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BBC News with Iain Purdon
Iain Purdon为你播报BBC新闻。

Parliament in Cyprus is voting on measures aimed at raising the $7.5bn the country needs to secure an international bailout. Among bills passed already by the assembly are the creation of a solidarity fund and a law giving the government powers to impose capital controls on banks. A number of bills are still being considered. Eurozone finance ministers are expected to meet in Brussels on Sunday to discuss the proposed bailout. The European Central Bank has said it will cut off emergency support to Cyprus’s financial institutions on Monday if no satisfactory deal is reached.

Turkey and Israel have agreed to restore diplomatic relations after Israel apologised for any mistakes made when Israeli troops stormed a Turkish ship carrying aid to Gaza in 2010 leaving nine activists dead. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to compensate Turkish families for their loss. Kevin Connolly reports.

After almost three years of refusing to apologise for a military assault on the Mavi Marmara that left nine Turkish political activists dead, Benjamin Netanyahu’s change of heart is a clear indication of the diplomatic clout that the United States still wields with its two key allies in a turbulent region. Mr Netanyahu’s call to his Turkish counterpart was apparently made from a trailer at Tel Aviv airport while Air Force One sat on the ground waiting to depart. The unglamorous setting and the last-minute nature of the call suggests the deal may not have been easy to broker.

The Prime Minister of Lebanon Najib Mikati has resigned after his divided cabinet was unable to agree on forthcoming elections. Jim Muir reports from Beirut.
由于黎巴嫩总理意见不一的内阁无法就即将到来的选举达成一致,总理米卡提已经辞职。Jim Muir在贝鲁特报道。

Announcing his resignation Mr Mikati said he had almost resigned twice before since taking office two years ago. The cabinet failed to agree on two important and hotly-contested issues: one was the establishment and membership of a commission to oversee general elections which are supposed to be held in June; the other was his request that the mandate of the chief of internal security should be extended to avoid a dangerous vacuum which Mr Mikati said would now occur. He hoped a new government of national salvation could be formed to save the country from going over the brink.

President Obama says he’s very concerned about Syria becoming what he called an “enclave for extremism” because of the conflict raging in the country. Mr Obama was speaking in Jordan. From Amman, Yolande Knell reports.
总统奥巴马称,他很担心叙利亚日益激烈的冲突会该国成为他所谓的“恐怖主义的老巢”。奥巴马在约旦发表讲话,Yolande Knell在阿曼报道。

This was an important final stop-off for Mr Obama recognising what he called an invaluable ally. But it was also a chance to hear first-hand how the war in Syria has spilled into neighbouring Jordan. King Abdullah told him that the arrival of 460,000 Syrian refugees was a heavy burden and predicted numbers would double by the end of the year. The president promised to ask Congress for another $200m in humanitarian support.

World News from the BBC

Government forces in the Central African Republic say they have halted a rebel advance towards the capital Bangui. A BBC reporter in the city said he saw a military helicopter heading out of the city. Earlier rebels forced their way through a checkpoint 70km north of Bangui. Our reporter says fighting is continuing in Demara and that the atmosphere in Bangui is very tense.

Tributes have been paid to the Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe who has died at the age of 82. He was most famous for his first novel Things Fall Apart. Richard Hamilton reports.
尼日利亚作家齐诺瓦·阿切比的葬礼已经结束,他终年82岁。他的第一步小说《 瓦解》使他一举成名,理查德·汉密尔顿报道。

Chinua Achebe’s family spoke of the loss of a husband, father and grandfather, describing him as one of the great literary voices of his time. A spokesman for the governor of Nigeria’s Anambra state, where the author’s Things Fall Apart was born, said the world had lost one of its finest writers and Africa had lost a literary gem. A statement from the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory offered its condolences to the family. The centre referred to a previous quote by the former South African president who spent 27 years in jail, in which he said “Professor Achebe was a writer in whose company the prison walls fell down”.
齐诺瓦·阿切比的谈到妻子失去了丈夫,儿女失去了父亲,儿孙失去了祖父,称他是这个时代最伟大的文学家。他的小说《 瓦解》就是在尼日利亚阿南布拉州诞生的,该州州长发言人称世界失去了最好的作家,非洲失去了一颗文学珍宝。纳尔逊曼德拉纪念中心在声明中向他的家人表示了慰问。纪念中心引用这位入狱27载的前总统的话,他说“和阿切比教授这样的作家在一起,监狱也会轰然坍塌。”

Police in Brazil say 16 people will face criminal charges in connection with a deadly fire at the Kiss nightclub in January. Two hundred and forty-one people were killed when insulation foam caught fire and spread toxic fumes through the packed venue in the southern town of Santa Maria. The singer, the band’s producer, the club’s owners and two officials responsible for fire safety will be charged with manslaughter.

Croatia has beaten Serbia 2:0 in a football World Cup qualifier played under heavy security and a hostile atmosphere. The Serbian national anthem was booed at the start of the match and the home crowd in the Croatian capital Zagreb continued with songs aimed at offending the guests.

1.restore vt. 恢复;修复;归还

eg. The doctor restored him to his sight.

2.compensate vt. 补偿,赔偿;付报酬

eg. The company compensated him for the extra hours he worked.

3.clout n. 影响力;势力

eg. The two firms wield enormous clout in financial markets.

4.wield vt. 使用;行使;挥舞

eg. She wields two languages in her office.

5.mandate n. 授权;命令,指令;

eg. He was unrelenting in his pursuit of legal mandate.

6.halt v.使停止;使立定

eg. The plan for armistice talks was halted.

7.condolence n. 哀悼;慰问

eg. He expressed his condolences to the families of the people who died in the incident.

8.insulation n.绝缘;隔离,孤立

eg. Please examine the insulation of the electric wires in my house.

1.Among bills passed already by the assembly are the creation of a solidarity fund and a law giving the government powers to impose capital controls on banks.

impose on 利用;欺骗;施加影响于

eg. Heavy duties are imposed on imports.

eg. The conditions imposed on volunteers were stringent.

2.The centre referred to a previous quote by the former South African president who spent 27 years in jail, in which he said “Professor Achebe was a writer in whose company the prison walls fell down”.

refer to 参考;涉及;指的是;适用于

eg. He never referred to his sisters in his letters.

eg. If you don't know the spelling of a word, you should refer to a dictionary.

fall down 跌倒;失败;倒塌

eg. The old lady fell down in the street and broke her leg.

eg. Your plan fell down when it proved too costly.

eg. The old house soon fell down.

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