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南非总统雅各布·祖马 (Jacob Zuma) 敦促人们不要为纳尔逊·曼德拉(Nelson Mandela)突然入院感到担心。


BBC news with Mario Howget.
Mario Howget为您报道BBC新闻。

South Africa's president Jacque Zuma has urged people not to be alarmed over Nelson Mandela's sudden admission to hospital. Mr. Mandela was taken to hospital on Thursday night on the advice of his doctors. He's said to be responding well to treatment for a recurring lung infection. In a BBC interview, President Zuma said people should not panic. I don't think people must be alarmed about it in what was seen. Let us low down the anxiety. He is responding very well. And he is in good hands of very good doctors. And I think all of that brings comfort to all of us. And I would like to very to say the country must not panic. Diva was fine. And we'd like to say to him, Diva, please get better quicker. We want to see you at all.
南非总统雅各布·祖马 (Jacob Zuma) 敦促人们不要为纳尔逊·曼德拉(Nelson Mandela)突然入院感到担心。周四晚上,曼德拉在医生的建议下被带到医院。据说,曼德拉入院是由于肺部感染,目前治疗状况良好。在BBC采访中,总统祖马表示,民众不需惊慌。“我认为人们不需要为目前的情况担心。我们不要着急。曼德拉的治疗情况很好。为他进行治疗的是非常好的医生。我认为,这让我们所有人都感到安心。我想告诉大家,不要惊慌。曼德拉现在很好。我们想对他说,请快点好转。我们都希望重新看到你。”

Three former Supreme Court judges in Cyprus have been asked to investigate possible criminal activity in the country's banking crisis. The Cypriot government said judges would examine decisions and actions at all levels. Constinos Petrides is the spokesman for the Cypriot government. The mandate of the investigative committee will be widespread. We will study all decisions, actions, or reactions at all levels from political decisions to decisions of governing boards of banks,supervising authorities and anyone else the committee deems needs to be investigated.
塞浦路斯三名前最高法院法官受命调查该国银行危机中可能出现的犯罪活动。塞浦路斯表示,这三位法官将对各个级别的决策和措施进行逐一审查。 Constinos Petrides是塞浦路斯政府发言人。调查委员会的权利将会非常广泛。我们将对所有级别的决策,措施或反应进行调查,从政治决策到银行管理层的决策,从监管部门到任何需要调查的人。

Earlier, banks had opened for the first time in almost two weeks. And queues outside were long but orderly. BBC's Nigel Cassidy reports from Nicosia. The country's president thanked people for what he called their maturity. But this doesn't mean people here have come to terms with events. It's not just the huge losses facing those with more than 100,000 Euros in their accounts. To trounce stop bank runs, Cyprus has imposed a string of restrictions on sending money abroad. It's not even possible to cash a check. It has to be paid in and cleared first. Such restrictions on the free movement of money have never been seen before in the European Union. The finance minister says they are temporary. But the history of similar capital controls in other countries suggests such safeguards are difficult to remove because of the renewed risk of another bank run.
此前,银行接近两周来首次开放。外面的人流排起长队但是井然有序。BBC记者Nigel Cassidy在尼科西亚报道。塞浦路斯总统对民众表现出的成熟表示感谢。但是这并不意味着人们对该事件作出了妥协。不仅仅是账户金额超过10万欧元的储户面临巨大损失。为了严厉制止挤兑现象,塞浦路斯出台了一系列限制国外花费的措施。甚至现金支票也受到限制。必须首先进行支付并清除。这种限制金钱自由流动的措施此前在欧盟从未出现过。财政部长表示这只是暂时的。但是其他国家类似的资本控制的历史表明,由于担心银行挤兑现象复发,这种限制措施很难取消。

More information has been released about the man who shot dead 20 children and 6 teachers at a school in Newtown Connecticut last year. The search of the home of 20-year-old Adam Lazar revealed a large arsenal suggesting he was obsessed with fire arms. Police said they found rifle assaults in more than thousand rounds of ammunition.
关于去年康涅狄格州牛顿市校园枪杀20名儿童和6名教师的凶手有更多信息披露。对20岁的亚当·兰扎(Adam Lanza)家中进行搜查发现的武器显示他对轻武器非常痴迷。警方表示,他们在1,000多发子弹的射击中发现了凶手是使用来福枪进行袭击。

Syrian state television says 15 people were killed and 20 injured in a mortar attack on Damascus University. Shells struck the university's cafeteria. The rebel Free Syrian Army say they've stepped up their assault on the Syrian capital after receiving fresh supplies of weapons.
叙利亚国家电视台表示,大马士革大学发生迫击炮袭击,造成15人死亡,20人受伤。炮弹击中了大学的自助餐厅。反政府力量叙利亚自由军(Free Syrian Army)表示,收到新的武器供应后,他们加强了对叙利亚首都的袭击。

World news from the BBC.

