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阿勒颇市大清真寺的11世纪尖塔是联合国教科文组织世界遗产,如今却在叙利亚政府军和叛军的战争中被毁。网络上的图片显示尖塔所在地已成废墟,Lina Sergie Attar是来自阿勒颇的一名建筑师,目前居住在美国。她告诉BBC这是重大损失。


BBC News with Jerry Smit

The 11th century minaret of the Great Mosque in the city of Aleppo, part of a Unesco world heritage site, has been destroyed in fighting between the Syrian government forces and rebels. Images on the internet show rubble where the minaret stood. Lina Sergie Attar is an architect from Aleppo who now lives in the United States. She told the BBC it was a significant loss.
阿勒颇市大清真寺的11世纪尖塔是联合国教科文组织世界遗产,如今却在叙利亚政府军和叛军的战争中被毁。网络上的图片显示尖塔所在地已成废墟,Lina Sergie Attar是来自阿勒颇的一名建筑师,目前居住在美国。她告诉BBC这是重大损失。

“The Umayyad Mosque, or the Great Mosque of Aleppo, is one of the largest and oldest mosques in Syria, and it’s probably the second most visited site by tourists to Aleppo after the Citadel. It’s also a sacred place. It holds the remains of the Prophet Zakariya, the father of John the Baptist, a revered figure to Muslims and Christians alike. And it’s very sad and devastating to see something that was so special to our city gone.”

Orthodox Church officials in Aleppo say two bishops who were kidnapped by gunmen on Monday are still missing. Yuhanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yaziji, who are from different branches of the Orthodox Church, are the most senior clerics to be caught up directly in the Syrian conflict. A French church organisation said on Tuesday that the bishops had been released. But church officials have confirmed to the BBC that until Wednesday evening, they’ve still had no contact with the men.
阿勒颇东正教堂官员称周一被武装分子绑架的两名主教至今下落不明,Yuhanna Ibrahim和Boulos Yaziji来自东正教堂的不同分支机构,他们是叙利亚冲突中直接被抓的最高牧师。法国教堂组织周二表示,这两名主教已获释。但教堂官员告诉BBC,直到周三晚上还没有联系上他们。

Police in Bangladesh say the owners of a building that collapsed outside the capital Dhaka were alerted to a severe crack in the eight-storey construction the day before, but had brushed aside the concerns of employees. Officials say up to 100 people are believed to have died in the collapse. A senior official in charge of inspecting garment factories for safety said half of all premises were unsafe.

The US Vice President Joe Biden has addressed thousands of mourners at a memorial service in Boston for the police officer killed during the manhunt for the two suspects in the marathon bombings. Mr Biden described the two men as “twisted, cowardly jihadis” and said the United States refused to yield to fear.

"I get asked, like my colleagues almost every day since 9/11. Why this terrorist phenomenon the beginning of the 21st century. People say to me, 'For they surely know they can never defeat us. They can never overthrow us. They can never occupy us. So why? Why do they do what they do?' I thought about it a lot. And I come to a conclusion they do it to instil fear."

One of the men accused of allegedly plotting with al-Qaeda members in Iran to derail a train in Canada has made a rambling statement in a Toronto court. Chiheb Esseghaier argued that as the Canadian criminal code was not a holy book, its judgements could not be relied upon. The judge told him to take advice from his lawyers. Esseghaier and his co-defendant Raed Jaser are charged with conspiring to murder people in association with a terrorist group.
一名男子被控与伊朗基地组织联合策划将加拿大一条铁轨撬出轨,目前此人在多伦多法庭上做了随意的声明。Chiheb Esseghaier说加拿大刑法并非圣经,其审判并不可靠。法官建议他咨询其律师,Esseghaier及其同谋Raed Jaser被控与恐怖组织联合实施谋杀。

News from the BBC

Fresh clashes have left more than 20 people dead in Iraq as tensions between Sunnis and Shiites continued for the second day running. In one instance, armed Sunnis are said to have sealed off an entire town. After nightfall, the violence spread to Baghdad where a car bomb killed at least seven people.

The head of a French company accused of selling substandard breast implants has apologised for the first time about the scandal. David Chazan reports from Paris.
法国一家公司被控出售伪劣胸部植入物,其负责人目前首次就该丑闻进行道歉。David Chazan在巴黎报道。

It’s the first time Jean-Claude Mas has shown any sign of remorse. Speaking outside the court where he’s on trial for fraud along with four other former executives of his company PIP, he said he understood the anxiety of about 300,000 women around the world who received the substandard implants. He apologised for the cheap industrial-grade gel PIP had used. It was never approved for medical use and caused thousands of implants to rupture. PIP was shut down three years ago.

The English football authorities have banned Liverpool’s Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez for 10 matches for biting an opponent in a game against Chelsea on Sunday. It’s one of the longest bans the authorities have handed out. A Liverpool official said the club and the player were shocked and disappointed by its severity. But the chairman of the Liverpool Supporters’ Club, Richard Pedder, says everyone should accept the ban and move on.

“I personally think it’s appropriate on the basis that I would have thought it to go between seven and ten. I think fans are going to love a difference and I know what they want. But if they do appeal, it’s going to drag on again. And we just want this closed now.”

In European football’s premier club competition, the Champions League, Borussia Dortmund of Germany have thrashed Real Madrid 4:1 to make them clear favourites to reach the final. The second leg of the semi-final will take place in Madrid next Tuesday.

And that’s the BBC News.


1.minaret n. 尖塔

It stands on a high marble plinth with a minaret at each corner.

2.revere vt. 敬畏;尊敬;崇敬

Mr White was revered for his great learning by all the students in the college.

3.manhunt n. 追捕,搜捕;搜索

A wild manhunt was launched.

4.instil vt. 逐渐灌输;使渗透;滴注

Because my parents instilled love and patience in my mind from the time I was born.

5.remorse n. 懊悔;同情

He has shown no remorse for his actions.

6.rupture n. 破裂;决裂;疝气

The rupture of a blood vessel usually cause the mark of a bruise.

7.severity n. 严重;严格;猛烈

The drug can reduce the frequency and severity of attacks.


1.In one instance, armed Sunnis are said to have sealed off an entire town.

seal off 封闭;把…封锁起来

Windows are usually sealed off.

The city should seal off those tunnels.

2.But if they do appeal, it’s going to drag on again. And we just want this closed now.

drag on (使)冗长乏味地拖延(或拖长),沉闷无味地进行,拖得很久;短话长说;(时间)过得缓慢:

The meeting dragged on a whole day.

The days dragged on and she was in despair.

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