always. 老样子,
PEGGY: Oh. There was one thing. 哦, 有件新鲜事.
NORA: Oh? 哦?
SUZY: Jack was in a big fight. 杰克跟人家打架.
NORA: Is he all right? 他还好吧?
PEGGY: I think so. But he's in the principal's office. 我想是没事, 不过他在校长室.
NORA: Oh, no! 噢, 真糟糕!
SUZY: Why are Billy and Jack so different from each other? 为什麽比利与杰克会有这麽大的不同呢?
NORA: I don't know, dear. I really don't. 我不知道, 孩子, 我真不知道.
SUZY: When are you coming home, Mom? 妈, 您何时回家?
NORA: It's Friday. The store is open until 9:00 tonight. 星期五, 这家店营业到九点.
SUZY: Gee, you're as bad as Dad. 唉! 你跟爸爸一样糟糕.
NORA: What do you mean, dear? 孩子, 这话是什麽意思?
SUZY: You're never home, either. 你也从不回家.
: Of course, sir. We send flowers anywhere in the country. 当然, 先生, 在这个地区里任何地方我们都送的.
: Well, tulips are very pretty. 嗯, 郁金香是很漂亮的.
: They look like... uh... well... cups. 看起来像是... 嗯... 杯子.
: Oh, she likes roses. Then send her roses. 噢, 她喜欢玫瑰, 那就送玫瑰给她.
: No, in fact, tulips aren't as expensive as roses this year. 不, 实际上, 今年的郁金香不像玫瑰那麽昂贵.
: Fine. How many tulips do you want to order? 好, 你要订多少郁金香?
$10.00 I can?: Certainly. For send sixteen. 当然了, 十块钱可以送十六朵.
: Yes. We usually include a short note with the flowers. 是的, 我们都在花中夹一便条的.
: "To Mom. Happy Birthday." Yes, that's fine. Your mother's name and address, please? "送给妈妈, 祝您生日快乐", 是的, 那很好, 你母亲的名字和地址, 能告诉我吗?
: Mrs. G. Crawford. 143-29 Park Avenue. Is that C-R-A-W-F-O-R-D? 郭佛太太, 公园大道一四三之 29 号, 是不是 C-R-A-W-F-O-R-D ?
: Thank you. And your name and address, please? 谢谢你, 请告诉我你的名字和地址.
: Michael Crawford. 342 88th Street. Thank you very much. Have a nice day, sir. 迈克尔郭佛, 八十八街三四二号, 谢谢您的惠顾, 祝您有个愉快的日子, 先生.
BILL: Hi, Ali. Where are your parents today? 嗨, 阿里, 你爸妈今天到哪儿去了?
ALI: They're eating in the Italian restaurant again. 他们又上意大利餐馆去了.
ALI: I like hot dogs more than spaghetti. 我喜欢热狗甚於意大利,
ALI: And ice cream is the most delicious thing in the world. 然而冰淇淋又是世界上最美味可口的东西了.
ALI: It's not fair. 那是不公平的.
BILL: What isn't fair, Ali? 什麽不公平, 阿里?
ALI: They can eat as much spaghetti as they want. 他们高兴吃多少条就能吃多少,
ALI: But I can't eat as many hot dogs and ice cream sandwiches as I want. Do you have children? 但我想吃多少热狗和冰淇淋三明治却不能. 你有孩子吗?
BILL: I have two boys and two girls, 我有两男两女,
BILL: but they are all older than you. 不过他们都比你大.
ALI: How old are the boys? 男孩有多大?
BILL: Bill, Jr., the oldest, is seventeen. Jack is sixteen. 小比尔最大, 他十七岁, 杰克是十六岁.
ALI: Do they play baseball? 他们打棒球吗?
BILL: They sure do. Do you play baseball? 当然了, 你也打棒球吗?
ALI: Not yet. But I'm going to learn soon. I'm almost seven years old. 还没. 不过, 我很快会去学的, 我差不多七岁了.
MR. NIKZAD: Ali! I'm sorry, sir. Is my son bothering you again? 阿里! 很抱歉, 先生, 我的孩子又来打扰你了吗?
BILL: Not at all. He's a fine boy. 那里, 他是个乖巧的孩子.
