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BBC News with John Jason

A deal has been reached in Italy to form a coalition government after a month of political uncertainty. It will be sworn in on Sunday. From Rome here's Bethany Bell.

It's been a long and painful process but Italy's about to get a new government, a grand coalition between the centre-left and their arch-rivals from the centre-right. Italy's next Prime Minister Enrico Letta expressed what he called sober satisfaction with his new team of ministers. Silvio Berlusconi himself won't be in the cabinet, but one of his closest political allies, Angelino Alfano will be interior minister. The cabinet includes what Mr. Letta called a record number of women including the former EU commissioner Emma Bonino who'll be Italy's foreign minister.

The Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird has said he's absolutely appalling that Sri Lanka should be allowed to host the Commonwealth summit later this year. He told the BBC that being no progress on concerns over human rights abuses in Sri Lanka and no meaningful attempt to reconciliation with the Tamil population. Lyse Doucet reports.

In recent months Sri Lanka has been under growing pressure on its human rights record including accusations of war crimes during the last month of its brutal civil war which ended in 2009. Now Canada has taken the issue to the commonwealth. Its Foreign Minister John Baird told me, Colombo should not be allowed to host this year's summit until, as he put it, Sri Lanka adheres to commonwealth values including accountability for war crimes. Sri Lanka's cabinet's spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella accused Canada of bending to pressure from its large Tamil Diaspora.

Federal agency in the United States said they've charged a man in connection with poison letters sent to President Obama and two other officials earlier this month. Everett Dutschke, a martial arts instructor was arrested at his home in Mississippi on Saturday. David Willey reports.
美国联邦机构称已指控月初向总统奥巴马发送有毒信件的男子和另外两名官员。武术指导Everett Dutschke周六在密西西比家中被捕,大卫·维利报道。

Officials initially arrested another Mississippi man, Paul Kevin Curtis who works as an Elvis impersonator, but then released him for lack of evidence. The discovery of the poisoned letters led to a brief shutdown of part of the US Capitol building and rattled nerves at the time when officials were also engaged in a hunt for the Boston bombers. The charges leveled against Everett Dutschke carry a possible penalty of life imprisonment. He is expected to appear in court in Mississippi on Monday.
官方最初指控的是另一名来自密西西比的男子保罗·凯文·柯蒂斯,他是一名模仿猫王的艺人,但后因缺乏证据获释。由于发现有毒信件,美国国会大楼部分暂时关闭,而当时警方正在追捕波士顿爆炸者,这令人们越发紧张。对Everett Dutschke的指控可能导致终身监禁,他有望周一出席密西西比法院。

Anti-war protesters have demonstrated outside a Royal Air Force based in eastern England which’s been used to control armed drone flights in Afghanistan. Until this week, Britain operated its unmanned aircraft from a base in Nevada in the United Sates. The campaigners say the change is a major expansion of Britain's use of drones which they’ve blamed for increased civilian casualties in Afghanistan. The government says drones are bound by the same rules of engagement as manned aircraft and have saved countless military and civilian lives.

You're listening to the latest World News from the BBC

Iraqi security forces have imposed an overnight curfew in the Sunni Muslim majority province of Anbar after five soldiers were killed by militants. The Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has reiterated his warning of what he called a plague of sectarianism after the worst week of violence since US troops withdrew in 2011. Mr. Maliki said the violence that's seen some 200 people killed since Tuesday had returned to Iraq from outside, an apparent reference to the Syrian conflict.

Meanwhile, Syria has dismissed as a barefaced lie, allegations from Britain and the US that it may have used chemical weapons in its fight against rebels. Our Arab affairs editor Sebastian Usher reports.
英国和美国称叙利亚可能使用化学武器来对付叛军,叙利亚称这种说法是无耻的谎言。阿拉伯事务编辑Sebastian Usher报道。

The Syrian government has already denied using chemical weapons, but the country's information minister has now launched its first big rhetorical salvo against the charges dismissing them as inconsistent with reality. He repeated the government's line that it would never use such weapons on moral and humanitarian grounds. He also expressed Damascus' distrust of US and British membership of a UN team waiting to enter Syria to gather evidence. On Friday President Obama said that if chemical weapons were proved to have been used, it would be a game changer.

The French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has asked Chad to keep its troops in Mali in order to avoid what he described as a security vacuum. Mr. Le Drian who is in Chad said he'd been speaking with the Chadian President Idriss Deby about how the troops could become part of the United Nations' force.

The famous Maracana football stadium in Rio de Janeiro reopened shortly after nearly three years of renovations to prepare for Brazil's hosting of the 2014 World Cup. The refurbishment cost nearly half a billion dollars and has faced criticism over delays, alleged overspending and government plans to privatize the stadium's management. A demonstration against privatization is scheduled outside the stadium during the opening event.

BBC News


1.arch-rival n. 主要竞争对手;劲敌

We whomped our arch rival in the season's climactic football game.

2.sober adj. 冷静的,清醒的;未醉的

He talked to us in a sober friendly fashion.

3.appalling adj. 可怕的;令人震惊的

The search was hampered by appalling weather conditions.

4.martial arts 武术

She is expert at martial arts.

5.bind vt. 绑;约束;装订;包扎;凝固

It will loose if you don't bind it fast.

6.reiterate vt. 重申;反复地做

He reiterated the importance of good health in his speech.

7.barefaced adj. 公然的;厚颜无耻的;不戴面具的

The most furious anarchist become the most barefaced apostate.

8.refurbishment n. 整修;翻新;重新磨亮

After 2003 the hotel after renovation in the absence of any refurbishment.


1.Sri Lanka's cabinet's spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella accused Canada of bending to pressure from its large Tamil Diaspora.

bend to 屈从于;向(某方向)弯曲,弯向,转向:

He bent them to his will.

She used to bend us to her wishes.

2.The discovery of the poisoned letters led to a brief shutdown of part of the US Capitol building and rattled nerves at the time when officials were also engaged in a hunt for the Boston bombers.

engage in 从事于(参加)

He engaged in a serious study of the problem.

The committee concluded that the senators had engaged in improper conduct.

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