中学时代的一堂人生课:再小的善意 也会被感激

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Middle School Lesson on Life


(By Miss T Christine)


In sixth grade I had a nerdy , homely teacher for first period - Mr. Pennington. He wore diapers. Naturally, as 13-year-olds do, we made fun of him. Sadly, I participated. Most people whispered and giggled and some did so blatantly to ensure he could hear. He never flinched .


One early morning the class had pushed all of the desks to the perimeter of the room and everyone sat on the floor drawing, cutting, coloring, and gluing decorations for one holiday or another. We all chatted and laughed loudly while Mr. Pennington stood precariously on a desk - one foot on the seat and the other on the table portion of the same desk - stapling our designs along the corkboard border above the chalk boards in the back of the class.


I was sitting with a group of girls very near to, but with my back to Mr. Pennington when someone whispered, "Wouldn't it be funny if he fell?" I turned my head and looked up at our teacher thinking, "No, not really." But wanting to fit in, I just snickered and nodded.


As soon as I'd turned to look at the cheesy artwork in front of me, there was a crash and loud thud right behind me. I jumped to my feet and spun around all at once. Whether the action was out of sudden fear from the noise or from sensing what had just occurred and knowing something needed to be done, I can't really say.


As everyone stared and mumbled "Oh, shit" under their breath , I scanned the room to see who was sitting closest to the intercom button by the door. All at once the girls shrieked and I turned back to look at Mr.Pennington convulsing violently on the ground.


Cedric! Page the office, run next door, and get Mrs. Johnson! I shouted. He didn't hesitate.


I don't know why, instinct or watching too much ER with my grandparents, but I told everyone to scoot back. Mrs. Johnson came running in and that's when I realized the main office was talking over the intercom. I hadn't heard it. I was too busy staring in shock at Mr. Pennington - now lying on the floor motionless. Was he alive?


Mrs. Johnson barked into the air "Call an ambulance!" Another teacher, Mr. Carson came into the room and ushered us next door.


After being stabilized, Mr. Pennington had refused to go to the hospital until he spoke with me. He thanked me. "For what?" I thought. He confided in me that he had epilepsy . It dawned on me that this was the reason he wore diapers. I felt sorry that I'd ever poked fun at him.


I never found out how he knew the events that took place after he fell;whether he was still cognizant or if someone told him, but he knew and was grateful.


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