MRS. NIKZAD: Thank you, Mr... 谢谢你, 先生...
BILL: O'Neill. 奥尼尔.
ALI: Father, Mr. O'Neill's sons play baseball. 爸, 奥尼尔先生的孩子都打棒球.
MR. NIKZAD: That's nice, Ali. 阿里, 那很好啊!
ALI: I want to learn, too. 我也要学,
ALI: But nobody wants to teach me. 但是没人教我.
MR. NIKZAD: You're too young, Ali. 阿里, 你太小了.
ALI: You always say that. 你老是那麽说,
ALI: I'm pretty big for my age. 就年龄来说, 我已经很大了.
BILL: Excuse me, there's a big crowd over there. Business before pleasure. 对不起先生, 那边有一大群人, 我先去做生意了.
MR. NIKZAD: Certainly. 那当然, 当然.
ALI: Good-bye, Mr. O'Neill. 再见, 奥尼尔先生.
BILL: Bye, Ali. See you soon. 再见, 阿里, 待会见.
ALI: You know, Father, he isn't really an ice cream man. He's just pretending. He's really a secret agent. 爸, 你知道吗? 他不是真的冰淇淋小贩, 他是伪装的, 其实他是个密探.
MRS. NIKZAD: What an imagination you have, Ali! 阿里, 你真会想象!
MR. NIKZAD: More imagination than sense. 想象超过常识.
MRS. NIKZAD: Don't spoil it for him, dear. Childhood is the happiest time of life. 不要责怪他, 亲爱的, 童年是一生中最快乐的时期.
: Hello. 哈.
: Hi, Bill. 嗨! 比尔.
: Oh, no. But it's Saturday night! 噢, 不, 今天是末晚上!
: Yes, I know. But we never see each other these days. The children never see you, either. 是的, 我知道, 但这几天我们彼此都没见面, 孩子也没见过你.
: And what about dinner? It's almost ready. 那晚餐怎麽样? 我都快弄好了.
: I know. That's the way it is. I'm just disappointed. 我知道, 就是这样, 我只是很失望.
: Around 9:00? Well, OK. Wait. Why don't you let me type your report? Then you could come home now. 九点左右? 好罢, 等等, 何不将你的报告让我来打字? 那麽你现在就可以回来了.
: No. We don't need any. We have lots of paper at home. 不, 我们不需要, 家里还有很多纸.
: OK. Good. See you around 8:15. Bye, dear. 好罢, 八点十五分再见, 拜拜, 亲爱的.
MR. CRAWFORD: Ms. Segura, step into my office, please. 瑟姑拉小姐,
MR. CRAWFORD: Bring your steno pad. 请带著速记簿到我的办公室来!
MR. CRAWFORD: To Mr. James C. Wilson, President, United Printing Corp. 给联合印刷公司董事长詹姆斯?威尔逊先生,
MR. CRAWFORD: You can look up the address in the files. 你可在档案中找到他的地址.
LAURA: Yes, sir. 是的, 先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: "Dear Sir: Please send this office 10,000 copies of the World's Fair brochure. Thank you. Sincerely," and sign my name. "威尔逊先生, 请寄一万份世界博览会手册, 谢谢您" 然後签我的名字.
LAURA: Yes, sir. 是的, 先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: Send that out this morning, Ms. Segura. 今天早上要寄出, 瑟姑拉小姐.
LAURA: Yes, sir. 是的, 先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: It's Mrs. Crawford's birthday. 今天是郭佛太太的生日,
MR. CRAWFORD: I want to buy her some flowers. 我要买些花给她,
MR. CRAWFORD: Call up the florist and tell him to send my wife a dozen roses. 打个电话给花商, 请他送一打玫瑰给我太太.
LAURA: Yes, sir. 是的. 先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: Ms. Segura, 瑟姑拉小姐,
MR. CRAWFORD: here is yesterday's letter to Bissell Industries. 这是昨天给比塞尔实业公司的信,
MR. CRAWFORD: There is an error in the second paragraph. Please be more careful, Ms. Segura. 在第二段中有个错误, 请多加小心, 瑟姑拉小姐.
LAURA: Yes, sir. 是的, 先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: Any questions? 有什麽问题吗?
LAURA: Only one. 只有一个.
