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BBC News with Neil Nunes

President Mohammed Morsi of Egypt says the country has entered a new dawn and is moving towards more stable and secure face. Appearing on state television following the approval in the referendum of Egypt's new controversial constitution, President Morsi said that he aimed to move the economy forward, recognizing opposition to the constitution, the Egyptian president said this reflected a healthy and democratic society. From Cairo Bethany Bell.
埃及总统穆罕默德·穆尔西称该国进入新的时代,朝着更稳定更安全的路上走去。就在争议颇多的新宪法通过后,总统穆尔西出现在国家电视台,他说希望推进经济发展,他承认宪法遭到一些人的反对,称这反映了社会的民主和健康。Bethany Bell在开罗报道。

President Morsi said this was a historic day. Egypt, he said, had a free constitution but hadn't been imposed by an occupier, a king or a president. He said the country could now move forward to a new stage of stability. Mr Morsi expected many people have said no to the constitution, but he said that was a healthy sign, and he urged all parties to join him in a national dialogue.

The authorities in the United Arab Emirates say they have arrested members of what they described as a terror cell. The state news agency said the arrests were made in coordination with the Saudi Arabia authorities. The statement added that the cell had obtained equipment and was planning attacks in both gulf states.

The former South African President Nelson Mandela has been discharged from hospital nearly three weeks after he was admitted for treatment for a lung infection. The South African president, he said Mr Mandela who with 94 will now receive treatment at his home in Johannesburg.

France has deployed troops to protect its embassy in the Central African Republic after violent protests accusing the former colonial power of failing to stop a rebel advance. Rebel seeking to topple President Francois Bozize, have captured a string of towns in the north of the Central African Republican in the north recent weeks, and some reports say they are closing in on the capital. From neighboring Senegal, Thomas Fessy has this report.
中非共和国发生暴力抗议,抗议者指责前上校未能阻止叛军迈进,事后法国派兵保护在该国的使馆。叛军希望推翻总统弗朗索瓦·博齐泽,最近几周在中非共和国北部夺取了多个城镇,有报道称叛军已逼近首都。Thomas Fessy在邻国塞加内尔报道。

About 30 French soldiers have been deployed around the French embassy in the capital Bangui after it was directly targeted by protesters on Wednesday morning. Scores of youths threw stones at the building and tore down the French flag. The protesters demanded France intervene to stop the coalition of armed groups advancing on the capital. The small group of people also have demonstrated in front of the US embassy. France has always maintained the military presence in its former colony, but insists a solution to the crisis must be found through dialogue between the government and the rebels.

A huge fire in Lagos, Nigeria biggest city has killed at least one person and injured 30 others. The fire was caused by an explosion at a warehouse where fireworks were being stored. Eyewitnesses reported chaotic scenes with local residents helping firefighters douse the flames as fireworks continued to go off in the blazing building.

BBC World News

A female student who was raped in a brutal attack on a bus in the Indian capital is been transferred to hospital in Singapore to continue her treatment. The attack in Dehli a week and a half ago sparked angry public protests. The victim was last described as being a critical condition. Six men have been arrested and two policemen suspended from duty.

A winter storm system has wreaked havoc in southern and central areas of the United States spawning more than 30 tornados as well as the blizzards and snow storms. Thousands of people have lost their electricity supply and hundreds of flights have been cancelled. Six people are reported to have been killed in traffic accidents and by falling trees. From Washington this report from Zoe Conway.
美国南部和中部发生的冬季暴风对当地造成巨大破坏,并引发暴风雪和30多场暴风。数千人失去电力供应,数百航班被取消。据悉已有6人死于交通事故或倒下的树木。Zoe Conway在华盛顿报道。

The storm system is huge. Blizzard and wintery weather warnings now stretch from the Deep South through Ohio and Middle West and all the way up to main in New England. Meanwhile severe thunderstorms are expected in Virginia, the Carolinas and Florida. Hundreds of thousands of people's electricity have been knocked out, and roads become treacherous. In the deep south, the weather has been extreme. Thirty-four tornados are reported to have struck four of its states. All the capital of Arkansas, Little Rock had its first snow on Christmas day for 86 years.

The governing body of European Football says it has decided to appeal against the controversial ruling by its own disciplinary body imposing sanctions on Serbia because of a racist abuse and a brawl during a match earlier this year. The punishment led to accusations that UEFA did not take the racism at football matches seriously. UEFA said it had the right to review the decision to fine Serbia over the incident that occurred after its Under-21 football match against England in October.

BBC World News


1.referendum n. 公民投票权;外交官请示书

Estonia said it too planned to hold a referendum on independence.

2.occupier n. 居住人;占有者;占用者

“The Only Solution Is Jihad Against the Invaders,” says one. “Mullah Omar Is a Dagger Raised to Strike Each Occupier,” says another.

3.discharge v. 解雇;卸下;放出;免除

We discharged the cargo at London.

4.topple vt. 推翻;颠覆;使倒塌

The wrestler toppled his opponent.

5.blazing adj. 燃烧的;强烈的;闪耀的

The blazing magma was surging by us.

6.spawn vt. 酿成,造成;大量生产

Many sea fishes spawn in rivers.

7.treacherous adj. 危险的;不牢靠的

Lastly comes the question which is uppermost in most minds, the most treacherous question of all—that of retaliation.

8.brawl n. 争吵;打架

Now, assuming the event goes ahead at all, it could turn into a brawl.


1.Rebel seeking to topple President Francois Bozize, have captured a string of towns in the north of the Central African Republican in the north recent weeks, and some reports say they are closing in on the capital.
a string of 一系列,一串

But his tenure was marked by domestic gridlock, strained relations with China and the US, and a string of corruption scandals.

He obtained a string of wins.

2.Scores of youths threw stones at the building and tore down the French flag.

tear down 扯下;诋毁;拆卸;逐条驳斥

The brave solider tore down the enemy's flag.

The invading troops tore down the people's houses by force.

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