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塞浦路斯总统阿那斯·塔西亚迪斯(Nicos Anastasiades)为100亿欧元救助计划辩护,拯救银行免于倒闭。


BBC News with Marion Marshall.
Marion Marshall为您报道BBC新闻。

The president of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, has defended a 10bn euro bailout deal to save the country’s banks from collapse. Mr Anastasiades, who negotiated the agreement with the EU and the IMF in Brussels, said in a televised address that the agreement laid the foundation for the future of the country.
塞浦路斯总统阿那斯·塔西亚迪斯(Nicos Anastasiades)为100亿欧元救助计划辩护,拯救银行免于倒闭。在布鲁塞尔与欧盟和国际货币基金组织磋商该协议的阿那斯·塔西亚迪斯在电视讲话中表示,该协议为国家的未来奠定了基础。

"Cyprus found itself at(on) the brink of economic disaster. Our choices were not easy and it was not an easy environment. After hard negotiation to a sense of responsibility, we got to a conclusion that safeguards the future of the country. The agreement is hard, but under the circumstances it is the best possible we could have achieved.”

The Cyprus deal protects small savers, but depositors with more than 100,000 euros, many of whom are Russian, face big losses.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced plans to tighten the rules on state welfare to immigrants. People from other European Union countries will lose unemployment benefits after six months unless they can prove they have a reasonable chance of finding work. Rob Watson has more.
英国首相卡梅伦宣布了收紧移民福利政策的计划。六个月后,来自欧盟其他国家的移民将不再享受失业补贴,除非他们能够证明自己有找到工作的合理机会。Rob Watson报道详细内容。

Opinion polls suggest immigration is among the voters’ biggest concerns. Now David Cameron has become the latest politician to join the debate on immigration with a promise to tighten the access of newcomers from the EU to benefits, social housing and free healthcare. It’s not thought the new rules will have a massive impact, but for David Cameron the message is more important than the measures-- the message being that the government is listening to the voters on immigration.

The European Union has suspended most of the sanctions it imposed on dozens of people close to the Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe after the country approved a new constitution curbing the president’s powers. But Mr Mugabe himself remains on the sanctions list. Mike Wooldridge reports.
津巴布韦通过了限制总统权力的新宪法之后,欧盟取消了对亲近津巴布韦总统罗伯特·穆加贝(Robert Mugabe)的数十人的制裁。但是穆加贝本人仍然列在被制裁的名单上。Mike Wooldridge报道。

The new constitution expanding civil liberties was approved in what the EU praises as a “peaceful, successful and credible referendum”. The sanctions, travel bans and the asset freezes were imposed after the disputed presidential elections of 2002. Lifting them on all on the list with the exception of President Mugabe, nine other individuals and two companies is clearly intended as encouragement to further political progress and a demonstration of continuing concern.

The United Nations is moving about half of its international staff out of Syria because of concerns for their safety. The decision comes after mortar shells fell near a hotel used by UN staff in the capital Damascus. The building and UN vehicle were damaged. The organisation has 100 foreign staff in Syria.

World News from the BBC.

An aide to the prime minister of Haiti has been killed in a drive by shooting in the capital Port-au-Prince. Georges Henry Honorat was shot dead outside his home by two masked men on a motorcycle. Mr Honorat also worked as the editor-in-chief of a newspaper and as secretary general of the Popular National Party.
海地总理一名助手驱车时在首都太子港被杀害。Georges Henry Honorat在家外被两名骑摩托车的蒙面男子枪杀。Honorat还是一家报社的主编和大众国民党的秘书长。

The internet company Yahoo has bought an application created by a British teenager in a deal reported to be worth tens of millions of dollars. Called Summly, the app summarises news stories from media companies. It was created two years ago by 17-year-old Nick D'Aloisio who lives in London. He told the BBC what the app can do.

"Summly is an iPhone app that I launched in November and what we are doing is to build a summarisation technology that can take any news article and automatically summarise it into these paragraphs. And the idea is that these paragraphs will look easier to read than full-length news articles when you have an iPhone and you just want to get a catch-up of what’s going on.”