MR. CRAWFORD: Yes? 什麽事?
LAURA: When do you want to look for a new secretary? 您什麽时候要另外找一个秘书?
MR. CRAWFORD: I don't understand, Ms. Segura. We don't need another secretary. 我不明白你的意思, 瑟姑拉小姐, 我们并不需要另外新的秘书啊?
LAURA: I am giving you two weeks' notice, Mr. Crawford. 我给您两个星期去物色, 郭佛先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: Are you resigning from the firm, Ms. Segura? 瑟姑拉小姐, 你真的要辞职吗?
LAURA: Yes, Mr. Crawford. I'm sure you can find someone better than I. 是的, 郭佛先生, 我相信您一定能找到比我更行的秘书.
MR. CRAWFORD: Very well, Ms. Segura. Put an ad for a secretary in tomorrow's paper. 好吧, 瑟姑拉小姐, 在明天报上刊个徵求秘书的广告.
LAURA: Yes, Mr. Crawford. 是的, 郭佛先生.
MR. CRAWFORD: This is very inconvenient. 真是麻烦.
LAURA: I'm sure it is. 我相信是很麻烦.
SALESMAN: Can I help you? 我能效劳吗?
MRS. NIKZAD: Yes. I want to paint my son's bedroom. I think sky blue is pretty color. 是的, 我要粉刷我孩子的卧室, 我想天蓝色的颜色很棒.
SALESMAN: How big is the room? 房间有多大?
MRS. NIKZAD: Not very big. 不很大.
SALESMAN: How many gallons of paint do you want? 你要多少加仑的油漆呢?
MRS. NIKZAD: I don't know. 我也不晓得.
SALESMAN: Look, why don't you tell your painter to buy the paint? 嘿, 你为什麽不告诉你的油漆匠去买油漆呢?
MRS. NIKZAD: I am the painter. 我就是油漆匠.
SALESMAN: Well, then. Do you know the size of the room? 哦, 那麽, 你知道房间的尺寸吗?
MRS. NIKZAD: No. I'm sorry, I don't. 不, 很抱歉, 我不知道.
SALESMAN: Is it larger or smaller than this store? 它比这个商店大或小?
MRS. NIKZAD: It's about half the size of this store. 大约是这个店的一半大小.
SALESMAN: You need two gallons. 你需要两加仑.
MRS. NIKZAD: Now what do I do? 现在我该怎麽办?
SALESMAN: Madam, why don't you get a painter? 夫人, 你为什麽不找个油漆匠?
MRS. NIKZAD: My son and I want to paint the room together. 我儿子要跟我一起粉刷房间.
SALESMAN: All right. Here. Read these instructions. Do you want the paint now? 好, 这里, 看看这些指导说明, 你现在就要油漆吗?
MRS. NIKZAD: Yes, please. 是的.
SALESMAN: $21.39. 两加仑天蓝色的共是二十一元元角九分.?Two gallons of sky blue. That's
MRS. NIKZAD: Thank you. What time do you close? 谢谢, 你什麽时候关店?
SALESMAN: We're open till 6:30 tonight. 我们今晚营业到六点卅分.
: I think I'm falling in love with him. Oh, what am I going to do? 我想我正与他谈恋爱了, 噢, 我怎麽办?
: Could I be his wife? 我能成为他的妻子吗?
: How long could I live in a little apartment on a poor street? 我能在这穷巷小屋住多久呢?
: He's an artist. He doesn't think about money, but I do. 他是个艺术家, 他不在乎钱的问题. 但是我在乎,
: I like life's little luxuries. 我喜欢一点奢华的生活,
: I like to buy pretty things -- new dresses and jewelry. 我喜欢买一些漂亮的东西 -- 新的衣服, 珠宝等.
: I could live without them, I guess, but... do I want to? 没有这些固然可以生活, 我想; 但是我希望这样子吗?
: I guess I could always find a job. I could work in an office or I could teach Portuguese. 我想我随时可以找到工作, 我可以在公司里工作, 或教教葡萄牙文.
: Or could I? 我能吗?
: Maybe Mama is right. Maybe I couldn't live on 88th Street. 或许妈妈是对的, 说不定我无法在八十八街过下去,
: It's a long way from home in Brazil. 从这里到巴西太远了,
: Paulo wants to stay here, but Mama is going to go home soon. 保罗希望留在这里, 只是妈就要回家了.
