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BBC news with Jonathan Izard.

The male companion of a female student gang-raped and murdered on a bus in the Indian capital Delhi last month has given a detailed account of the attack that caused outrage across India and beyond. He’s also criticized the police’s response. Five men have been charged with rape and murder. Andrew North sent this report from Delhi.
上月印度首都德里一名女学生在公交车上被轮奸并谋杀,引起国内外群情激愤,目前这名受害者的男伴详细讲述了案发时的情况。他还批评警察应对不力,这件案中有5名男子被控以强奸和谋杀罪。Andrew North在德里报道。

In the interview, the man tells how they were first tricked into boarding what appeared to be a passenger bus, they even paid a fare. But then the doors were locked and the men on boards started teasing the woman, leading to a fight. She was dragged away and he says he was then knocked unconscious. And for at least an hour, the men then brutally raped and tortured his friend. He confirmed the report saying they tried to run the pair over after throwing them off the bus. When three police vans were called, the man says they wasted time arguing which unit was responsible. And even then they didn’t help the badly injured woman who was bleeding profusely from her injures. He says he had to help her into the police van himself.

The United States says it’s begun to deploy troops and patriot missile equipment to Turkey. The Turkish government requested the defense system from NATO last year to protect its border with Syria. In October, five Turkish citizens died when a mortar fired from Syria landed on their home. James Reynolds reports from Istanbul.
美国称将向土耳其部署军队和爱国者导弹设备。土耳其政府去年向北约申请提供这套防御系统来保护与叙利亚接壤地区。10月份,一枚追击炮从叙利亚飞来,杀死5名土耳其人。James Reynolds在伊斯坦布尔报道。

The US military’s European command(s) says its personnel and equipment have begun to arrive at the Incirlik airbase in southern Turkey. That’s a facility run by both Turkey and the United States. Germany and the Netherlands have also agreed to send two batteries of their own. Nato says the patriot missiles will be deployed to protect Turkey’s airspace. The organization insists that the deployment is purely defensive and is not a prelude to creating a no-fly zone over Syria.

Supporters of the Palestinian group Fata have celebrated its 48th anniversary with a rally in the Gaza Strip, the first since the rival Islamist Movement Hamas took power there in 2007. President Mahmud Abbas addressed tens of thousands of followers via a video link from the Fata power base in the west bank town of Ramallah. He said reconciliation between the two factions was essential if a fully-independent Palestinian state was to be realized. 'We should work together in unity. There’s no better way to reach our national goals and achieve victory. Our regards to our brave prisoners, to our people inside the country and the diaspora.' The event was cut short amid jostling in the crowd. Organizers put it down to overcrowding, but some witnesses blamed supporters of rival Fata leaders.

Journalists who worked for a liberal newspaper in China have demanded the resignation of a propaganda chief in a rare confrontation with the ruling Communist Party. In open letters, former employees and interns of the paper the Southern Weekly accused the official of dictatorial actions in an era of growing openness.

You are listening to the world news from the BBC.

At least 2 people have been killed by a grenade attack at a refugee camp in Kenya housing hundreds of thousands of Somalis. A local official said several others were injured by the blast at a restaurant in the Dadab camp. The Kenyan government last month ordered Somali refugees living in urban areas to report to Dadab following a wave of grenade attacks in the capital Nairobi, blamed on the Somali militant group al-Shabab.

The BBC has learned that the Church of England is to end the moratorium on gay clergy becoming bishops. The move has been denounced by traditionalist evangelicals as divisive. Here’s Robert Piggott.
BBC了解到,英国国家将解除一项禁令,允许同性恋神职人员担任助教。此举遭到传统主义者福音派的谴责,他们这会造成不和。Robert Piggott报道。

The bitter dispute about whether the gay-cleric Jeffrey John could take up an appointment as bishop of Reading in 2003 led to a steadily deepening rift in the Church of England. Given the tension surrounding the issue of sexuality, the church’s decision to allow men in civil partnerships to become bishops represents a major concession and one with considerable symbolic significance. The church has already agreed to allow people in civil partnerships to become priests provided they promised that they would remain celibate and repent for active homosexuality in the past. Those conditions are now to be extended to clergies becoming bishops.

The former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi who owns the football club AC Milan says his team will walk off the pitch at every match where black players are racially abused. He spoke a day after AC Milan abandoned a friendly game with a lower league team Pro Patria, following racist chants directed at the Ghanaian International Kevin-Prince Boateng.
AC米兰的所有者意大利前总理西尔维奥·贝卢斯科尼称,只要赛场上存在黑人队员遭受种族主义歧视的行为,其队员就会离开赛场。就在一天前,在AC米兰与低级别联赛Pro Patria比赛期间,球队加纳队员凯文·普林斯·博阿滕遇到种族主义口号的侮辱,于是AC米兰放弃了这场友谊赛。

A 300-year–old scroll which lay forgotten in a store room in Scotland has been identified as a major work by a celebrated Japanese artist. The painting, more than thirty meters long, depicts street life, shops, theatres and washing hung out to dry in the early 1700s in what is now Tokyo. It was painted by Furuyama Moromasa and donated to Edinburgh Central library by a relative of a 19th century Scottish engineer.
在苏格兰一处库房里发现了一份已有300年历史卷轴,目前已确定是一位知名的日本艺术家的大作。这幅画30多米长,描述了18世纪早期东京的街头生活、商店、剧院和晾晒场景。这幅画由 Furuyama Moromasa所做,由19世纪一名苏格兰工程师的亲戚捐赠给爱丁堡中央图书馆。


1.tease vt. 取笑;戏弄;梳理;欺负;

He teased Mary with a jest.

2.profusely adv. 丰富地,大量地

The colleague apologized profusely to her and her clients.

3.mortar n. 迫击炮

When troops set up camp in areas of conflict, they face the threat of incoming mortar shells.

4.prelude n. 前奏;序幕;前奏曲

The prelude to the musical composition is very long.

5.reconciliation n. 和解;调和;和谐;甘愿

The crisis trends toward a reconciliation.

6.moratorium n. 暂停,中止;

The House voted to impose a one-year moratorium on nuclear testing.

7.celibate adj. 独身的;禁欲的

The Pope bluntly told the world's priests yesterday to stay celibate.

8.repent vi. 后悔;忏悔

I have nothing to repent of.


1.He confirmed the report saying they tried to run the pair over after throwing them off the bus.

run over 辗过;匆匆看;复查

A boy was run over by a truck and got killed immediately.

The teacher ran over his notes before the lecture.

2.The event was cut short amid jostling in the crowd. Organizers put it down to overcrowding, but some witnesses blamed supporters of rival Fata leaders.

cut short 缩短;打断;缩减

I cut him short in the middle of his explanation.

I will cut a long story short.

put down to 归因于

For many, a successful marriage can be put down to attraction, devotion, patience – and true love.

You may be a sceptic and put it down to life's inequalities.

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