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BBC News with Nick Kelly
Nick Kelly为你播报BBC新闻。

An aircraft charged by the Indian government is flying home of the body of a young woman who died following a gang-rape in Delhi early this month which outraged the nation. The 23-year-old medical student has succumbed to her injuries earlier on Saturday in Singapore. Throughout the day thousands of people took part in peaceful protest across India to demand more protection for women. Andrew North is in Dehli.
本月初一名印度妇女在德里被轮奸,此事已激起民愤,目前这名女子已死去,她的遗体由印度政府的飞机接回国。周六凌晨,这名23岁的医学生因重伤在新加坡死去。当天印度全国数千人发起和平抗议,要求对妇女给予更多保护。Andrew North在德里报道。

They said it went as big as the authorities are think were fearing, but they were significant nonetheless, but the reason for that is because the police amounted a massive operation with thousands deployed across the heart of Delhi, simply to cordon it off, even Metro stations were closed. And I think that's a sign of just how nervous the authorities are at the backlash and, of course, fearing a repeat of the clashes that we saw earlier in the week.

The French government says it will drop revised proposals to increase taxes on the country's richest citizens after the original measure was struck down by the constitutional council. The council said the plan for a temporary wealth tax of 75% would create inequalities between households. From Paris, Hugh Schofield.
法国政府称将放弃对该国富人增税的修订议案,原因是原来的措施遭到宪法委员会的否决。委员会称暂行75%的财产税计划会造成家庭之间的不平衡。Hugh Schofield在巴黎报道。

It's the big issue of the moment in France to what extent on the socialist's right or sensible in putting up taxes on the well-off in order to raise money and bring down the budget deficit. Now the country's highest court, the Constitutional Council, has stepped into the row, striking down a centerpiece of President Hollande's tax reforms. Ministers say the essence of the tax hike has not been challenged, so it will go ahead eventually once redrafted. Still it is a big embarrassment for the French government when sloppy drafting leads to the annulment of one of its most emblematic economic measures.

A Russian airline has crashed after overshooting the runway of Vnukovo airport in Moscow, the cause of the accident has not known. Steve Rosenberg reports from Moscow.
在俄罗斯莫斯科伏努科沃机场,一架飞机在冲出机场后坠落,事故原因至今未明。Steve Rosenberg在莫斯科报道。

The plane, a Tupolev-204 was on route to Russia from the Czech Republic. There was only crew on board, no passengers. On landing at Moscow's Vnukovo airport, it overshoot the runway, crashed through a perimeter fence and burst into flames. The plane had broken into three pieces. The north part including the cockpit was found on the road nearby. Emergency team was quickly on the scene and fought their way inside the mangled wreckage. Miraculously, they've found some survivals, but two pilots, the flight engineers and a stewardess have been killed.

Egypt has to allow a shipment of construction materials to cross into the Gaza strip for the first time since 2007.Hundreds of tons of supplies, such as cement and steel are due to enter the Pakistan territory via the Rafah crossing. Israel agree to easy the blockades of Gaza as a part of the peace deal with Hamas that ended a week of fighting last month.

World News from the BBC

Officials in Somalia say 100 of Somalis are arriving from Kenya every day, it follows an order by the Kenyan authorities early this month that all refugees and asylum seekers should move out the urban areas into camps. Somalia refugees were told to go to the Dadaab Refugee camps, which aid agencies say are already overcrowded. And Ireland official in the Somalian capital Mogadishu told the BBC that the most of new arrivals were women and children.

Reports from the Central African Republican says the rebels have captured a town of Sibut, some 150km from the capital Bangui. A BBC correspondent in Banqui said the government troops had retreated towards the town of Demara about 70km from the Capital. Neighboring countries on Friday agreed to send more troops to the Central African Republic and unconditional talks would be held between the government and the rebels in the coming days. The rebel coalition has seized a number of key towns in the country. Here is our Africa editor Mary Harper.
来自中非共和国的报道称,叛军占领了距离首都班基150公里处的Sibut镇。驻班基的BBC记者称政府军已退向距离首都70公里处的Demara镇。周五,邻国均同意向中非共和国派遣更多兵力,并认为政府和叛军应在未来几天内举行无条件谈判。叛军联盟目前已夺取该国多个重镇。BBC驻非洲编辑Mary Harper报道。

By taken Sibut, the rebel have moved significantly close to the capital, they now control a number of key towns in the country and have advanced 100km since launching their campaign three weeks ago. Troops in neighboring Chad who went in to help Central African government troops aside to have been stationed in Sibut. But they withdrew along with army to the town of Demara only about 70km from the capital. The rebels who want to overthrow the president Francois Bozize has said in the past, that they’ll stay out of Bangui to give peace talks a chance.

And senior members of both parties the in the United States Senate are meeting in the last stage to reach an agreement on avoiding automatic budget measures which it fears could return the country to recession. If no deal is struck by new year's day then sharp spending cuts and tax rises will begin to come into a fact, President Obama said on Saturday that such event will harm every American.

BBC News


1.outrage vt. 对…施暴行;激起愤怒

Members of Parliament were outraged by the news of the assassination.

2.cordon vt. 用警戒线围住;包围隔离

The police cordoned off the street.

3.backlash n.反击; 后坐; 激烈反应

The government says it is bracing for a possible militant backlash.

4.centerpiece n. 核心部分,在整体中占中心地位的政策(或观念、事件等)

Education was the centerpiece of the democratic party's political platform.

5.emblematic adj. 象征的;可当标志的

In some works, flowers take on a powerful emblematic quality.

6.overshoot vt. 超越;打过头;把…做过头

The missile overshot its target.

7.blockade vt. 封锁

The US and Britain airlift supplies into a Berlin blockaded by the USSR.

8.station vt. 配置;安置;驻扎

The troops stationed along the border three years ago have been rotated back to their original positions.


1.The 23-year-old medical student has succumbed to her injuries earlier on Saturday in Singapore.

succumb 服从,屈从;让步;死于

He would not succumb to such an item.

Malnourished children are more likely to succumb to infections.

2.The rebels who want to overthrow the president Francois Bozize has said in the past, that they’ll stay out of Bangui to give peace talks a chance.

stay out of 置身于……之外,不到…地方去:

Please stay out of my business and I'll stay out of yours.

This time I want to stay out of sight.

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