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Google has unveiled a broad corporate restructuring intended to accelerate its transformation from a search and advertising company into a conglomerate with stakes in some of the most promising long-term tech markets.  


The move will see the company renamed Alphabet as it takes on a holding company structure that relegates its historical internet business to subsidiary status. 


The move also takes founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin away from day-to-day involvement in the business they founded as graduate students 16 years ago, casting them instead as heads of a new holding company with tentacles stretching throughout the tech world. 

重组也使得谷歌创始人拉里?佩奇(Larry Page)和谢尔盖?布林(Sergey Brin)远离对互联网业务的日常参与,使他们成为一家将触角伸遍整个科技世界的新控股公司的掌门人。他们16年前还是研究生时创办了谷歌。

business with bets on new markets like driverless cars, “smart home” appliances and healthcare. 


Responding to calls for more disclosure as Google moves into new markets, the company said that for the final quarter of this year it planned for the first time to report the results of its internet businesses separately from all its other initiatives. The restructuring would make the new holding company’s operations “cleaner and more accountable,” Mr Page said in a blog post. 


Mr Page and Mr Brin have shown signs for some time of stepping back from direct management of their search and advertising business, as their personal interests have moved to bigger, riskier — and occasionally more outlandish — ideas. 


According to people who have worked with him, Mr Page has become progressively less involved in the company’s internet operations and has shown less interest in its quarterly results, turning his attention instead to its big long-term bets. 


Speaking in an interview with the FT last year, Mr Page said he saw Google becoming more like Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, making bets in a series of unrelated markets. That would cast him as head of a holding company, pushing responsibility on to more independent managers who would oversee Google’s different businesses. 

去年在接受英国《金融时报》采访时,佩奇表示,他希望谷歌变得越来越像沃伦?巴菲特(Warren Buffett)的伯克希尔哈撒韦公司(Berkshire Hathaway),在一系列不相关的市场进行押注。如此一来他会是一家控股公司的掌门人,将职责推给更多独立的经理人,由他们管理谷歌不同的业务。

At the time, he said that there was no model for the kind of company he wanted Google to become, though Mr Buffett came closest to having all the qualities that would be needed to run such a group. 


Mr Brin, meanwhile, gave up management responsibilities in the internet business to take over management of the controversial Glass project, which was handled under the company’s Google X experimental labs. 

与此同时,布林放弃了在互联网业务中的管理职责,接手了对备受争议的谷歌眼镜(Glass)项目的管理,该项目由谷歌实验室Google X负责。

A backlash over privacy, among other things, led Google to abandon plans to launch Glass in its current form as a consumer product, instead putting it under a different manager. The company has not said since then whether Mr Brin has taken on any other direct responsibilities. 


The shake-up will see Sundar Pichai, already the company’s most senior product executive, take over management of all its existing core businesses with the new title of chief executive officer of Google Inc, as the Alphabet internet subsidiary will be known. The elevation marks the second time recently that a product of India’s technical education system has risen to head a leading US tech company, following Satya Nadella’s rise to the top job at Microsoft. 

Sundar Pichai桑德尔?皮查伊(Sundar Pichai)已经是谷歌最高层的产品主管,重组后他将接管一切现有核心业务的管理工作,其新头衔是谷歌公司的首席执行官,谷歌公司将成为Alphabet的互联网子公司。继萨蒂亚?纳德拉(Satya Nadella)升任微软(Microsoft)一把手之后,皮查伊的晋升标志着,在最近这段时间内,印度科技教育体系培养出的人才第二次晋升为一家美国主要高科技公司的掌门人。

In the blog post announcing the moves, Mr Page said the new name for the holding company was also a pun on “alpha-bet” — a reference to the huge investment Google was willing to stake on ideas that had the chance to outperform other stock market investments, known in market terminology as “alpha”. 


Mr Page and Mr Brin have long set a deliberate course to avoid the fate of Microsoft, which failed to use the profits from its software monopoly to build leading positions in other big tech markets and has been left struggling to catch up in the mobile world. 


“We’ve long believed that over time companies tend to get comfortable doing the same thing, just making incremental changes,” Mr Page wrote. “But in the technology industry, where revolutionary ideas drive the next big growth areas, you need to be a bit uncomfortable to stay relevant.” 


Along with Mr Page, who will be chief executive of Alphabet, and Mr Brin, who will take on the title president, other early Google executives to leave the internet business to take on roles in the holding company are Eric Schmidt, who will become executive chairman, and chief legal officer David Drummond, who will take on the same role for Alphabet. 

佩奇将成为Alphabet的首席执行官,而布林将担任Alphabet总裁一职,除了他们二人外,谷歌早期高管里离开原互联网业务加入新控股公司的还有埃里克?施密特(Eric Schmidt),他将成为Alphabet的执行董事长,另外还有谷歌首席法律顾问庄孟德(David Drummond),他将在Alphabet继续担任同一职位。

The shares will continue to trade on the Nasdaq under the symbols ‘GOOG’ and ‘GOOGL’. Shares of the class A common stock climbed 6 per cent in after-hours trading to $705, adding more than $28bn to the group’s market valuation.


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