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BBC News with Julie Candler

France’s national assembly has voted overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing same sex marriage. The new law will also allow gay couples to adopt children. President Francois Hollande’s proposal has led to huge pro and anti demonstrations across the country. From Paris here is Christian Fraser.

They decriminalized homosexuality in France in 1791, not long after the revolution. But the bill to give gay and lesbian couples equal rights in marriage and adoption has brought them back to the barricades in their thousands. The more contentious issues of surrogacy and assisted fertility will now be debated later in the year, which threatens to prolong what has been a poisonous few months. The mood was encapsulated by the chaos in parliament, at one point, the speaker called for demonstrators to be forcibly ejected from the chamber. Interior minister said the tenor of the debate has reflected some of the darkest times in the country’s history.

The two orthodox bishops kidnapped in Syria on Monday have been freed. Yohanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yaziji were released on Tuesday and are back in the city of Aleppo. A French organization working with churches in the Middle East told the BBC the bishops had been kidnapped by an unknown rebel group, their driver was killed during the abduction.
周一在叙利亚被绑架的两名东正教主教现已获释,Yohanna Ibrahim和Boulos Yaziji周二获释,现已回到阿勒颇。与中东教堂合作的一家法国组织告诉BBC,这两名主教是被未知身份的叛军组织绑架的,他们的司机在绑架中被杀。

A White House spokesman says the United States has not yet concluded that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons but backs an investigation into allegations that it may have. The comments follow claims from Israeli official that Syria used such weapons against rebels. Our Middle East correspondent Wyre Davies reports.

The CIA and the West agencies have repeatedly alleged that the Bashar al-Assad's regime possesses a substantial stockpile of chemical weapons. Speaking at an intelligence conference in Tel Aviv, Brigadier-General Itai Brun said Israel believed the Assad regime had probably used the nerve agent sarin a number of times. The senior intelligence official said among the evidence it had examined were images of victims with foam coming from their mouths and other signs consistent with the effects of sarin nerve gas.
中央情报局和维斯特机构多次宣称巴沙尔·阿萨德政权拥有大量囤积的化学武器,准将Itai Brun在特拉维夫市情报会议上说,以色列认为阿萨德政权可能使用过神经性毒剂沙林几次。该高级情报官员称获得的证据中有些图片,显示有的受害者口吐泡沫,还有其他显示神经性毒剂沙林效果的迹象。

The British government is to outlaw discrimination on the bases of caste, giving improved legal protection to an estimated 400,000 people whom the Hindu and Sikh communities have classed as Dailts or untouchables. Here is our religious affair correspondent Robert Piggott.

The caste system is parts of ancient culture of India, stratifying society rigidly into four tiers and leaving a fifth group as outcastes or untouchables. This group has historically been consigned to unclean and to menial jobs in India. A government report acknowledged that immigrants had brought elements of caste system with them to the UK and the Dailts has suffered discrimination here. Dailts have complained of bullying at work and school, discrimination in getting services and have been denied promotion by higher caste Hindu or Sikh managers.

World News from the BBC

A man charged with sending letters containing the deadly poison ricin to President Obama has been released on bail. Paul Kevin Curtis from Mississippi has denied charges that he sent letters laced with ricin to a US senator and a judge as well as to Mr. Obama. In a separate development, the US Defense Intelligence Agency says its staff detected a potentially harmful substance.

Two men accused of plotting to derail a passenger train in Canada have appeared in court. Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier who are not Canadian citizens are charged with conspiracy to murder and association with the terrorist group that Canadian police say is al-Qaeda in Iran. Both men were remained in custody.
被控阴谋将加拿大一列客运列车撬出轨的两名男子现已出庭,Raed Jaser和Chiheb Esseghaier都不是加拿大人,他们被控犯下阴谋谋杀罪,还与恐怖组织有关联,加拿大警方说该组织是伊朗的基地组织。两人目前都仍在关押中。

The Associated Press news agency in the United States has confirmed that one of its messages on the social networking site Twitter reporting explosions at the White House was bogus. Adam Brookes reports from Washington.

Shortly after one o’clock local time, a message appeared on Twitter purportedly coming from Associated Press. It's said there had been explosions at the White House and President Obama was injured. The message was fake. Someone had hacked into the AP’s Twitter account to post it. Nonetheless within minutes, the Dow Jones Index stock prices dropped 150 points and the bond market erupted. A clearly and impressed Jay Carney spokesman for Mr Obama quickly assures everybody that the president was fine, the market’s rally is quickly and whole business was over. The Associated Press says its Twitter account has been suspended while it works to correct the issue.

The mobile phone and computer giant Apple has reported its first quarterly drop in profits for almost a decade. Apple made 9.5 billion dollars in profits in the first three months this year, 2.1 billion less than during the same period last year but there was an overall rise in revenue.

BBC News.


1.decriminalize vt. 使合法化;非刑事化

Last year the government announced plans to decriminalize marijuana.

2.surrogacy n. 替身代孕;代孕行为

In this country it is illegal to pay for surrogacy.

3.forcibly adv. 用力地;强制地;有说服力地

The rioters were forcibly removed from the plaza.

4.stockpile n. 库存;积蓄

People are stockpiling food for the coming winter.

5.bully v.欺负;威吓

If I had been there, I would not have let him bully you.

6.derail vt. 使出轨

The streetcar was derailed by a stone lying across the rails of a track.

7.purportedly adv. 据称,据称地

This is purportedly the oldest tree in the world.


1.The mood was encapsulated by the chaos in parliament, at one point, the speaker called for demonstrators to be forcibly ejected from the chamber.

at one point 一度;在某处;在某一时刻

He became very depressed and even got suicidal at one point.

At one point he was in danger of being lynched.

2.Paul Kevin Curtis from Mississippi has denied charges that he sent letters laced with ricin to a US senator and a judge as well as to Mr. Obama.

lace with 用…装饰…

The cloth is laced with silver.

He had a glass of milk which laced with rum.

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