美文故事: 四则建议 让你的生活你做主

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Swim Your Own Races


Rely on your own intelligence


There are going to be moments in life when you must make very important decisions. You will find many people ready to offer you advice if you ask for it (and even if you don't), but always remember that the life you lead is yours and nobody else's. It's important to decide for yourself what's important to you and what you want before you turn to others. Because while there will be times when outside advice proves wise, there will be at least as many times when it proves utterly useless. The only way to really evaluate other folks' advice is to first learn everything that you can about whatever challenge you are facing. Once you've done that, in most cases you should be able to make an informed decision on your own anyway.

生活中总有些时候需要你必须做出重大决定。你会发现,如果你开口问(甚至即便你没问),就会有很多人愿意给你提出建议。但是在任何时候都要记得,你的生活是你自己的,不是任何人的。在向别人征求意见之前,你必须知道对自己来说什么是重要的,明确自己想要的是什么,这是很重要的。因为尽管有时候别人的建议是正确的,但事后证明这些建议在多数情况下是完全无用的。真正衡量他人建议的唯一方法就是首先充分了解自己所面临的一切挑战。一旦你这样 做,在绝大多数情况下,你就能自己做出明智的决定。

You were born with the ability to decide what is and what isn't in your best interest. Most of the time, you will make the right decision and take the appropriate actions, and in thinking for yourself, you will become far more successful than had you gone against your own judgment.


Early on in my investment career, I made the mistake of basing a few important business decisions on colleagues' opinions instead of conducting the research necessary to make an informed decision. It wasn't due to laziness on my part; no one could ever accuse me of that. But, being new to Wall Street, I tended to assume that my more senior colleagues knew more than I did, and so I attributed too much significance to their opinions.

在我做投资的早些年,我曾犯了这样的错误:在做一些重大的商业决策时,我听取了同事们的意见,却没有做必要的研究从而得出明智的决定。那并不是因为我懒,没有人能责备我是一只懒虫。但是, 当时作为一名华尔街的新人,我想当然地认为那些有着多年经验的同事知道的肯定比我多,于是我过分看重了他们的意见。

You know what happened? Each of those investments ended in failure. Eventually I stopped allowing myself to be influenced by others and began doing the work myself and making my own decisions. It took me until I was almost 30 years old to realize this - it's never too late for a person to change his approach both to business and to life.

知道那之后发生了什么吗?所有的投资通通都以失败告终了。最终,我决定不再受他人的影响,开始自己研究并做出决定。直到我快30岁了,我才意识到这一点——一个人要改变他的工作和生活方式, 任何时候都不算晚。

People laughing at your ideas? Take heart!


If people around you try to discourage you from taking a certain course of action, or ridicule your ideas, take that as a positive sign. Sure it can be difficult not to run with the herd, but the truth is that most long-term success stories are written by folks who've done exactly that. Let me give you an example.

如果周围的人试图阻止你做一件事情或者嘲笑你的想法,把它看成一种积极的信号。当然,要想不随大流的确很困难,但事实上多数长期的成功故事都是由那些不随大流的人写就的。让我给你举个例 子。

When I was 32 years old or so, a Wall Street colleague of mine invited me to join a smart and successful group of financial guys who regularly got together to swap ideas over dinner. At the time, I and a partner were in the early years of our hedge fund called the Quantum Fund . It was a big deal to be invited to these dinners, and, I must admit, I was a little nervous. After all, these were the big guys in my field, and most of them had a great deal more experience than I did.


We were sitting in the private room of a fancy midtown Manhattan restaurant when the host asked each guest at the table to recommend an investment. Most of them touted so-called growth stocks . When my turn came, I recommended Lockheed, the aerospace company. Once extremely prosperous , by the 1970s it had fallen on hard times. A fellow sitting opposite me smirked and, making sure that I heard him, stage- whispered , "Who buys stocks like this? Why buy a bankrupt company?"


About six years later, I ran into this schoolyard bully. I resisted the urge to remind him of his condescending remark. It wasn't easy, given that Lockheed Corp. stock had since increased in value a hundredfold, and for all the reasons that I had explained over dinner: The company shed a huge money-losing division and instead concentrated on the exciting new area of electronic warfare systems. Furthermore, as could have been predicted, defense spending had grown rapidly following a period of decline.

大约六年后,我无意间遇到了这个“校园小霸王”。我差点没控制住想要提醒他那次高高在上的言论。想到洛克希德公司的股票价值在那之后涨了100倍,要控制住自己不说真的不容易。正如我在那次聚餐时解释的原因一样:洛克希德公司裁掉了一个庞大的亏损部门,从此致力于一个令人兴奋的全新领域——电子战系统。除此之外,正如意料之中,国家防务支出在经历了一段低迷时期之后也迅速增长起 来。

Be ethical


As you continue to grow to adulthood, I will continue to offer you guidance. There may be times when I disagree with your choices, but you do not have to accept my advice merely because I am your father. I look at you as independent human beings. Others may say that you are too young to decide for yourself. l say do what you want, as long as you use your own judgment to determine what is right ethically .


But while you need not concern yourself with conventional wisdom and other so-called established notions , you must respect and follow the rules, laws, and ethical practices without which society cannot exist. This is expected of everyone. It is not simply the proper way to live, it's the smart way. Honorable people don't find themselves entangled in legal problems.




You will meet people who will urge you to spend your money freely; they will tell you, "You can't take it with you!" As you get older, you will probably have friends who eat at expensive restaurants every night, buy the latest gadgets or fashion trends, and spend vacations at fancy beach resorts. You must avoid the trap of spending money willy-nilly simply because you can. Not only is this a road to financial ruin, it can cause you to forget what's important in life.


I am not saying that you should never travel or buy anything nice. I am merely suggesting that you should think wisely about whether the thing you are contemplating doing or buying is really worthwhile or whether its benefits will be, at best , fleeting .


Happy, you already have five piggy banks, and you love putting money into them. Please continue to save. Those who save and invest wisely will face fewer financial woes throughout life.


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