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What It Takes


My name is Shaun Alexander, and I'm the running back for the Seattle Seahawks football team. It's how most people define me. But I'm also a husband and father, and a man of faith. Ever since college, I've been a mentor for young men from broken homes - young men, who, given the chance, can achieve their potential wherever their talent leads. Here's what I tell them and anyone who's looking for guidance. It's my playbook for success.


Be Yourself


When I was in sixth grade, I had a science teacher named Mrs. Walton. She'd had my older brother, Durran, in her class the year before. Durran is very smart and is the kind of student that every teacher loved. I idolized him. One day she gave us a test. I'd studied as hard as I could, but got a mediocre grade - no - where near what Durran had probably scored. My eyes filled with tears. Mrs. Walton came up to me. "You'll do better next time," she said.

在我上六年级时,沃尔顿太太是我的科学课老师。她在一年前曾教过我的哥哥达兰。达兰非常聪明,是每个老师都喜欢的那种学生。我很崇拜他。一天,沃尔顿太太给我们进行了一次测验。在此之前, 我竭尽全力用功准备,但最后依然成绩平平—和达兰之前可能得过的分数相差甚远。我的眼里噙满了泪水。沃尔顿太太走到我身旁。“下次你会做得更好。”她说。

I shook my head. "I'll never be like Durran," I said.


She shook her head, and then said softly, "No, you don't have to be like Durran. You just have to be the best Shaun the world's ever seen." Those words clicked in my head. That's been my goal ever since.

她摇了摇头,然后温柔地对我说:“不,你根本不必像达兰那 样。你只要做世界上最棒的肖恩就行。”这些话萦绕在我脑海中,从此以后,成了我的人生目标。

Don't Judge People Till You've Walked in Their Shoes


When I was growing up and first getting noticed for my athletic skills,my half-brother Tony would say, "Shaun, Dad put you in your shoes ." I didn't like hearing that. My dad and mom had split up when I was young, and he never spent much time with me. Seems the only time he came around was to watch me play ball in high school. Like that's all I was. Man , I resented him for that.

随着我渐渐长大,我的运动天赋逐渐被人发现。和我同父异母的兄弟托尼说:“肖恩,爸爸很为你着想。”我可不爱听这话。在我很小的时候,爸爸和妈妈就离婚了,爸爸从没花过太长时间和我待在一 起。好像唯一一次他来看我还是在我读高中的时候,他来看我打球。似乎我除了是个球员什么都不是。嘿,我曾因此而恨他。

I didn't realize how deep my bitterness ran. I couldn't get him - or our damaged relationship out of my mind. I hadn't seen or heard from Dad in a long time. Then one day, during my first pro season, I got up the courage to call him.


Hello? he said. Before he could say anything more, the words poured out of me. I told him how deeply he'd hurt me.


My words shocked him. "I've always felt like you're the only one who's going to be there for me," he said.


Now I was shocked. "What are you talking about?" I asked.


Then Dad reminded me about the death of his mother - my grandmother. For a lot of reasons, I was the only one of his five sons who could accompany him to the funeral. While we sat there at the service, Dad cried a lot. I was young, and I had no way of knowing what he was thinking. I just knew somehow that he needed me.


Now, as we talked on the phone, Dad told me that that funeral changed how he looked at his life and mine.


My relationships with your brothers were strained ,he said. "I vowed I wouldn't let that happen with you. That's why, out of nowhere, I started attending your games."


Wow, I thought. Maybe showing up at my games was the only way he knew how to show his love.


Not long after, I wrote in my journal, "Never judge a person because of how they treat you until you learn what they are going through."




Sometimes I think of all those who've helped me through life. There are so many: my mom, dad, brothers and half-brothers; Mrs. Walton, my sixth- grade teacher; my friends; my coaches. All of them and so many more - they were so generous with me. They gave me their time, love and dedication , never once asking for anything in return. What would I be today without any one of them? A lesser person, I know.


Each of us, over the course of a lifetime, accumulates a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. We've taken so much. There comes a point in each person's life when it's time to give back. When I started my scholarship fund, I didn't have money, just a mission to help. I started making speeches,trying to raise money for kids in Alabama's achingly poor Choctaw County. Now we've helped dozens of deserving young men from all over who are attending college. I didn't think I'd be able to do so much. But when you give - not just from your wallet, but from your heart and of yourself - you find you can do more than you dreamed possible.

在人生道路上,我们每个人都积累了许多宝贵的智慧与知识。我们已索取了那么多,在每个人的生活中都会有回报他人的时刻。当我着手筹建我的奖学金基金时,我并没有钱,只肩负着帮助别人的使命。于是我开始做演讲,努力为亚拉巴马州赤贫的查克托县的孩子们筹资。现在我们已经帮助了各地许多值得扶助的年轻人,让他们能够上大学。此前我并不认为自己可以做这么多事。但当你给予他人时— 不只是掏钱包资助,而且要真心自愿地给予—你会发现,你可以超越自己的梦想。

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