United Nations Security Council has approved the creation of special forces team to combat rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Security Council resolution calls the deployment of 2000-3000 soldiers whose mission is to disarm rebels. Diplomats said it was the first time that UN had given an offensive mandate to its troops which were normally deployed in peace-keeping operations. The task force will be part of the existing UN mission in Congo which currently has nearly 18,000 soldiers.

Pope Francis has washed the feet of inmates of young offenders' prison in Rome. The ritual which Pope Francis celebrated for years as an archbishop is seen as part of his push for the Catholic Church to reach out to the needy. David Willey reports.
教皇弗朗西斯在罗马少年犯监狱为年轻犯人洗脚。教皇弗朗西斯作为大主教多年来一直进行的这项仪式被视为他努力推动天主教堂帮助有需要的人。David Willey报道。

Pope Francis travelled to Roman suburb to carry out a traditional east ritual in a new setting, not a church, but a prison for young offenders. He washed feet of 10 young men and two women. One of them is a Muslim girl from Serbia, the other from Italy. It was an act of humility, Pope Francis explained in a short homily to show that he is at the service of others,particularly the poor and the marginalized.

The leader of the center-left in Italy Pier Luigi Bersani says he has failed in his attempt to form a government. The Italian President Georgia Napolitano was holding a new round of talks with Italy's main political parties on Friday in an effort to break the deadlock. After last month's inconclusive elections, Italian political parties have been unable to reach an agreement on the new government.
意大利中左翼联盟领导人贝尔萨尼(Pier Luigi Bersani)表示,他组建新政府的努力失败。意大利总统纳波利塔诺(Napolitano)周五与意大利主要的政治党派举行了新一轮的会谈,试图打破僵局。上月非决定性的选举过后,意大利各党派已难以就组建新政府达成一致。

Thousands of Chilean students demanding education reforms have fought with police on the streets of capital Santiago. They threw petrol bombs at the riot police who responded with tear gas and water cannons. The authority said 60 people were detained. Students in Chile have been protesting regularly for more than a year, calling for free, high quality education.

1.alarmed adj.紧张,慌张,担心

I'm rather alarmed that you're planning to leave the company.

2.admission n.准许进入

We attached a condition to his admission to our school.

3.mandate n.授权; 任期; 委任; 命令

He was unrelenting in his pursuit of legal mandate.

4.trounce vt.使大败; 痛打

You may want to reinforce your leadership in a market or trounce a competitive brand.

5.reveal vt.显露; 揭露; 泄露

The journalist did not want to reveal the identity of his informant.

6.obsessed adj.着迷的; 一门心思的

He was obsessed with American gangster movies.

7.disarm vt.使缴械; 使息怒; 解除武装

It is difficult to persuade the superpowers to disarm.

8.offensive adj.进攻(性)的,攻击的,攻势的

The young man was trailing his coat by making such offensive remarks.

9.deadlock n.僵局; 停顿,停滞

The negotiations reached a deadlock after two hours.

1.But this doesn't mean people here have come to terms with events.

come to terms达成协议,妥协,让步

He can come to terms with being poor.

2.To trounce stop bank runs, Cyprus has imposed a string of restrictions on sending money abroad.

a string of一系列

He obtained a string of wins.

3.The rebel Free Syrian Army say they've stepped up their assault on the Syrian capital after receiving fresh supplies of weapons.

step up (使)增加; (使)加快速度

We should step up the development of infrastructure for research.

4.The ritual which Pope Francis celebrated for years as an archbishop is seen as part of his push for the Catholic Church to reach out to the needy.

reach out to接触,联系

Let's reach out to the foreigners when they are in trouble.

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