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法国和马里军队与伊斯兰起义军在马里北部重镇加奥中部展开了运动战。大街上枪声不断,在泥砖房子间回响着,起义军在一场意外袭击中正与马里军队激战正酣。Tomas Fessy在加奥目睹了这场战斗。

BBC News with Sue Montgomery
Sue Montgomery为你播报BBC新闻。

French and Malian troops have fought running battles with Islamist rebels in the centre of Gao, the main city in northern Mali. Gunfire echoed through the streets and mud-brick houses of the city as the rebels engaged the Malian army in a surprised attack. Tomas Fessy who is in Gao witnessed some of the fighting.
法国和马里军队与伊斯兰起义军在马里北部重镇加奥中部展开了运动战。大街上枪声不断,在泥砖房子间回响着,起义军在一场意外袭击中正与马里军队激战正酣。Tomas Fessy在加奥目睹了这场战斗。

There is heavy gunfire coming from different parts of town. A Malian soldier who is holding the position where we are told me that some of Islamist fighters are driving by motorbikes. People are now barricaded into their houses as the situation remains unclear. But the fear that Islamist militants had infiltrated the town seems to have become reality as they are waging a guerrilla war here in Gao.

Officials in South Sudan say more than 100 people have been killed in a cattle raid. They say people from the Lou Nuer ethnic group were ambushed on Friday in the eastern state of Jonglei by rebels and members of the Murle community. Here is Richard Hamilton.

The sort of cattle wrestling and cattle raids between the two communities have been going on for years but they have escalated out of control. And it must be said that in South Sudan cattle is extremely important so if we say it’s just a cattle raid actually that’s sort of underplays it because cattle has huge significance in a country where they don’t have banks. Cattle are effectively your capital. It’s also used in bride wealth and ceremonies and local politicians have been accused of stirring up ethnic tensions.

Three government ministers in Tunisia belonging to the President’s secular party have resigned. They have been calling for the replacement of Islamist colleagues they claimed were underperforming. The BBC correspondent in Tunis says the resignations deepen the crisis in the country brought on by the assassination of an opposition leader last week.

An accident in a cruise ship docked in the Spanish Canary Islands has left five crew members dead and three injured. About 1,400 passengers were on board. Tom Burridge reports
一艘在西班牙加那利群岛停泊的游轮发生事故,导致5名船员遇难,3人受伤。船上有1400多名乘客。Tom Burridge报道。

The accident happened in the main port of the Island of La Palma. The crew of the Thomson Majesty, a cruise ship which is operated by the British company Thomson Cruises, was practicing an emergency drill. According to reports, a lifeboat was being lowered down from the cruise liner when a cable or winch broke and the life raft fell from a height of 20 to 30 meters. Five members of the crew were killed. Three of them were from Indonesia, one from the Philippines and the other from Ghana.
事故发生在拉帕尔玛岛的主港口,出事游轮Thomson Majesty由英国汤森邮轮公司运作,当时船员正在进行安全演习。报道称当时正从游轮上放下一只救生船,突然缆绳断裂,救生船落下20到30米。5名船员遇难,其中三人来自印尼,一人来自菲律宾,另外一人来自加纳。

Officials in India say at least ten people have died in a stampede at a railway station close to the world’s largest religious festival the Kumbh Mela. Dozens more were injured. It happened when a footbridge at the Allahabad train station collapsed. Some 30 million Hindu pilgrims have been bathing at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna Rivers.

World News from the BBC

The Romanian authorities say they are investigating allegations that horsemeat found in ready-meals in several European countries originates from local abattoirs. They say they will take action if any laws have been broken. The Romanian President Traian Basescu said if the meat was found to have come from Romania, the country’s reputation was at stake.

“I hope the investigation proves that the false labeling of meat is not coming from Romania. Even though we are not speaking about a toxic product, as horsemeat is as consumable as beef, false labeling for financial profit could harm Romania’s credibility for years to come.”

Reports say the investigation focuses on two abattoirs. There’ve also been suggestions that criminal gangs maybe involved.

Nigeria has won the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament in Johannesburg. It beat Burkina Faso 1-0 with the winning goal scored just before half time. Alex Capstick is outside the stadium.
尼日利亚赢得在约翰内斯堡举行的非洲国家杯锦标赛,以1:0的成绩赢得布基纳法索,且在中场休息之前就踢进决定性的一球。Alex Capstick在赛场外报道。

Nigeria’s young gifted team have delivered a third title for their county, the first in 19 years. The current coach Steven Keshi was the captain in 1994 and he is only the second person to win the title as both player and coach. It wasn’t quite the starless free flowing performance of the semifinal but the win was deserved. And the margin would have been greater but for a few wasted opportunities. The hero for Nigeria was Sunday Mba with a lovely goal just before half time. Disappointment for Burkina Faso but they’ve had a magnificent tournament culminating in their first-ever Cup of Nations’ final.
尼日利亚的青年天才团队为本国赢得了第三次冠军,这也是19年来的首次。现任教练史蒂文·凯西是1994年时的队长,他是做队员和教练时都获得此荣的第二人。半决赛时输赢已定,如果不是错过的几次机会,输赢的差距会更大。尼日利亚的幸运星是队员Sunday Mba,他在中场之前就踢进关键一球。布基纳法索对此应该失望,但对他们来说,参加首次非洲杯半决赛已足够了不起。

Some of the biggest names in film are at the Royal Opera House in London for the 66th British film and television awards of BAFTAs. The James Bond adventure Skyfall has been named Outstanding British Film. Other favorites for the awards include Steven Spielberg’s historical drama Lincoln which has ten nominations

BBC News


1.infiltrate vt. 使潜入;使渗入,使浸润

The water is infiltrating the gravel bed.

2.ambush vt. 埋伏,伏击

The general ambushed his troops in the dense woods.

3.underplay vt. 表演不充分;对...轻描淡写;扣着大牌不出而出小牌

He underplayed the comic elements of the opera.

4.underperform vi. 表现不佳;工作不如预期(或同行)

These stocks have been regarded in the past as a geared play on global growth, and thus tended to underperform as the economy slowed.

5.emergency drill 应急演习

Taiwanese firemen hose down a building with foam during an emergency drill at a nuclear power plant in Wanli district, Taipei.

6.abattoir n. 屠宰场;角斗场

The sheep were driven to the local abattoir.

7.culminate vi. 到绝顶;达到高潮;达到顶点

The Christmas party culminated in the distribution of presents.


1.It’s also used in bride wealth and ceremonies and local politicians have been accused of stirring up ethnic tensions.

stir up 激起;煽动;搅拌;唤起

Before painting, you should stir up the paint a bit.

I’m genuinely interested to hear what people think, not stir up anything.

2.The Romanian authorities say they are investigating allegations that horsemeat found in ready-meals in several European countries originates from local abattoirs.

originate from 发源于

All carbohydrates originate from plants.

All theories originate from practice and in turn serve practice.

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