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已证实赢得肯尼亚总统选举的乌乎鲁·肯雅塔(Uhuru Kenyatta)承诺将无歧视地与所有国民合作。此前,最高法庭维持了原来的选举结果,驳回了其主要竞争对手奥廷加(Raila Odinga)的挑战。


BBC News with Sue Montgomery.
Sue Montgomery为您报道BBC新闻。

Uhuru Kenyatta who has been confirmed as the winner of Kenya’s presidential election has promised to work with all his countrymen without discrimination. Earlier the Supreme Court upheld the election result and dismissed the challenge by his main rival Raila Odinga. Mr. Odinga told the BBC that while he didn't agree with all of the court’s findings, he respected the decision and wanted to avoid bloodshed. Two people have been killed in unrest in the western city of Kisumu, following the Supreme Court ruling. Our Africa editor Richard Hamilton reports.
已证实赢得肯尼亚总统选举的乌乎鲁·肯雅塔(Uhuru Kenyatta)承诺将无歧视地与所有国民合作。此前,最高法庭维持了原来的选举结果,驳回了其主要竞争对手奥廷加(Raila Odinga)的挑战。奥廷加(Raila Odinga)告诉BBC,尽管他并不赞同法庭的所有结论,然而他尊重法庭的决定,希望避免流血事件。最高法庭公布裁决后,西部城市基苏木发生动荡,造成两人丧生。我们的非洲编辑Richard Hamilton报道。

By accepting the court’s decision so quickly, Raila Odinga seems to have prevented a dissent into bloodshed that so many had feared. The prime minister said Kenyan should not let elections divide them and predicted that the future was bright. For his part, Mr. Kenyatta called his former rival his brother and urged him to work together with the new government. However no one is under any illusion that the new president will enjoy a honeymoon in period. He is due to go on trial at the ICC in the Hague in relation to the violence that followed the 2007 election.
如此迅速地接受法庭的裁决,奥廷加(Raila Odinga)似乎避免了异议转化为许多人担心的流血事件。这位总理表示,肯尼亚不应该让选举导致分裂,他还预测未来是光明的。从他的角度讲,肯雅塔(Uhuru Kenyatta)称他的前对手为他的兄弟,敦促他与新政府通力合作。然而,任何人都不会幻想新总统可以享受一段时间的蜜月期。因为涉嫌与2007年选举过后的暴力事件有关,他将在海牙国际刑事法庭接受审判。

Large savers at the Bank of Cyprus, the country’s biggest commercial lender, could see as much as 60% of their deposits wiped out as the result of the European bailout deal. The Central Bank has confirmed the figure which is higher than previously thought. People with more than 100,000 Euros will have 37.5% of their savings converted into near worthless shares. Another 22.5% of their funds will be frozen without interest.

Italy’s President Giorgio Napolitano has crushed speculation that he might resign, saying he will remain in office until his mandate ends in May. Mr. Napolitano also announced this establishment of two working groups which will examine ways to form a government. He's been trying to broker a compromise between the major parties following last month’s inconclusive general election. Alan Johnston reports.
意大利总统乔治·纳波利塔诺(Giorgio Napolitano)粉碎了人们对他可能辞职的猜测。他说,他将继续执政,直到五月份任期结束。纳波利塔诺还宣布成立两个工作组,致力于寻找组建新政府的方法。上月非决定性的大选过后,他一直努力促成主要政党之间达成妥协。Alan Johnston报道。

All through Friday President Napolitano held talks with the major political factions but no progress was made. And overnight there was intense speculation that the president might step down but he's ruled that out. These also thought to calm the situation. He's pointed out that Italy does have a government. The outgoing administration of Prime Minister Mario Monti is still running the country. All the same, the president went on to stress the urgency of installing a new government in the aftermath of last month’s election.
周五一整天,总统纳波利塔诺都在与主要政治派系举行会谈,但是没有取得任何进展。一夜之间,人们广泛猜测总统可能会辞职,然而他排除了这种可能性。这似乎也暂时平静了形势。他指出,意大利还有政府在运作。即将离职的蒙蒂(Mario Monti)政府仍在运作。同样,总统继续强调了上月选举后组建新政府的迫切性。

At least twenty people are now known to have been killed in Tanzania when a building collapsed in the city of Dar es Salaam on Friday. A rescue worker told the BBC that at least three children were among the dead. He said rescuers were continuing the search but had given up hope of finding survivors. Dozens of people are still missing.

