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BBC News with David Austin

French and Malian forces are reported to have captured the Islamist rebel stronghold of Gao, the most populated town in northern Mali. It’s the biggest military success in the two-week operation against the al-Qaeda-linked insurgents occupying the country’s vast northern expanse. Hugh Schofield reports from Paris.

After punishing series of air strikes on Jihadist’s positions in Gao, Malian and French forces took first the airport and a strategic bridge over the River Niger but later we’re able to confirm they’ve taken control of the town. The Defense Ministry here in Paris said that Gao’s mayor who’s been in the capital Bamako since the town fell to the Islamists early last year has been flown back in. Malian officials spoke of scenes of joy on the streets of Gao though also of some looting. Chadian and Nigerien forces meanwhile are poised to push out from the Nigerien border, about 200 kilometers to the south, in order to reinforce the French and Malians.

There’s been rioting in the Egyptian city of Port Said after a court sentenced 21 people to death for their part in deadly violence at a football match in the city last year. Hospital sources there say at least 30 people have been killed. Aleem Maqbool reports

The families and supporters of the defendants all from the city attacked the police, who fought back. Hundreds are now known to have been injured in the clashes and a shocking number have been killed including police officers. It was horrific violence in that city a year ago that started all this. At the end of a football match home supporters attacked visiting Al-Ahly fans who said they were blocked from getting out of the ground. Over 70 were stabbed, clubbed and kicked to death.

Officials in Afghanistan say a suicide attack in the provincial capital Kunduz has killed at least ten policemen including the city’s head of counterterrorism Abdullah Maray and another high-ranking police officer. At least 21 people, most of them civilians were injured. Bilal Sarwary reports from Kabul.
阿富汗官员称昆都士省首府发生自杀式袭击,杀死至少10名警察,其中包括该市反恐局长Abdullah Maray和另一位高级警官。至少21人受伤,其中多为平民。Bilal Sarwary在喀布尔报道。

The attacker was driving a motorbike and targeted the counterterrorism chief in the heart of Kunduz city. The area was packed with civilians and police at the time of the attack. Afghan officials in Kunduz province say the assassinated counterterrorism chief Abdullah Maray was behind the killing and capture of key Taliban leaders and few commanders. Mr. Maray was a member of the northern lines and a key ally of the vice president Massoud Fahim.
在昆都士市中心,袭击者驾驶一辆摩托车袭击了反恐局长。袭击发生时现场有很多平民和警察,昆都士省官员称被杀害的反恐局长Abdullah Maray逮捕了塔利班的核心领导人和少数指挥官并杀了他们。Maray是北方联盟成员,也是副总统Massoud Fahim的亲密助手。

A leader of a landless movement in Brazil Cicero Guedes has been killed in Rio de Janeiro state. He was shot dead in the early hours of Saturday as he was cycling home. He was killed near a former sugar plant which members of the MST landless movement have occupied. Non-governmental organizations say the number of landless activists killed over the past years has fallen but that the number of death threats issued against them has almost tripled.
巴西无地运动领袖Cicero Guedes在里约热内卢被杀,周六早些时候,在骑自行车回家的路上他遭到枪杀。案发地附近原来有座糖厂,无地农民工运动(MST)的成员曾占据此地。非政府组织称过去几年来无地运动成员被杀者人数已有下降,但死亡威胁案例已增至三倍。

World News from the BBC

The former socialist Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman has won the country’s first ever direct presidential election.

“I promise that as a president chosen by the citizens through direct election, I will try to be the voice of all the citizens.”

With 55% of the vote, Mr. Zeman beat his rival, the foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg.

Ethnic Kachin rebels fighting the Burmese army in northern Burma say they’ve lost a major strategic post outside their headquarters on the Chinese border. Our correspondent Jonathan Head is following events from neighbouring Thailand.
在缅甸北部与缅甸部队作战的克钦族起义军称失去了总部外的重要战略据点,该据点位于中国接壤处。记者Jonathan Head在邻国泰国报道。

For more than a week, the Burmese army has been trying to take the hilltop of KIA in battles reminiscent of the First World War. Hundreds of Burmese troops have stormed at the forested slopes backed by intense artillery barrages that at one point dropped more than 1,000 shells in just two hours on the trenches held by Kachin soldiers.

This is territory the Kachin independence army has held for more than 50 years but heavily outgunned have now been forced to pull back. That leaves the Kachin headquarters in Laiza just three kilometers away. With no more lines of defence, tens of thousands of civilians, many already displaced by the fighting are preparing to flee across the border into China. Jonathan Head reporting
克钦独立军占领这里50多年了,但由于兵力严重不足,目前被迫后退。这样使得可钦在拉咱的总部只有三公里之遥。由于缺乏防御,数十万平民因战争流离失所,他们准备越过边境线逃往中国。Jonathan Head报道。

The hacker activist group Anonymous says it’s hijacked the website of the United States Sentencing Commission which is responsible for federal sentencing. The group says its action is to revenge the death of Aaron Swartz, an internet activist who committed suicide earlier this month. Before the website was taken down, Anonymous posted a message saying it had infiltrated several government computer systems and copied secret information which it’s threatening to make public. Mr. Swartz was facing hacking charges before his death.

Those are the latest stories from BBC News


1.insurgent n. 叛乱者;起义者

By early yesterday, the insurgents had taken control of the country's main military air base.

2.looting n. 抢劫;洗劫,趁乱打劫

Private looting is heavily punished.

3.stab vt. 刺;刺伤;戳;刺穿;直入

He stabbed a knife into the man's chest.

4.assassinate vt. 暗杀;行刺

They assassinated the ((Union)) Vice President at the mine.

5.counterterrorism n. 反暴行;反恐怖主义;反暴力主义

They seemed to have knowledge of counterterrorism techniques.

6.trench n. 沟,沟渠;战壕;堑壕

The trench was bricked over.

7.revenge vt. 报复;替…报仇;洗雪

He revenged the murder of his father.

8.infiltrate vt. 使潜入;使渗入,使浸润

The water is infiltrating the gravel bed.


1.Chadian and Nigerien forces meanwhile are poised to push out from the Nigerien border, about 200 kilometers to the south, in order to reinforce the French and Malians.

Be poised to do 做好准备随时做某事

Japan looked poised to come back in one way or another.

She was poised to challenge for the party leadership.

2.For more than a week, the Burmese army has been trying to take the hilltop of KIA in battles reminiscent of the First World War.

reminiscent of 令人回忆起;引起联想

The castle dates from the 1500s and has a rustic charm, reminiscent of a grand West Country manor.

There was a sweetish smell, vaguely reminiscent of coffee.
有一股甜丝丝的气味, 使人隐隐觉得像是咖啡。

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