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A: Glad to see you. I’m the audit manager of the office. We will do an interview in the following half an hour. First, would you like to introduce yourself?

A:你好,我是这家事务所的审计经理。接 下来我们大概会花半小时左右的时间来 做一个面试。首先,介绍一下你自己吧。

B: Glad to see you. My name is Xu Qiang and I majored in international politics in Shandong Finance University. I have come to apply for the post of auditor. Because of my major, I have many classmates who failed to enter this round interview. I believe that I entered this round because of my strengths and I will also make good use of this chance.

B:您好,我叫徐强,曾就读于山东财经大学 国际政治专业。我今天到贵公司来应聘 审计员的职位。因为专业的关系,我的 很多同学没有能够通过筛选进人这一轮 面试。我相信自己是有实力才进入这一 轮面试的,同样我也会好好把握这次机 会。

A: Now, would you talk about your understanding of auditing?


B: My understanding of audit is: entering an enterprise as a third party and doing some common auditing according to some tables. At the same time, notice whether there is any risk existing in the company and whether the process control is reasonable. I think that is all the content.

B:我理解的审计工作是,作为第三方进入 一个企业,根据一些报表进行一些常规 的审计,同时注意这个企业还有其他什 么风险存在,企业的控制流程是否合理 规范。我认为工作的内容就是这样的。

A: Do you like this job as to the working content?

A:那针对这样的工作内容,你是否喜欢这 份工作呢?

B: I guess I like it very much. Auditing is the work I have wanted to undertake for long. Because as an auditor, I will meet different companies in different industries and it can broaden my horizons and make me understand more a-bout more industries. What’s more, I like going around and visiting different places. So I think I will like this job.

B:我想我是十分喜欢这样的工作的。审计 是我一直以来想从事的工作,因为作为一名审计员,可以接触到不同的行业、不 同的公司,可以扩大我的阅历,使我对许 多行业有了解。而且我这个人比较喜欢 跑跑客户,到不同的地方去,所以我想我 是会喜欢审计这样的工作的。

A: You have to know that auditing uses mature theories to solve problems, so it will sometimes be boring. Besides, we are in a service industry and now and then we bear high pressure. Ifs not simply going around as you imagined. It’s not travelling. Faced with such a situation, will you still say that you like it?

A:但你也要知道,审计这项工作是用比较 成熟的理论来解决问题的,所以有时候 会显得很枯燥。并且,我们是对客户进 行服务的行业,很多时候压力也是非常 大的。并不是你所想的简单地跑跑客 户,去各个地方,好像游玩一样。面对这 样一个情况,你还会说你很喜欢这样的 工作吗?

B: We have to admit that it is a big change for everyone to graduate from the university. In fact, no matter what kind of job you get, as long as you hope you will have a career of your own instead of just earning a subsistence wage, as long as you have such a goal in your mind, you must be prepared for the boredom of the work and the pressure the work will bring to you. When it comes to liking something or not, I think people like different things. I am a man who will be delighted to deal with data and tables, so I don’t think I will feel it boring.

B:应该这样说,每个人从大学毕业,都必须 面对一个非常大的转变过程,其实不管 去什么地方工作,只要并不是想随便找 一份工作来糊口,而是希望自己有一番 事业,只要抱着这样的目的,都要有心理 准备,这份工作会有一些枯燥,会有一定 的压力。那如果说喜欢与否的话,每个 人喜欢的东西都是不同的,我是那种觉 得与数据、图表打交道很快乐的人,所以 我不会觉得枯燥。

A: If you manage to get this job, I think it is several months before you formally come to our company to work. What do you plan to do in this period?

A:如果你真的应聘成功,距离你来我们公 司正式工作还有好几个月的时间,在这 段时间你计划做什么呢?

B: On the one hand, I have said, I’ll start earlier because my major doesn't match. So I have a lot of knowledge and information to command and this will occupy a large part of my time. And in the rest of my time, I will party with my classmates and relax myself. Studying in university is an important phase in my life, and as it has ended, what follows is work. There are a lot of things for me to learn, so I must keep myself healthy physically and mentally.

B:—方面,我前面已经说过,因为专业不对 口,我必须“先飞”,所以有很多的专业知 识和信息等我去了解,这将会花去我很 大一部分时间。另外一部分的时间,我 会用来和同学聚会并好好放松自己。因 为结束了大学这样一个人生的重要阶 段,接下来就是工作了,有很多新的东西 要我去学,需要保持一份良好的心态和身体状态。

A: I totally agree with you that you should relax before you come to work. Now I have no question for you any more, and do you have any question to ask me?

A:我完全同意你的想法,我也赞成你在正 式加入工作之前很好地放松一下。我这 里已经没有问题了,你还有什么需要问 我的吗?

B: I would be glad to know that if I am lucky enough to join your company in August, what the plan that follow is there any training?

B:我是想问一下,如果我8月份加人贵公 司的话,接下来的安排会是怎样的?有 培训需要参加吗?

A: Generally speaking, all the new employees will have a three-month training. You will be informed with the detailed introduction of our company. The detailed working pattern and the detailed content of working tables will be the content of the training. After three months, everyone will be in different states and maybe some colleagues will participate in some projects.

A:基本上所有新加人的员工都会有一个为 期3个月的人职培训。在这个培训中, 会对公司的情况进行详细介绍。具体的 工作方式、工作表格的具体内容都是培 训的内容。3个月之后,每个人的情况会 不同,可能有的同事会加人到项目中去。

B: Another question is that if I can get the offer, what will you suggest me doing in the next few months?

B:还有一个问题,就是如果我能拿到贵公 司的录用通知书的话,您对我未来几个 月的规划有什么建议呢?

A: I think your plan is quite comprehensive. As to me, I think you should prepare for your future work and on the other hand, as I said, you need a good rest. And you should also party with your classmates for ifs hard to get such a chance later and you should set up a solid relationship with them.

A:我觉得你的规划已经比较全面了,就我 个人而言,一方面你要对未来的工作做 准备,另一方面我也说过你需要很好的 休息,再有你也的确需要和同学更多地 聚会,因为以后很难有这样的机会,你应 当与他们建立一个稳固的关系。

B: Thank you. I have no question any more.


A: OK. Let’s stop here. Goodbye.


 B: Goodbye.


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