The app’s technology is to be used in Yahoo mobile products and Mr D’Aloisio will become Yahoo’s youngest employee. His start-up company was backed by investors including the Chinese entrepreneur Li Ka-shing and the artist Yoko Ono.

Tiger Woods has reclaimed the world No.1 ranking for the first time since 2010. He regained golf’s No.1 spot after winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational in the US state of Florida. More from our sports news reporter Alex Capstick.
泰格·伍兹自2010年以来首次重新获得世界第一的排名。在美国弗洛里达州阿诺德·帕尔默邀请赛(Arnold Palmer Invitational)中获胜之后,他重新获得高尔夫球世界第一的称号。体育新闻记者Alex Capstick报道更详细内容。

Tiger Woods is back leading the pack. He put it down to hard work and patience as well as the three tournament wins this year. It’s been a long difficult struggle which began when his car hit a fire hydrant outside his home in November, 2009.What followed was the undignified spectacle of a global icon’s fall from grace. A previously unblemished image ripped apart by a series of tawdry revelations. His marriage ended. His golf suffered. Various injuries didn’t help. Some said he would never be the player he was.

1.defend vt.& vi. 辩护; 保卫

eg. He got the best advocate in town to defend him.

2.foundation n.(作为某事的)基本原则、思想或事实;基础

eg. So kids graduate from school with virtually no financial foundation.

3.tighten v.(使)变紧;加强

eg. Some countries tighten monetary policy to avoid inflation.

4.massive adj.大而重的,结实的

eg. The world's largest public square has been turned into a massive garden.

5.approve v.赞成,同意;赞许;批准;认可

eg. Nobody would approve your ideal plans for reforming the system of government.

6.summarise v.概括

eg. I will summarise what I have done.

7.reclaim v.取回

eg. I have tried to reclaim my money without success.

8.spectacl n. 奇观,壮观

eg. He got drunk and made a spectacle of himself in the club.

9.tawdry a.廉价而俗丽的,非常华丽的

eg. The main street has assumed its tawdry prosperity with discomfort.

1.The new constitution expanding civil liberties was approved in what the EU praises as a “peaceful, successful and credible referendum”.



例如:1. What Jack had said inspired all of us greatly. 杰克所说的话极大地鼓舞了我们。

2. What is to be learned from bat experiments, as far as this chapter is concerned, is not what we think we know about how bats fly. 就本章内容来说,要从蝙蝠实验中学习的东西,并不是我们认为已知的有关蝙蝠如何飞翔的内容。

说明: what引导的从句作主语时,其谓语动词通常为单数形式。例如:
What Tom said is reasonable. 汤姆说的话有些道理。
What we usually call metals are not metals, but alloys. 通常我们叫做金属的东西其实并不是纯金属,而是合金。

例如:3. The president’s meaning is just what we want to express. 主席所表达的意思正是我们所要说的。
4. A computer is what can be used to write e-mail, to search information, to do shopping and so on. 电脑就是可以用来写邮件、查信息、购物等等的东西。
5. Gravity makes you weigh what you weigh. 地球引力使人称得现有的重量。
6. An individual is to a country what a drop of water is to the sea. 一个人对于他的国家来说,就如大海中的一滴水。

例如:7. Tell me what you want to be when you grow up. 告诉我你长大了想干什么。
8. Ideas of what are good manners are different in different countries. 不同的国家对什么是有礼貌的观念是不一样的。


例如:9. We will try our best to make the factory twice what it is today. 我们将竭尽全力使工厂比现在的规模扩大一倍。
10. They have not changed the computer programme what it used to be. 他们没有改变电脑以前的程序。

五、what引导的从句有时用在“分数 + of”或倍数之后,表示一种数量关系。实际上,这些what从句在of后面作宾语。
例如:11. A hammer on the moon weighs only 1/6 of what it does on the earth. 在月球上一个榔头的重量仅为它在地球上的1/6。
12. The output of our factory is now three times what it was six years ago. 我们厂目前的产量是六年前的三倍。

2.Lifting them on all on the list with the exception of President Mugabe.

with the exception of除...以外

All his novels are set in Italy with the exception of his last.

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