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A: How do you do! Can I see Director Qian? I come for an interview.


B: How do you do! I am Director Qian. Sit down, please.


A: Thank you very much.


B: Now, let’s begin. Would you like to give me a brief introduction?

B:现在,我们开始吧!请先自我介绍一下 好吗?

A: OK, my name is Lu Fei. I am 25 years old and I come from Hebei Province. I major in International Politics for a master degree at the School of International Relations in Renmin University of China. I want to apply for the position of English editor.

A:好的,我叫鲁飞,今年25周岁,河北人。 目前我在中国人民大学国际关系学院国 际政治专业读研究生。我想应聘英语编 辑这个职位。

B: Where did you get your bachelor degree? And what’s your major?

B:请问您本科是在哪个学校?学的是什么 专业?

A: I also majored in International Politics at Renmin University.


B: Your major has little relation with the position. Why do you want to apply for it?

B:您的专业跟这个职位不太相符,您为何 想应聘这个职位呢?

A: I’ve liked literature since I was a kid. When I was a high school student I organized a literature club and established a monthly magazine—Sprout A long time has gone, I still like the publish industry. I never give up the dream just because I major in other major, After the 7-year study at Renmin University, my knowledge and the English ability both are improved to a new level. I believe I can do it well.

A:我从小就很喜欢文学,在高中时候就自 发组建了一个文学社,并创建了月刊《萌 芽》。时间过去很久了,我仍然很喜欢媒 体出版行业。我不会因为学习了其他专 业就放弃这个梦想。经过在人民大学7 年的学习,我的知识积累和外语水平都 得到了很大的提高,我相信我能胜任这 个职位。

B: What do you think about the position as an editor?


A: I think, in order to be a good editor, we must not only have broad knowledge, wide eyesight and patience. We not only do the words work, but also well understand the strategies, catch the market trends and know well about the readers minds.

A:我认为,要想成为一名好的编辑,不仅要 知识面广、视野宽、有耐心;还要做好战 略工作,把握市场,揣测读者心里。

B: Why do you choose us?


A: Your publish company has great advantage in social science area, especially the translation works. I’m interested in such books and I can bring my talents into full play. The position combined my dream with my major closely, so I choose you.

A:社科类图书一直是贵社的优势图书,尤 其是贵社的翻译著作在国内很有名气。 我个人对社科类图书很感兴趣,同时也 能发挥我的专业优势。这个职位将我的 编辑梦想与专业背景很好地结合起来, 所以我选择了贵出版社。

B: As an English editor, you must have good command of English, in general, at least TEM-8. Since you are not an English major, I think you do not suit this position.

B:外语编辑对外语水平要求很高,一般都 要求专业8级以上。您不是不外语专业 的,可能不太适合这个职位。

A: The English editor you wanted is mainly in charge of the social science books’ translation, rewriting and editing. Only English ability is not enough, social science knowledge is also needed. My major, International Politics, not only gives me a background of social science knowledge, but also improves my English level. In addition, my major has a high demand for English as its speciak ty, so we often take courses in English and directly study English material. As a result, I can do the job well although I’m not an English major.

A:贵出版社要招聘的这名英语编辑主要负 责社科类外语图书的翻译、编写和校对 工作。仅仅有好的外语水平而没有扎实 的社会科学知识是远远不够的。我学习 的国际政治专业不但为我提供了社会科 学的专业知识背景,又大大提高了我的 外语水平。由于我们专业的特殊性,我 们专业本身对外语水平要求就很高,我 们经常用英文上课,研究英文资料。所 以,我虽然不是学习外语专业,但我完全 可以把这份工作做好!

B: How long will you complete a translation as an English editor?

B:如果您是一名英语编辑,您最快能用多 长时间出一本译著?

A: Maybe one and a half month. Firstly, I must spend three or four days in finding the translators. Then, I’ll receive the translation back in 10 or 15 days. At last, I’ll edit the translation versions quickly in one week and return them to have a check again. A week later, l,ll receive my version back. About 10 days later, I’ll finalize the version and hand them in. Just like this, it’s about 43 days. Of course, there probably exist some difficulties in the process.

