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BBC News with Sue Montgomery
Sue Montgomery为你播报BBC新闻。

People in the northeastern the United States have begun cleaning up after a forocious snow storm force the region unitl a partial shut down. Rajesh Mirchandani reports.

People here gone difficult job of shoveling out after a strom, in some place is sonwed for around 18 hours affecting nine US satess and parts of Canada. Across the northestern US, thousands of flight were cancelled, train and bus services too. Some motorists were forced to sleep in their cars as roads conditions worsen overnight. Electricity was knock out to more than 700,000 homes also to a nuclear power plant in massachusetts although authorities say it shut down automatically and it was never any danger to the public.

The Tunisian Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali has threatened to resign if his proposal to dissolve the cabinet and replace it with a new technocratic government is not accepted. But other members of the governing Islamist party Ennahda came out against the proposal. Several thosands held a rally in Tunis and support Ennahda. Wyre Davies was there.
突尼斯总理杰巴里提议解散议会并取代以新的学者型政府,他威胁说,如果该提议得不到认可就会辞职。但执政的伊斯兰复兴运动党成员站出来表示反对,在突尼斯,数千人举行集会表示支持复兴运动党。Wyre Davies报道。

“We are all Muslims and we will not be moved” with the message from this vocal but largely peaceful demonstration in the heart of Tunis. After as many as a million people attending yesterday’s funeral of the leading opposition politician Shokri Belaid, the main Islamist parties and factions today urged as many of their own supporters as possible to come out onto the streets. Many of the protests rejected allegations that Ennahda was ultimately responsible for the death of Mr. Belaid who was assassinated last week.
在突尼斯市中心,游行者和平地喊着“我们都是穆斯林,我们不会动摇的。”昨天,多达100万人参加了反对派重要政客Shokri Belaid的葬礼,今天,伊斯兰各主要政党和宗派呼吁支持者来到街头抗议。有说法称复兴运动党上周暗杀了Belaid,许多抗议者表示反对。

A Russiona opposition activist Sergei Udaltsov has been placed under house arrest by a court in the capital Moscow. Prosecutors argued Mr Udaltsov who's the leader of the left front had breached restrictions of imposing him before his trial for inciting mass disorder. The charges were lead to protests in May following the reelection of President Putin. Oleg Boldyrev, a reporter for the BBC's Russian service was in court.
在俄罗斯首都莫斯科,反对派政客谢尔盖·乌达左夫被法院处以软禁。检察官称左翼阵线领袖乌达左夫煽动公众动乱,违反了审判前对他施加的限制。他被控告的罪名与五月份总统普京再度当选后的抗议有关。BBC驻俄罗斯记者Oleg Byrdrove在法庭报道。

Mr. Udaltsov is not a stranger to the court hearings or temporary detentions but never before has he pointed any other Russian opposition activists been placed under house arrest. The court ruled that he stayed inside his flat, limited his communications to just his closest relatives and his lawyers. Additionally he is not allowed to use the Internet. Speaking to journalists before the verdict, Mr. Udaltsov said that he considered the new restrictions a purely political move.

NASA's unmanned explorer on Mars Curiosity has for the first time drilled into the bedrock of the planet. The rover used drill at the end of robotic arm to penetrate the rock and will now analyze the powder collected. A spokesman called it the biggest accomplishment for the explore team since it landed last August.

World News from the BBC

In the United States, the funeral is taking place of a teenage girl who was shot died in Chicago a week after preforming at President Obama's inauguration. The country's First Lady Michelle Obama will be among the mourners. Hadiya Pendleton's death has attracted widespread tension in the US amid a national debate over gun violence, her mother has called for stronger gun controls.
美国为一名在芝加哥遭枪击死亡的女学生举行葬礼,这名女孩一周前刚参加过总统奥巴马的就职仪式。第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马将出席追悼会。如今整个美国正对枪支暴力进行争论,Hadiya Pendleton的死亡引起了普遍关注。她的母亲呼吁加强枪控。

The head of the Findus French - the manufacturer of ready-meals found to contain unlabeled horsemeat says it will sue meat suppliers who had defrauded the company. Legal action has also been threatened by one of its suppliers - the French firm Spanghero, who said was ready to sue a Romanian company it buys its meat from. Spanghero said the meat had been labeled as European origin beef.

Bad weather has been causing havoc along the Pacific coast of South America. In the southern Peruvian city of Arequipa, landslide caused by torrential rain left thousands of people without electricity and drinker water, at least six people are said to have died. Mattia Cabitza reports.
南非太平洋沿岸遭遇恶劣天气,破坏严重。在秘鲁南部城市阿雷基帕,暴雨导致泥石流发生,已有数千人没有电力和饮用水,据悉至少6人丧生。Mattia Cabitza报道。

River of mud descending from the hilltops and entire streets and homes in Arequipa were submerged underwater, roads and some bridges were damaged, power and water supply is cut, and landslides buried vehicles under mud and rubble. The authority is still assessing the extend of the damage, but the government had already offered to send helicopters and humanitarian aid. The last major disaster in Arequipa happened almost exactly 24 years ago, when the banks of the River Chile collapsed bringing flooding to low land areas of the city.

Football. And Mali have beaten Ghana three goals to one to finished third in the African Cup of Nations. Mali scored first in the 21st-minute and sealed their victory with a third goal in extra time. Ghana scored its only goal in the second half after missing an earlier penalty kick.

BBC News


1.shovel vt. 铲除;用铲挖;把…胡乱塞入

Randall was shoveling food into his mouth.

2.dissolve vt. 使溶解;使分解;使液化

Water dissolves salt.

3.assassinate vt. 暗杀;行刺

Nobody ever tried to assassinate me.

4.breach vt. 违反,破坏;打破

Also, define the consequences of any breach of any of these issues.

5.penetrate vt. 渗透;穿透;洞察

The knife penetrated enemy's stomach.

6.defraud vt. 欺骗

Land speculators tried to defraud him of his savings.

7.havoc n. 大破坏;浩劫;蹂躏

The earthquake wreaked havoc on the city.


1.Electricity was knock out to more than 700,000 homes also to a nuclear power plant in massachusetts although authorities say it shut down automatically and it was never any danger to the public.

knock out 敲空;击倒;打破;使筋疲力竭

The boxer was knocked out in the second round.

Don't knock yourself out with hardwork.

2.Spanghero said the meat had been labeled as European origin beef.

be labeled as 贴上...标签;划归...一类

The prase is labeled as slang in the dictionary.

She was labeled as a tease.

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