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BBC News with Ian Purdon.
Ian Purdon为您报道BBC新闻。

Initial results from Italy’s general elections suggest that there is no clear winner. From Rome, here is Gavin Hewitt.
意大利大选初步结果显示没有明确的获胜者。罗马,Gavin Hewitt报道。

After early results from the Italian election, the country appears to be heading for political deadlock. Whilst the center-left under Pier Luigi Bersani seems to be heading for victory in the Lower House, Silvio Berlusconi and his allies are performing strongly in the Senate. It may get him influence but he won’t be returning to power. To complicate matters further, the protest movement led by the comedian Beppe Grillo is showing huge gains.
根据意大利选举的早期结果,国家似乎即将陷入政治僵局。中左翼领导人博萨尼(Pier Luigi Bersani)将成为众议院领导人,贝鲁斯科尼(Silvio Berlusconi)及其联盟则在参议院占据优势。这将会增加他的影响力,但是不可能重掌政权。让形势更加复杂的是,由喜剧演员格里罗(Beppe Grillo)领导的抗议活动声势越来越浩大。

The French foreign minister Laurent Fabius has described images posted online of seven members of a French family kidnapped in Cameroon last week as shocking. The video which appeared on YouTube shows the family including four children surrounded by masked men who say they belong to the Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram. Will Ross reports.
网络上公布了上周一个法国家庭的7名成员在喀麦隆被绑架的照片,法国外交部长洛朗·法比尤斯(Laurent Fabius)称非常震惊。出现在YouTube上的视频显示,包括4名儿童在内的这个家庭被蒙面人包围,这些蒙面人宣称自己属于尼日利亚伊斯兰组织“博科圣地”(Boko-Haram)。Will Ross报道。

In the three-and-a-half-minute video, one of the male hostages reads from a piece of paper and says the group that’s holding them is Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad, this is the official name for the Nigerian Islamist militant group popularly known as Boko Haram. The hostage says the group is calling for the release of its members detained in Cameroon and its women being held in Nigeria. The French news agency says a source closed to the kidnapped family has confirmed the video does show the seven French nationals taken hostage in Cameroon last Tuesday.
在这段三分半钟的视频中,一名男性人质照着一张纸宣读,说绑架他们的是Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad,这是尼日利亚伊斯兰激进组织,众所周知的“博科圣地”(Boko-Haram)的官方名字。人质表示,该组织要求释放被拘留在喀麦隆的组织成员和被拘留在尼日利亚的女性。法新社表示,与被绑架家庭相关的消息来源已经证实,视频确实显示,这7名法国公民于上周二在喀麦隆被绑架。

European Union agriculture ministers have called for more DNA testing of meat across Europe as yet another company was caught up in the selling of beef contaminated by horseflesh. Their announcement followed the recall by the Swedish retailer IKEA of its meatballs after tests showed traces of horsemeat in one batch. From Brussels, Christian Fraser reports.
欧盟农业部长呼吁对整个欧洲范围的肉类进行更多DNA检测,因为又有一家公司被发现以马肉冒充牛肉。此前,检测显示一批次牛肉丸中含有马肉,瑞典零售商宜家召回全部牛肉丸。布鲁塞尔,Christian Fraser报道。

A great number of states are in favor of country or region labeling for process food. The commission agreed tonight to fasttrack by three months to report it was already preparing on the impact of such change. It will now be produced in the autumn. But they agree this is an issue of fraud. Any proved labeling while giving some confidence to the consumer won’t necessarily cure the problem. The common consensus is that tougher penalties are required. The chair of the meeting, the Irish agriculture minister Simon Coveney said it was widely accepted in the meeting that the newer technique of DNA testing of food should now be standard across Euro.
许多国家支持国家或地区对加工食品提供标签。委员会今晚同意通过三个月的时间来适应这种改变带来的影响。相关措施将在秋季出台。但是他们赞同,这是欺诈行为。任何经过证明的标签尽管可以给消费者带来一些信心,却不一定能够解决问题。各国达成共识,需要进行更加严厉的处罚。大会主席,爱尔兰农业部长西蒙·考文尼(Simon Coveney)表示,更新的DNA食品检测技术应该欧元区范围成为标准。

The Syrian opposition has said it will attend an international meeting in Rome later this week reversing an earlier decision to boycott it. The leader of the Syrian National Coalition Mouaz al-Khatib said the change of heart came after the U.S. Secretary of State and the British foreign secretary promised specific help to ease the suffering of the Syrian people. Meanwhile, residents say there’s been a large explosion in the Syrian capital Damascus. The blast was followed by heavy gunfire in the eastern district of Al-Kaboun. It’s not clear what the target was.
叙利亚反对派表示,他们将参加本周晚些时候在罗马举行的国际会议,推翻了早些时候抵制该会议的决定。叙利亚全国联盟主席穆瓦兹·哈提卜(Mouaz al-Khatib)表示,他们改变决定是由于美国国务卿和英国外交大臣承诺缓解叙利亚民众的苦难。同时,居民表示,叙利亚首都大马士革发生大规模爆炸。此前,东部地区Al-Kaboun发生了激烈枪战。目前还不清楚袭击的具体目标。

World News from the BBC.

