苹果Iphone X发布 黑科技:人脸识别

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苹果Iphone X发布 黑科技:人脸识别



Our vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen. One so immersive the device itself disappears into the experience. And so intelligent it can respond to a tap, your voice, and even a glance. With iPhone X, that vision is now a reality. Say hello to the future.

一直以来,我们都心存一个设想,期待着能够打造出这样一部 iPhone:它有整面的屏幕,能让你在使用时完全沉浸其中,仿佛忘记了它的存在。它是如此智能,你的一触、一碰、一言、一语,哪怕是轻轻一瞥,都会得到它心有灵犀的回应。而这个设想,终于随着 iPhone X 的到来成为了现实。现在,就跟未来见个面吧。

With iPhone X, the device is the display. An all‑new 5.8‑inch Super Retina screen fills the hand and dazzles the eyes.

整部 iPhone X,看起来就是一块几乎整面的屏幕。全新的 5.8 英寸超视网膜显示屏用起来倍感称手,看起来绚丽夺目。

The display employs new techniques and technology to precisely follow the curves of the design, all the way to the elegantly rounded corners.


The first OLED screen that rises to the standards of iPhone, with accurate, stunning colors, true blacks, high brightness, and a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio.

这是首款达到 iPhone 设计标准的 OLED 屏幕,显示的色彩准确而绚丽,能呈现出真实深邃的黑色,并拥有出色的亮度和 1,000,000:1 的对比度。

A tiny space houses some of the most sophisticated technology we’ve ever developed, including the cameras and sensors that enable Face ID.

小小的空间内,遍布着我们潜心研发的各种先进科技,包括可实现面容 ID 功能的各种镜头和感应器。

The most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back. Surgical‑grade stainless steel. Wireless charging. Water and dust resistance.

机身采用的是 iPhone 上有史以来最坚固耐用的前后玻璃面板,以及手术级不锈钢,更有无线充电功能和抗水防尘设计。

Familiar gestures make navigation natural and intuitive. Instead of pressing a button, a single swipe takes you home from anywhere.


Your face is now your password. Face ID is a secure new way to unlock, authenticate, and pay.

你的脸,现在就是你的密码。面容 ID 功能为设备解锁、身份验证和支付带来了一种安全可靠的新方式。

Face ID is enabled by the TrueDepth camera and is simple to set up. It projects and analyzes more than 30,000 invisible dots to create a precise depth map of your face.

面容 ID 功能通过原深感摄像头来实现,设置起来也非常简单。它会投射超过 30,000 个肉眼不可见的光点,并对它们进行分析,为你的脸部绘制精确细致的深度图。

Face ID is so secure you can use it with Apple Pay. And check out with just a glance.

面容 ID 非常安全,你可以放心将它用于 Apple Pay。只需看一眼手机,就能轻松进行支付。

Create beautiful selfies with sharp foregrounds and artfully blurred backgrounds.


The TrueDepth camera analyzes more than 50 different muscle movements to mirror your expressions in 12 Animoji. Reveal your inner panda, pig, or robot.

原深感摄像头能对 50 多种不同的面部肌肉运动进行分析,从而以 12 款“动话表情”镜像出你的神态。快来化身为熊猫、兔子或机器人,展现一个真实的你吧。

A larger and faster 12MP sensor. A new color filter. Deeper pixels. And a new telephoto camera with OIS.

拥有比以往尺寸更大、速度更快的 1200 万像素感光元件、新的色彩滤镜、更深层的像素,以及新的支持光学图像防抖的长焦镜头。

Depth-sensing cameras and precise facial mapping create striking studio‑quality lighting effects.


Both rear cameras have optical image stabilization and fast lenses for outstanding photos and videos even in low light.


The wide-angle and telephoto cameras on iPhone X enable optical zoom, as well as digital zoom of up to 10x for photos and 6x for videos.

iPhone X 能通过广角和长焦镜头实现光学变焦。另外,通过数码变焦,还能拍摄最高达 10 倍变焦的照片和最高达 6 倍变焦的视频。

Introducing A11 Bionic. The most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone, with a neural engine that’s capable of up to 600 billion operations per second.

A11 仿生闪亮登场。这款 iPhone 上有史以来最强大、最智能的芯片,拥有一个每秒运算次数最高可达 6000 亿次的神经网络引擎。

The four efficiency cores in the all‑new CPU are up to 70 percent faster than A10 Fusion. And the two performance cores are up to 25 percent faster.

全新中央处理器的四个能效核心速度比 A10 Fusion 最高提升 70%,两个性能核心也有了最高达 25% 的速度提升。

Machine learning lets Face ID adapt to physical changes in your appearance over time.

利用机器学习技术,当你的样貌随着时间推移发生了改变,面容 ID 也会跟着调整适应。

A second-generation performance controller and custom battery design that lasts up to two hours longer between charges than iPhone 7.

第二代性能控制器和量身定制的电池设计,使充满电后的电池续航时间比 iPhone 7 最多可延长两个小时。

With no charging cable required, iPhone X is truly designed for the future of wireless.

iPhone X 专为将来的无线世界而设计,让你可以不被充电线左右。

Charge with wireless charging stations and mats in hotels, cafes, and airports around the world.


A phone that’s all screen required an entirely rethought OS with new capabilities and gestures. 



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