: She misses Papa and her life there. 她怀念爸爸和在那里的生活,
: And what about me? 而我呢?
: We could live six months here and six months there. 我们可以在这里住个半年, 在那边住半年,
: No. That's ridiculous. 不行, 那太荒唐了,
: What am I going to do? 我该怎麽办呢?
: I love his eyes. Who knows? 我喜欢他的见解, 谁知道?
: We all grow and change. Anything could happen. 我们都会长大而改变的, 任何事情都可能发生.
: It's not easy to be the mother of four children, take care of a house, and go to work. 当个有四个孩子, 又要照料家务, 又要出去工作的母亲是不简单的,
: I'm not complaining, though. Really I'm not. 可是我不抱怨. 真的, 我不会抱怨.
: Bill has a good job, and he always works overtime to make as much as he can. But we can always use some extra money. 比尔有好工作, 他时常尽可能的加班, 而我们也时常需要额外的钱,
: Four children eat a lot of food. 四个孩子要吃的东西是很多的.
: I didn't go to college. What could I do? 我没读大学, 我能做什麽呢?
: I was a mother at nineteen. 我在十九岁的时候当了妈妈.
: I didn't see much of the world then. 因此我对这世界看到的并不多.
: The children are all in school now, and I want to do something new. 现在孩子们都上学去了, 我希望做些新的事情,
: I'm not old yet. I want to live and learn and grow as much as I can. 我还不老, 我要尽我所能的生活、学习和成长.
: This is my first job in eighteen years, and I love it. 这是我十八年以来的第一个工作. 我喜欢它,
: I love to work with flowers. I want to learn about the business, too. 我喜欢跟花一起工作, 我也要学习有关做生意的事.
: Someday, I'm going to own a shop like this one. 有一天, 我自己将会拥有一间像这样的店.
: You know my brother, Ali, but you don't know me. 你知道我弟弟阿里, 但不认识我,
: I am Hussein M. Nikzad. I'm nine and a half. 我是胡辛 M?尼克萨德, 我九岁半,
: I am very strong for my age, and I'm very smart in school. 我很健壮, 在学校里也相当聪明,
: All my teachers say so. 我所有的老师都这麽说.
: I do my homework, and I pay attention to my teachers. 我做我的功课, 也听我的老师们的话,
: I like books. I read all the time. 我喜欢书, 所有的时间都在看书,
: I can add, subtract, multiply and divide. 我能加、减、乘、除,
: I can read and write English and Farsi, 我能读与写英文和波斯语.
: and I know all about the heroes of my country. 我晓得我的国家所有英雄的事,
: I am going to be famous, too. 我也要成为著名的人物,
: I am going to build cities and roads and bridges and everything. 我打算建造城市、道路、桥梁, 以及一切的一切.
: Ali is a strange kid. 阿里是个奇怪的孩子,
: He thinks everyone is a Martian and ice cream vendors are secret agents. 他认为每一个人都是火星人, 以为贩卖冰淇淋的人是密探.
: Why does he eat ice cream all the time? 为什麽他老是吃冰淇淋?
: Sometimes I think Father is right. Ali acts like a child all the time. 有时候我认为父亲是对的, 阿里的行为始终像个小孩,
: He never could sit still. 从来不曾安静下来过,
: He doesn't listen to anyone. 他不听任何人的话,
: He's forgetting Farsi, too. 他也逐渐忘了波斯语.
: What is he going to do next year in Iran? 明年在伊朗他将做些什麽呢?
: Ali hates me. It's not my fault. 阿里憎恨我, 那并非我的错,
: He hates me because I'm bigger and smarter, and I'm Father's favorite. 他恨我是因为我长得比较大也比较聪明, 而且我是爸爸所疼爱的,
: Father doesn't say that, of course, but I know it. 爸虽然不说, 但是我了解,
: And Ali knows it, too. 当然, 阿里他也知道.
: But Ali's okay, really. 不过阿里真的也还好,
: Sure, sometimes he does crazy things, 当然, 他有时候会做些疯狂的事来,
: but he's not a bad kid. 但是他不是个坏孩子.

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