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Trick or Treat!


(By Jacob W.)


I strolled through the hallways with my first grade class preceding me. The day of our annual Halloween parade had finally arrived, and I, as always, dressed as the wise Merlin . The little ones masqueraded in their costumes and giggled . But teaching for 40 years had taught me that there is always one child who is forgotten by his peers. Today, that kid appeared to be Timothy.


Timothy sauntered between his "friends" and me, a dark shadow crossing his face.


Why aren't you walking with the others? I asked. His eyes cast downward at his no-longer-jolly jester shoes which showed no sign of their former happy bounce.


Apparently, Luis, Timothy's best friend, had galloped off to the front of the line with his friends on their "noble steeds". Since they considered themselves "venerable knights", they had no place for Timothy in his "lowly" jester costume. Timothy fought back tears like a child deprived of his sweets. His friends will realize someday just how thoughtless their actions really are, just as I learned many years ago....


Hey, do you guys want to go trick-or-treating with me? my friend Steve asked. Prospects of sweets excited us and we all decided to meet that night to collect candy from our neighbors.


I quickly dressed in my costume and grabbed my treat bag. Just then,my friend Mikey called and asked if I wanted to go trick-or-treating with him.


Naw, I'm going with my other friends. I casually responded.


Mikey whispered "Okay" and I forgot about it, candy taking up too much of my thought. My friends arrived and we left to capture our treats.


We had such a wonderful time, racing from door to door to get the candy gifts of our friends and neighbors. We screamed in unison , "Trick-or-treat!" and doors swung open. Smiling with glee , we stared as hands deposited candy in our bags. The smell of chocolate and other sweets wafted to our noses as we pushed on, collecting more loot .


Another 20 minutes and our bags were even larger. On and on we trudged , the heavy bags making it harder for us to press on. There remained one street - Mikey's. His house loomed like a cliff against a shoreline, its frame outlined by the glowing full moon. Ringing the bell, we stood back and yelled "Trick-or-treat!" The door creaked open and my heart froze at the small figure of Casper the Friendly Ghost , whom I knew all too well was Mikey. He reached out and placed candy in our bags.


Why are you handing out candy when you could be getting it? I asked,confused. Tears trickled down his cheeks, smudging his white face paint. He had no one to go with, no one to share the night with. My offhand decision had sentenced him to contribute to others' candy bags and not receive any. Yet surely it couldn't have been my fault to cause him so much sadness. I never intended to be mean, yet there he stood, looking so unhappy.


Thanks for the candy," Steve joked. "See you later!" We marched off, leaving a disheveled-looking Casper at the door.

“谢谢你的糖果,”史蒂夫笑着说,“待会儿见!”我们继续前进, 留下一个衣裳凌乱的“鬼马小精灵”伫立在门边。

Warm fall air gave way to a bitter wind and chills ran through my body. Trees whispered and swung back and forth, daring me to take another step away from Mikey's house. Formerly friendly jack-o-lanterns mocked me; my guilt was indescribable.


My conscience would not allow me to go any further. I ran back to Mikey's house and pounded on his door, creating bangs like a bass drum from the underworld. Once again, the door creaked open.


Go get a pillowcase, I hollered . "Fast!" Mikey scampered to his bedroom and snatched his pillowcase. I tossed my bag into his house as we, together, raced around the dark streets collecting candy to fill Mikey's bag.


Street lights highlighted our flight to find Mikey the candy he deserved...


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