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BBC News with David Austin.

The president of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades says the country must accept a ten-billion-dollar bailout or face going bankrupt. There’s been widespread fury over the plan which would involve a tax of up to 10% on people’s savings. It’s led to a run on bank cash machines. In an address to the nation, the president said the bailout led by the European Union would be painful but the lesser of two evils. He hinted that he might reduce the level of tax for smaller depositors. There’ve been frantic negotiations between political parties in Cyprus ahead of a debate and vote in parliament on Monday. Mark Lowen is in Nicosia.

It’s now clear that negotiators of the bailout in Brussels drastically underestimated the reaction there would be here in Cyprus. Across the islands, there is sheer horror at the prospect of a major loss to savings. If the deal is defeated in parliament, state media say banks could be closed on Tuesday so as to avoid mass withdrawals. This is now a major political and social crisis here with protest already called for Monday. A tiny euro zone economy feels it has been blackmailed by the most powerful and the growing resentment will do nothing to foster the much-wanted European solidarity.

Two high school football players in Ohio have been found guilty of raping a paralytically drunk 16-year-old girl in a case that’s led to nationwide outrage and accusations of a cover-up. The two teenage players, Trent Mays and Ma’Lik Richmond were sentenced to at least a year in juvenile jail. The story came to light through social media where photos and videos of the abuse were circulated. It’s an aspect of the case that the Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine condemned. “Any rape is a tragedy. Any rape is very difficult. I think it’s even more difficult when the victim is continually re-victimized in the social media.” The authorities say they will look into allegations that other players did nothing to protect the girl.
俄亥俄州两名高中足球员被判强奸一名醉酒的16岁女孩,此案引起全国人民的愤慨,还有人称其中另有真相。两名少年球员Trent Mays和马力·里士满被判被关至少一年少年监狱。这件案子是由社交媒体揭露的,当时网站上流传有虐待的图片和视频。俄亥俄州大法官麦克·德维尼谴责这一点,“任何强奸案都是悲剧,任何强奸案都是痛苦的,而更痛苦的是,这名受害者在社交媒体上再次受到伤害。”据说其他球员袖手旁边没有帮助女孩,当局称将调查此事。

One of the best known criminal barristers in France Olivier Metzner has been found dead. His body was discovered floating off his private island in Brittany and reports say police are treating the case as possible suicide. Olivier Metzner, who was 63, made his name in a series of high-profile cases. His clients included the former Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega, the rogue trader Jerome Kerviel and Dominique de Villepin, France’s former Prime Minister.

The Supreme Court in the Somali capital Mogadishu has freed a journalist who’d been imprisoned for interviewing an alleged rape victim. In a case that provoked widespread international criticism, the journalist Abdiaziz Abdinur was initially sentenced to one year in prison for interviewing a woman who said she’d been raped by government soldiers. She was also given a one year sentence, but was acquitted on an appeal earlier this month.
索马里首都摩加迪沙最高法院释放一名记者,他因采访一名强奸受害者而被拘留。在那起引起国际广泛批评的案件中,记者Abdiaziz Abdinur最初被判一年监禁,罪名是采访一名自称被政府军强奸的女子。她被判一年监禁,但经上诉已于本月初获释。

World News from the BBC

Rioters have set several vehicles alight in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka ahead of a two-day general strike called by the country’s main opposition alliance. The Bangladeshi Nationalist Party called the strike to protest against the arrest of several of its leaders and activists last week. From Dhaka here is Anbarasan Ethirajan.
孟加拉国主要反对派发动举行为期两天的大罢工,而在罢工举行之前,暴乱者就点燃了首都达卡的几辆汽车。孟加拉国民族主义党呼吁罢工以抗议上月其领袖和活动人士被捕一事。Anbarasan Ethirajan在达卡报道。

Protesters in Dhaka vandalized more than a dozen minibuses and set some of them on fire in the run-up to the two-day country wide strike called by the opposition. The main opposition Bangladeshi Nationalist Party is urging the government to restore a neutral caretaker administration which used to oversee parliamentary polls. The party fears elections held under the incumbent government would not be free or fair. The protesters are also demanding for the immediate release of their leaders arrested during an earlier demonstration.

A former captain of a Greek Under-19 Football Team has been banned for life from any Greek national team after making a Nazi salute. He is Giorgios Katidis,a 20-year-old midfielder for AEK Athens. Chloe Hadjimatheou reports.
希腊青年希腊U-19前队长因行纳粹礼被禁加入希腊的任何国家队。他就是AEK队20岁的中场卡蒂的迪斯,Chloe Hadjimatheou报道。

Giorgios Katidis says he was actually pointing to a teammate sitting in the stands. But his expression of triumph for having scored a winning goal, his right arm raised with the flat palm pointing upwards look too much like a Nazi salute for the Hellenic football federation to ignore. The incident has added significance because the remarkable rise of the neo-fascist party Golden Dawn which won 18 seats in Greece’s parliament less than a year ago.

The American actor David Hasselhoff, who has a wide fan base in Germany, has joined a campaign to stop bulldozers breaching the longest surviving remnant to the Berlin Wall. Developers want to build apartments there. From a van at the site he sang, Looking for Freedom, the song he performed at the Brandenburg Gate on New Year’s Eve in 1989 shortly after the wall dividing the former East and West German had come down.
拥有众多德国粉丝的美国演员大卫·哈塞尔霍夫加入一项组织拆除幸存的最长一段柏林墙的运动,开发者希望在那里建造公寓。这名歌手在现场的一辆大货车里唱着Looking for Freedom,就在柏林墙将前东德和西德分开后不久的1989年新年前夕,哈塞尔霍夫就在布兰登堡大门演唱了这首歌曲。

1.hint vt. 暗示;示意

eg. He hinted about the purpose of his visit.

2.blackmail v.勒索,敲诈

eg. They tried to blackmail me (into giving them the money).

3.cover-up n. 掩饰;隐蔽

eg. General Schwarzkopf denied there'd been any cover-up.

4.barrister n. 律师

eg. The idea was that I should study Law and come back a barrister.

5.acquit v.无罪释放;表现;脱卸义务和责任;清偿

eg. They acquitted him of the crime.

6.incumbent n.在职者;现任者;领圣俸者

eg. In general, incumbents have a 94 per cent chance of being reelected.
通常现任官员有 94% 的几率会再次当选。

7.bulldozer n. 推土机;欺凌者,威吓者

eg. The bulldozer leveled the mount of earth.

8.remnant n.剩余,遗迹

eg. The Ainu settlers in Hokkaido are the last remnant of a prehistoric race.

1.The story came to light through social media where photos and videos of the abuse were circulated.

come to light 曝光;泄露

eg. It has come to light that he was lying.

eg. The conspiracy did not come to light until a newspaper reporter noticed.

2.Rioters have set several vehicles alight in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka ahead of a two-day general strike called by the country’s main opposition alliance.

set alight 使着火,使燃烧,使激动,令…极其兴奋:

eg. The World Cup will be set alight by African footballers.

eg. They were set alight for his cheerful speech.

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