At least 15 people have been killed in fighting between Christian and Muslim youth in Nigeria’s eastern Taraba state. The violence began after a quarrel during a football match in the town of Wukari which spread to neighbouring villages.

The most senior Roman Catholic cleric in Britain has resigned after allegations that he behaved inappropriately towards priests three decades ago. Cardinal Keith O’Brien said his resignation as the head of the Church in Scotland was immediate. At the weekend, he said he would contest the allegations. James Robbins reports.
英国最高级罗马天主教神职人员辞职,他此前被指控三十年前对其他牧师有“不当行为”。红衣主教基思·奥布里安(Keith O'Brien)表示,他辞去苏格兰教区首牧的决定立即生效。周末,他表示,他将对指控进行辩驳。James Robbins报道。

These accusations of improper behavior bring the taint of scandal to the very heart of Catholic Church. Other cardinals have largely been accused of cover-up rather than direct personal involvement. The Vatican has been working particularly hard in these last days of Benedict’s pontificate to blame enemies of the Church accusing them of sensationalizing scandal to disrupt the coming election of his successor. But this blow has come from inside the Church itself.

An Italian prosecutor has formally requested that the captain of cruise ship Costa Concordia which sank off the coast of Tuscan should face manslaughter charges. Thirty-two people died when the ship carrying more than 4,000 people ran aground on the Island of Giglio and partially sank. Prosecutors also want the captain Francesco Schettino to face charges of causing a shipwreck and abandoning his ship.
意大利检察官正式提出要求,在托斯卡纳岛海岸沉没的科斯塔·康科迪亚游轮船长应面临过失杀人指控。这艘搭载了4,000多人的游轮在吉格里奥岛触礁,部分沉没,造成32人死亡。检控官还表示,船长斯凯蒂诺(Francesco Schettino)还应面临导致船只失事和弃船指控。

The President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto has passed into law sweeping reforms of the country’s education system. For the first time, Mexico will have an independent body to oversee teaching and the curriculum and teachers and schools will now be assessed.
墨西哥裴纳尼托(Enrique Pena Nieto)批准了对全国教育体系进行大规模改革的法律。墨西哥将首次拥有监管教育体系的独立机构,课程,教师和学校都将接受评估。

Finally almost half a million people have voted to name one of Pluto’s newly discovered moons Vulcan in a tribute to the classic sci-fi series Star Trek. Vulcan was the fictional home planet of Mr. Spock who was second in command on the USS enterprise.

BBC News.


1.deadlock n.僵局,僵持,停顿

There appeared to be a deadlock in the course of the negotiation.

2.whilst conj.同时,当…的时候

The world sensed this part of her character and cherished her for her vulnerability whilst admiring her for her honesty.

3.complicate v.使复杂化

There is no need to complicate matters.

4.contaminate v.污染;弄脏

contaminate your bed and you will one night suffocate in your own waste.

5.reverse v.逆转,彻底改变(决定、政策、趋势等)

They have made it clear they will not reverse the decision to increase prices...

6.inappropriately ad.不适当地

The industry is inappropriate to the region's present and future needs...

7.taint n.污点,污名; <废〉气味; 传染,腐败

Can we be sure they are free from any taint of disloyalty?

8.sensationalize vt.使引起轰动,以耸人听闻的手法处理

Local news organizations are being criticized for sensationalizing the story.

9.manslaughter n.杀人; 过失杀人; [法]过失杀人罪


The French news agency says a source closed to the kidnapped family has confirmed the video does show the seven Frenchnationals taken hostage in Cameroon last Tuesday.


Red Army fought a battle on this very spot.
Not a single person has been in the office this afternoon.

I myself will see her off at the station.
You can do it well yourself.

The baby is generally healthy,but every now and then she does catch a cold.
Do be quiet.I told you I had a headache.

He drank it to the very last drop.
Only in this way can we wipe out the enemy troops.
He didn’t answer even my letter.
I will too go!我要去的!

5.用“...and that”,“...and those”,“not...too much”,“否定加否定”等结构表示强调
They fulfilled the task,and that in a few days.
I gave her some presents,and those the day before yesterday.
I can’t thank you too much.
I am not unfaithful to you.

6.用短语“in every way”,“in no way”,“by all means”,“by no means”,“only too”,“all too”,“but too”,“in heaven”,“in the world”,“in hell”,“on earth”,“under the sun”等表示强调
His behaviour was in every way perfect.
By all means take your son with you.
The news was only too true.
Where in heaven were you then?

Dishonest he is!他的确不诚实!
In wine is the truth. 酒后吐真言。

It was the headmaster who opened the door for me.
It was yesterday that we carried out that experiment.

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