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BBC News with Marion Marshall

Finance ministers from the 17 countries using the euro are making last-minute attempts in Brussels to prevent the collapse of the banking system in Cyprus. The European Central Bank has warned it would suspend emergency funding for Cypriot banks unless a new plan is agreed by Monday. Christian Fraser is in Brussels.

The Cypriots feel they've been very badly done, too, in the words of, as one Cypriot MP, they feel like they're negotiating with a gun to the head. But the equally strong rhetoric from the Germans. Wolfgang Schaeuble, who came into the meeting tonight, said that he wanted to help the Cypriot, also said that he wanted a sense of realism from the Cypriots. And up to all that, in the Financial Times tonight, difficulties have been reported in the relationship between the IMF and the European commission who were the two key brokers in these bailout deals.

Rebels in the Central Africa Republic have taken control of the capital Banqui seizing the presidential palace. A spokesman for the Seleka rebel coalition Eric Massi spoke to the BBC. "Seleka occupies all strategic points and has taken control of the capital. The chairman of the Seleka will make a statement to the nation in the coming hours. Our priorities for now, to reinstall security throughout the national territory, we called on all forces of the nation to unite, to rebuild the country."
中非共和国叛军夺取首都班基并占领总统府,Seleka叛军联盟发言人Eric Massi告诉BBC。“Seleka占领了所有战略据点,还控制了首都。Seleka的领袖几小时后将对全国发表声明,目前我们的重中之重是恢复全国的安定,我们呼吁全国各方力量团结起来重建国家。”

President Francois Bozize has fled the city. Government officials in the neighbouring Democratic Republican of Congo said the president and his family had arrived there. A humanitarian worker in Banqui described the situation as chaotic.

More than 120 prisoners in eastern Nigeria have escaped after armed men tore down the gate of the jail and forces the cells open. The prison was one of the several locations targeted in the town of Ganye near the border with Cameroon. A bank and at least one bar were also hit. The militant Islamist group Boko Haram is suspected of carrying out the simultaneous attacks, which police say, killed 25 people.

Hundreds of thousands people have demonstrated in Paris against plans to legalize gay marriage and adoption. Police fired tear gas to stop sections of the crowd breaking through into the Champs Elysees. Hugh Schofield reports from Paris.

It was the second monster demonstration against gay marriage that French capital has seen inside two months. There are some organizers called for a mass rally on one of the avenues leaving off the Arc de Triomphe. Once again, as in the first demonstration in January, it was a vast crowd. And once again most people said their motivation was not gay marriage as such, but their fears for the children of gay couples once they enjoyed the right to adopt. The bill goes before the upper house the senate in the early April were given the socialist majority there is likely to pass, meaning that gay marriage and adoption should be legalized in France by the middle of the year.

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The Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has warned that he may take steps to protect the nation after clashes on Friday between the Muslim Brotherhood to which he belongs and opposition protesters. Mr Morsi said he didn't want to be dragged into having to make a harsh decision. Opposition protesters attacked the Brotherhood offices in several cities and more than 150 people were injured in the clashes, the worst this year. An opposition spokesman described Mr Morsi's comments as scary, saying they could herald repressive measures.

The Syrian opposition leader Moaz al-Khatib has resigned from the Syrian National Coalition just four months after taking the post. But the SNC reported to have asked him to stay on. Jim Muir reports.
叙利亚反对派领袖Moaz al-Khatib从叙利亚全国联盟(SNC)辞职,他四个月前刚接任此职。但据悉SNC曾请求他继续留任,吉姆·缪尔报道。

Moaz al-Khatib didn't spell out his reasons for resigning after barely four months in the job. But the signs up that was triggered by the election last week of Ghassan Hitto to head a new opposition interim government, a step that Mr al-Khatib believe to be premature. The rebel Free Syrian Army has also said it will not recognize Mr Hitto, because it said, he was not elected by consensus but imposed by outside powers.
Moaz al-Khatib并未解释为何刚上任四个月就辞职的原因,但有迹象表明这是因为上周加萨尼·希托当选为反对派新临时政府总理,al-Khatib认为这有些仓促。叛军“自由叙利亚军”称将不认可希托,但表示希托并不是通过一致同意当选的,而是有外界力量的作用。

Police in Britian say they've found no evidence that anyone else was involved in the death of the exiled Russian oligarch, Boris Berezovsky, whose body was found at a property near London. Mr Berezovsky was once a Kremlin insider, who amassed a huge fortune after the breakup of the Soviet Union, but he fled to Britain after falling out with President Putin.

Police in Colombia say they've seized half a ton of cocaine hidden in a shipment of bricks. Officers said the drugs would have been worth close to $2m if sold on the streets of the United States. The cocaine was found stashed inside cases full of bricks in the Colombian port city of Cartagena, ready for shipment to Honduras. Police suspect that the construction firm behind the shipment was set up solely for the purpose of smuggling drugs.

1.last-minute adj. 最后的,紧急关头的;归根究底的

eg. He changed his plans at the last minute.

2.rhetoric n. 修辞,修辞学;华丽的词藻

eg. Behind all the rhetoric, his relations with the army are dangerously poised.

3.reinstall vt. 重新设置,重新安装;使从新正式就职

eg. The system is corrupt. Try running ScanDisk and then reinstall the application.
系统已经损坏. 请运行磁盘扫描工具,然后重新安装应用程序.

4.simultaneous adj. 同时的;联立的;同时发生的

eg. The conference hall is provided with facilities for simultaneous interpretation in five languages.

5.harsh adj. 严厉的;严酷的;刺耳的;粗糙的;刺目的

eg. When talking about cooperation agreement, they held out several harsh terms.

6.herald vt. 通报;预示…的来临

eg. One falling leaf heralds the coming of autumn.

7.premature adj. 早产的;不成熟的;比预期早的

eg. It is yet premature to predict the possible outcome of the dialogue.
预言这次对话可能有什么结果, 现在还为时过早。

8.stash v.存放;贮藏

eg. They stashed the guns away under the ground.

1.More than 120 prisoners in eastern Nigeria have escaped after armed men tore down the gate of the jail and forces the cells open.

tear down 扯下;诋毁;拆卸;逐条驳斥

eg. The invading troops tore down the people's houses by force.

eg. He tore down the notice.

2.Mr Berezovsky was once a Kremlin insider, who amassed a huge fortune after the breakup of the Soviet Union, but he fled to Britain after falling out with President Putin.

fall out 发生;脱落;争吵;离队;结果是

eg. Most married people fall out over money.

eg. I don't like to fall out with my friends.

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