A:我想大概需要一个半月的时间。首先, 我要花三到四天寻找合适的翻译人员, 然后,在10?15天后陆续回收稿件;此 后,我会陆续用一周的时间速审稿件,视 情况陆续返还翻译者,由其进行修改;一 周后,我回收稿件,进行校对。大约10 天后,稿件定稿,图书完成。按照这个进 度,整个过程大概需要43天。当然这只 是一个粗略的估计,实际操作当中可能 会出现这样那样的一些特殊情况。

B: If the translation versions infringe on the other's copyright, in general, what civil liabilities will you undertake?

B:如果出版的译本侵犯了他人的著作权, 一般而言,需要承担什么民事责任?

A: According to the specific conditions, we must stop infringing, eliminate the affections, make a formal apology in public, and pay for the loss.

A:应当根据情况,承担停止侵害、消除影 响、公开赔礼道歉、赔偿损失等民事责 任。

B: Could you tell me something about your personality?


A:The characterstic of me is amiable and conscientious. I am easy and generous so I get well along with my friends and schoolmates. I always work with conscientiousness from start to finish, so my friends often say that I am the only one they can trust.

A:我的性格特点是为人随和、认真负责。 我宽容大度,所以与同学、朋友相处非常 融洽;在做事情上,我一丝不苟、善始善 ,终,所以身边的人都很信任我,说我办事 让人放心。

B: What are your defects?


A: It is too careful about all the things. Sometimes, I may be too careful with the thing that can't be considered seriously by other people, which makes me feel tired.

A:我的缺点是过于认真。有时候,别人都 认为是无所谓的事情,我也会特别认真, 这样有时候会感到很累。

B: How skillful are you operating a computer?


A: I have a computer of my own, so I have no problem in operating it. I can operate Windows and DOS efficiently, as well as Office. I am proficient in searching information, receiving and sending E-mails on the Internet.

A:我拥有个人电脑,所以一般的使用是没 有问题的。Windows和DOS都很熟悉, Office办公软件也能够熟练使用,也能 够熟练应用网络搜索资料、收发邮件。

B: There’s no high pay and dwelling house in our company. Can you accept it?

B:我们的待遇并不是很高,而且也没有房 子,这一点您能够接受吗?

A: Salary isn’t the only standard in choosing the job. The key point is the interest and the long-term future. The most important thing is that I love this job. Otherwise, with the speeding up of the process of globalization, there are more and more contacts between different cultures. So I think ifs a bright job.

A:待遇并不是选择工作的唯一标准,我认 为关键是工作兴趣和长远的发展前景。 我很喜欢这份工作,这是最为重要的。 另外,随着全球化进程的加快,不同国度 之间文化的交往会越来越多,所以这份 工作还是很有前途的。

B: I’ve no questions. Do you have any questions?

B:我要问的问题也就这么多了,您有什么 问题要问吗?

A: In general, giving top priority to the senior in promotion is more serious in some institutions. I don’t know if Ifs the same in your publish company. In other words, does young fellows have advancement opportunity in your office?

A: 一般而言,在一些事业单位里面,论资排 辈现象都比较严重,不知道你们的出版 社存不存在这个问题?或者说,年轻人 在这里有没有发展空间?

B: We are now in the stage of the new superseding the old. We’d like to take this opportunity to make a reform on personnel so as to raise the work efficiency. Since last year, we have invited 10 young university students , and two of them have been raised to vice directors. So I think, work hard and you’ll get many chances.

B:我们出版社正处在一个新老更替的阶 段,也想就此机会做一些人事方面的改 革,以便提高工作效率。从去年开始,我 们招聘了 10个年轻的大学生,有2个已 经升为副主任。所以我想,只要用心工 作,机会还是很多的。

A: You said just now that you won’t offer house. Do you offer rent allowances?

A:刚才您说,出版社不提供住房,那么有没 有租房补貼?

B: Yes. We will pay 600 Yuan per month for those who don’t have houses.

B:有,出版社会为每一个没有房子的员工 提供每月600元的住房补贴。

A: Thank you for your answer and I have no other questions.


B: OK, that’s all for today. You will be informed of the result in a week. Good luck!

B:好,那我们的面试就到这里吧!我们会 在一周内通知您面试结果。祝您好运!

A: Thank you very much for your interviewing. I go now. Bye!


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