World News from the BBC.

Egypt’s public prosecutor has ordered the arrest of a popular satirist Bassem Youssef for allegedly insulting Islam and President Mohammed Morsi. Mr. Youssef’s TV program has sparked more controversy than any other show in the country. Activists say this case and other complaints against journalists endanger free speech in Egypt.
埃及公共检控官下令逮捕著名的讽刺诗作者尤赛夫(Bassem Youssef),因为他涉嫌侮辱伊斯兰和总统穆希(Mohamed Morsi)。尤赛夫主持的电视节目比全国其他任何节目引发的争论都多。活动积极分子表示,该案件和对记者的其他控告使埃及的言论自由岌岌可危。

King Abdullah of Jordan has sworn in the new government led by a reformist Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour. His appointment came after the king took the unprecedented step of consulting parliament. Previously it had no role in forming governments. The new cabinet will face a task of implementing measures to try to reduce Jordan’s three-billion-dollar deficit. Here is Dale Gavlak.
约旦国王阿布杜拉宣誓就任改革主义者阿卜杜拉·恩苏尔(Abdullah Ensour)总理领导的新政府。阿卜杜拉·恩苏尔(Abdullah Ensour)的任命是在国王采取前所未有的举动,组建协商议会之后。此前,议会并不参与组建政府。新内阁将面临采取措施减少约旦30亿美元赤字的任务。Dale Gavlak报道。

Reform-minded Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour has merged several portfolios to cut spending in the cash-strapped kingdom which is facing a three-billion-dollar deficit. Jordan hopes to cut its budget deficit by about a third this year to curb the impact of soaring fuel import cost and high social spending designed to deter the kind of uprising scene in neighboring Arab states. Late last year, Prime Minister Ensour ended fuel subsidies, triggering nationwide protest, some demanding that the king stepped down.
改革派总理阿卜杜拉·恩苏尔(Abdullah Ensour)合并了几个部门来削减支出,现在这个王国已经面临30亿美元的赤字。约旦希望今年将预算赤字减少三分之一,抑制不断上升的燃料进口成本和居高不下的用于防止类似阿拉伯国家动荡局面的社会支出带来的影响。去年年末,总理恩苏尔停止发放燃料补贴,引发了全国范围的抗议,一些人要求国王下台。

French police have foiled the thief to the elephant tusks from the Natural History Museum in Paris. A 20-year-old man broke into the museum overnight and used the chainsaw to remove one of the tusks from an elephant that once belong to the French King Louis XIV. The man fled when the museum’s alarms went off. He was caught by police in a nearby street. Museum’s staff say they are confident the tusk can be restored.

An Indian restaurant in Britain has created an Easter egg which it says is up to ten times hotter than a vindaloo curry or the equivalent of 400 bottles of Tabasco sauce. Diners wishing to sample a chocolate have to be over 18, sign a disclaimer and must on protective gloves.

1.discrimination n.歧视

They abhor all forms of racial discrimination.

2.uphold vt.支持;维持

We will loyally uphold the principles of the United Nations.

3.dismiss v.驳回,拒绝受理

4.speculation n.思考,思索,推断,推测

Speculation was rife as to whom the prince might marry.

5.mandate n. 授权;任期;委任;命令

The President had a clear mandate to end the war.

6.broker v.(国家或政府作为中间人)协调,安排

7.outgoing adj.即将离职的

She is the outgoing head of a large corporation.

8.install vt. 安装; 安顿,安置; 任命

In 1958 Washington decided to install a reliably prowestern regime.

9.endanger vt.危及,使遭受危险

He will endanger his freedom and even his life.

10.deter v.制止,威慑,使不敢

A cloudy sky may deter a man from undertaking a journey.

1.He is due to go on trial at the ICC in the Hague in relation to the violence that followed the 2007 election.

in relation to与…有关

I have a lot to say in relation to that affair.

2.People with more than 100,000 Euros will have 37.5% of their savings converted into near worthless shares.

convert into(使)转而变为…

I must convert sorrow into strength.

3.And overnight there was intense speculation that the president might step down but he's ruled that out.

step down退休,辞职

The manager had to step down on account of poor health.

rule out宣布…不可能,排除…的可能性

The regulations rule out anyone under the age of eighteen.

4.All the same, the president went on to stress the urgency of installing a new government in the aftermath of last month’s election.

in the aftermath of在……之后,在……结果之后

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