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BBC News with Marion Marshall

Cypriots reacted with anger to news that a ten-billion-euro bailout package agreed in Brussels will force bank depositors to help foot the bill. People queued to withdraw money from cash machines and from the only bank open during the day which reacted by closing its branches. Andrew Walker reports.

Bank customers have been taken out what money they can but it’s unlikely they will be able to get round the levy while the bailout was announced in Brussels the Cypriot government was already taking steps to ensure that it would be able to collect the money. The country’s finance minister described the levy as the least worst option. President Nicos Anastasiades plans to address the nation on television tomorrow. One reason for introducing the levy is to reduce the amount of new debt the Cypriot government has to take on under the bailout but there is also a political element, a lot of the money in those bank accounts belongs to wealthy foreigners.

Pope Francis has said the Catholic Church had remembered that it’s there to serve the poor. In what’s been seen as his clearest indication that he wants a more austere church, the newly elected pontiff said he would like the church itself to be poor. The Pope told hundreds of journalists why he’d chosen to name himself after St. Francis of Assisi.

“During the election I was sitting next to the Emeritus Archbishop of Sao Paolo Cardinal Claudio Hummes. And when things were becoming dangerous, he was comforting me. And when the number of votes reached 2/3 he hugged me and kissed me and said ‘don’t forget the poor.’ And that word just stuck with me. The poor, the poor, I immediately thought of Francis of Assisi.”

The Pakistani government has made history as the first elected government since the country was founded in 1947 to complete a full five-year term. Parliament was dissolved at midnight local time and a caretaker administration is assuming power until elections expected in May. Mike Wooldridge in Islamabad heard what the outgoing prime minister had to say.

In a broadcast farewell address Raja Pervez Ashraf charted the highly checkered history of government in Pakistan over the past six and half decades. From election, he described to stolen to leaders murdered and hanged and periods under military rule. This government lasting its cause was , he said, a victory of all democratic constitutions, and in effected launching, the Pakistan people's parties pitch for reelection, Mr Ashraf said the outgoing government may not be able to provide rivers of the milk and honey, as he put it, but had tried its best to alleviate the country's problems.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has informed President Shimon Peres that he succeeded in forming a government. His coalition agreed after seven weeks of negotiations will be sworn in on Monday. It includes the centrist Yesh Atid and the pro-settler Jewish Home Parties but for the first time in a decade excludes ultra-orthodox Jewish parties. The U.S. president arrives in Israel on Wednesday.
以色列总理本雅明·内塔尼亚胡告诉总统希蒙·佩雷斯他已成功组建政府,经过7周的协商,他的联盟同意周一将宣布就职。其中包括中间派Yesh Atid、亲定居者的犹太家庭聚会党,而且10年来首次将极端正统派犹太政党排除在外。美国总统将于周三抵达以色列。

A high ranking officer in the Syrian army says he is defected with the help of rebel fighters. In an interview with the Saudi Arabia owned Al Arabiya TV, a man identified as Major General Mohammed Izz al-din Khalouf said the move had been planned for some time. High level defections from the Syrian army have been rare during the two-year uprising against President Bashar al-Assad.
叙利亚军方高级官员称他在叛军武装分子的帮助下已叛变,在接受沙特阿拉伯电视台的采访中,一名被认为是少将Mohammed Izz al-din Khalouf的男子称已经策划叛变有一些时日了。自从两年前爆发反对总统阿萨德的起义以来,叙利亚军方高层叛变还属少见。

The Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has filed a petition at the Supreme Court challenging Uhuru Kenyatta’s narrow victory in the presidential election. Mr. Odinga has accused the electoral authorities of manipulating the result. Police lob teargas canisters at hundreds of his supporters who gathered outside the courthouse. The head of Kenyan police David Kimaiyo warned against participating in demonstrations.
肯尼亚总理拉伊拉·奥廷加向最高法院提起诉讼,对乌呼鲁·肯雅塔在总统选举中微弱获胜表示不服。奥廷加指控选举当局篡改结果,警方向聚集在法院外他的数百名支持者释放催泪瓦斯。肯尼亚警察局长David Kimaiyo对参与游行表示警告。

“Unfortunately there are instances which have been noted, there are groups of people come together to discuss politics. This is not acceptable since it has the potential to generate unnecessary tensions.”

Mr. Kenyatta is facing trial at the International Criminal Court in connection with a wave of violence following the last general election in 2007 when more than 1,000 people were killed.

Zimbabweans have taken part in a referendum on a new constitution. Casting his vote, President Robert Mugabe urged people not to resort to violence. He rejected criticism that Zimbabweans hadn’t been properly informed about the draft document. Correspondents say not enough copies were printed and many people didn’t understand it. The new charter is intended to pave the way for a presidential election later this year. Both Mr. Mugabe and his Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai support the new constitution which is expected to be approved.

Rugby Union and Wales have won the Six Nations championship by beating England 30 points to 3. The victory at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff means Wales retained the title they won last year.

1.levy n. 征收;征兵,征税

eg. A direct food levy was imposed by the local government.

2.austere adj. 严峻的;简朴的;苦行的;无装饰的

eg. The speaker advocated a less austere observance of the Sabbath.

3.pontiff n. 主教,教皇;罗马教宗

eg. It will mark his first visit to the US as pontiff.

4.outgoing a.外出的;即将离职的;乐于助人的

eg. His colleagues paid generous tributes to the outgoing president.

5.checkered adj. 多变的;有方格的;多波折的

eg. He'd had a checkered past in the government.

6.courthouse n. 法院;(美)县政府所在地

eg. All the village flocked to the courthouse the next morning.

7.retain vt. 保持;雇;记住

eg. If you want to retain youthful vigor,you have to take regular exercise.

1.Cypriots reacted with anger to news that a ten-billion-euro bailout package agreed in Brussels will force bank depositors to help foot the bill.

foot the bill 负担费用,付帐

eg. Who's going to foot the bill for the damage?

eg. You order the dishes and I'll foot the bill.

eg. The celebration cost hundreds of pounds,and I wonder who's going to foot the bill.

2.Zimbabweans have taken part in a referendum on a new constitution. Casting his vote, President Robert Mugabe urged people not to resort to violence.

resort to 依靠,求助于;诉诸;常去

eg. One has sometimes to resort to these little devices.

eg. As he had a weak case and could not defend himself , he had to resort to sophistry.

eg. Some countries had to resort to barter to obtain foreign goods.

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