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波士顿警署总督说他认为该市马拉松爆炸案的两名嫌犯策划了更多袭击案。哥哥Tamerlan Tsarnaev在警方的大追捕死于枪战,弟弟Dzhokhar被捕。艾德·戴维斯说枪战后,警方发现了用于发动更多袭击的物品。


BBC News with Julie Candler

The Boston police commissioner says he believes the two men suspected of bombing the city's marathon were planning more attacks. One of the brothers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a gun fight with the police during a big manhunt, which ended with the capture of the other, Dzhokhar. Ed Davis said after the gunfight, the police discovered the resources to stike the other targets.
波士顿警署总督说他认为该市马拉松爆炸案的两名嫌犯策划了更多袭击案。哥哥Tamerlan Tsarnaev在警方的大追捕死于枪战,弟弟Dzhokhar被捕。艾德·戴维斯说枪战后,警方发现了用于发动更多袭击的物品。

"We have reason to believe, based upon the evidence that was found at that scene, the explosions, the explosive ordnance that was unexploded and the firepower that they had, that they were going to attack other individuals."

The injured brother is being treated at a hospital in Boston which described his condition as serious. Some reports suggest his injuries are so severe he may never be able to speak. Meanwhile the family of the two brothers have told the BBC, that the elder brother was radicalize while he was in the United States.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev visited the Russian Republic of Dagestan last year to see his family who'd moved there from Chechenya.Tamerlan's aunt said that it was clear from long discussion he had with her husband, that he already converted to an extreme version of Islam. Daniel Sandford reports.
Tamerlan Tsarnaev去年到达吉斯坦共和国看望从车臣搬到那里的家人,他婶婶说,通过与自己丈夫的长谈,她了解到Tamerlan已经成为伊斯兰极端分子。丹尼尔·桑福德报道。

Patimat Suleimanova cried several times during the interview, a sign of how much the Boston bombings have affected the family of the men accused of carrying it out. She told me that when the elder brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev visited Dagestan for six months last year, he had only seen his family. She insisted he could not have met any of the violent insurgence who plagued this part of Russia. She said he clearly become very religious while living in America and some times argued with his family about the best form of Islam.
采访中Patimat Suleimanova哭了几次,由此可见波士顿爆炸案对袭击嫌犯家人的影响。她告诉我们Tamerlan Tsarnaev去年到达吉斯坦自己家中做客6个月的情景,他去只是为了见家人。她坚持表示Tamerlan没有与在俄罗斯作乱的暴力叛徒会面,她说他在美国生活时变得更有宗教性,有时与家人争辩伊斯兰的最佳形式。

Syrian opposition per sources say a government offence on the town near Damascus has left many people dead. The sources say the attack on the town of Jdaidet al-Fadl lasted five days with at least 80 people killed. Sebastian Usher reports.
叙利亚反对派称政府对大马士革附近发动进攻,导致许多人丧生。报道称Jdaidet al-Fadl镇的袭击持续了5天,至少80人丧生。SebastianUsher报道。

Both government and rebel sources confirmed that Syrian forces had mounted a major offence against Jdaidet al-Fadl in the past few days. Both sides also say the government forces have won the battle for now, but that's all they agree on. The state news agency says simply that the army inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in the town, its usual description of all rebel fighters. But opposition's sources say women and children were killed, too. One source says dozens were killed over several days, many of them fighters. But another source, the Local Coordination Committees paints an even worse picture, claiming that the Syrian forces carried out a massacre after retaking the town.
政府和叛军都宣称,过去几天内,叙利亚军队对Jdaidet al-Fadl镇发动了重要进攻,都表示政府军目前赢得了战争,只是双方唯一认可的一点。官方新闻机构轻描淡写,称军队对该镇的恐怖分子造成重创,这是它对所有叛军的一贯描述。但反对派称也有妇女和儿童被杀。还有报道称几天内有数十人被杀,其中多为武装分子。但当地协调委员会称情况更严重,称叙利亚军队在夺下该镇后进行了大屠杀。

The authorities in Nigeria say they've seized a ship carrying 2,500 tons of fuel refined illegally from oil stolen in the Niger Delta. The security forces said the boat was still filling its hold when it was intercepted. The crew abandoned the boat and fled into a mangrove forest when they saw the security forces approaching.

World News from the BBC

Unidentified gunmen have shot dead a Somali journalist working for a government television station in the capital Mogadishu. Mohamed Ibrahim Rageh was attacked by three men while he sat outside his home at the end of his working day. He had only returned to Somali four months ago, after several years' study in Uganda. Nobody has claimed responsibility for the killing, but since Mr Rageh worked for a government news channel, suspicion has fallen on al-Shabab militants who've been fighting the authorities.
不明身份的武装分子开枪打死一名就职于首都摩加迪沙政府电视台的索马里记者。Ibrahim Rageh下班后在家门外坐着时被三名男子袭击,他4个月前刚回到索马里,此前在乌干达学习数年。无人宣称对此事负责,但由于Rageh就职于政府新闻频道,因此很有可能是与当局作战的阿尔沙巴布武装分子所为。

There has been a second day of protests in the Indian capital Delhi about the recent rape of a five-year-old girl. Demonstrators gathered outside the homes of leading politicians and the police headquarters angry about the way the authorities handle the case. Earlier, the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said his country had vast improvements to make on women's safety. From Delhi, Sanjoy Majumder reports.
印度首都德里一名5岁女孩遭强奸一事引发抗议,目前抗议进行到了第二天。游行者聚集在政要和警局门外,他们对当局处理此事的方法不满。早些时候,总理曼莫汉·辛格说印度需要大力改善妇女的安全状况。Sanjoy Majumder在德里报道。

The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the gruesome assault on a five-year-old girl was a remind of the need to collectively work to root out what he described as depraved behaviour. The child was allegedly abducted last week and then sexually assaulted over a 48-hour long period. Doctors have been treating an intensive care, they announced her condition has shown signs of improvement, and she is conscious. On Saturday, a suspected was arrested in the eastern state of Bihar and brought to the capital to face questioning.

The first Palestinian marathon has taken place in the West Bank. The course spans 21km around the city of Bethlehem, passingm through refugee camps and under the shadow of the Israel separation barrier. Organisers could not find an uninterrupted 42km stretch of land for the race, so some 100 runners are attempting the full marathon ran the course twice. Around 400 others ran shorter versions of the race, half Palestinians, half foreigners. A group of Gazan runners were not allowed into the West Bank by Israel.

BBC News


1.manhunt n. 追捕,搜捕;搜索

A wild manhunt was launched.

2.ordnance n. 军火;大炮;军械署

She worked in an ordnance factory during the war.

3.convert vi. 转变,变换;皈依;改变信仰

Water is converted into steam if it is boiled.

4.plague vt. 折磨;使苦恼;使得灾祸

Famine plagued a score of nations.

5.mangrove n. 红树林

The value of the mangrove ecosystem and its pollution problems.

6.gruesome adj. 可怕的;阴森的

There has been a series of gruesome murders in the capital.

7.uninterrupted adj. 不间断的;连续的

Diners can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the gardens.


1.The state news agency says simply that the army inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in the town, its usual description

of all rebel fighters.

inflict on 使承担(痛苦,负担等);给以(打击,惩罚等)

Don't inflict your ideas on me.

The hurricane inflicted severe damage on the island.

2.The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the gruesome assault on a five-year-old girl was a remind of the need to

collectively work to root out what he described as depraved behaviour.

root out 根除;连根拔起;发现

The government determined to root out corruption.

I will try and root out some good players for the basketball team.

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