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BBC News with John Jason.
John Jason为您报道BBC新闻。

The Malian army backed by French forces has repelled an attack by Islamist militants in the northern city of Timbuktu. French troops pushed the militants out of the city earlier this year, but sporadic fighting has continued. Tomma Fessy reports from Bamako.
受到法国力量支持的马里军队在北部城市廷巴克图击退了伊斯兰好战分子的袭击。今年早些时候,法国军队将这些好战分子驱逐出该城市,但是零星的战斗仍在继续。Tomma Fessy在巴马科报道。

What happened is that a group of Jihadists managed to infiltrate the town over night. A long fire fight lasted hours overnight between the Jihad fighters and the Malian army. It's only when the French intervenes on the ground and by the air according to the residents there that the battle was taken to an end this afternoon. A Malian officer I spoke to over the phone told me that he was able to confirm that death of at least 8 Jihad fighters. And he told me that one Malian soldier was also killed in the fierce fighting this afternoon, and four others wounded.

Nigerian troops say they've killed 14 suspected members of the Islamist rebel group Boko Haram in a raid on a building in the northern city of Kano. A military spokesman said a soldier was killed in the raid and a potential suicide bomber was arrested. From Lagos, here's Tomi Oladipo.
尼日利亚军队表示,今天下午突袭北部城市卡诺一栋建筑时,他们击毙了伊斯兰反叛组织“博科圣地”14名可疑成员。军队一名发言人表示,一名士兵在突袭行动中遇难,一名潜在的自杀式爆炸分子被逮捕。拉各斯,Tomi Oladipo报道。

Residents in some parts of Kano said they heard explosions and gunfire as the soldiers fought Islamist militants on Sunday morning. A military spokesman says security forces found several weapons belonging to the extremists including a car loaded with explosives, possibly to be used for an Easter Sunday attack. There's been no independent confirmation of the details of this clash. In the past major Christian holidays in northern Nigeria have been blacked by bomb attacks particularly targeting churches. Much of the violence across the region has been blamed on the radical Boko Haram sect.

Doctors in South Africa reporting a further improvement in the condition of the former president Nelson Mandela. President Jacob Zuma thanked that thousands of people who prayed for the former leader at various Easter church services over the weekend. From Johannesburg, here's Peter Biles.
南非医生报告,前总统曼德拉的身体状况有了进一步改善。总统祖马(Jacob Zuma)感谢周末期间在不同的复活节教堂弥撒中为前总统祈祷的数千名民众。Peter Biles在约翰内斯堡报道。

A statement from the South African presidency said Nelson Mandela had had a restful day and was continuing to receive treatment for his lung infection. The government in Pretoria says it's satisfied that he's getting the best possible medical care to enable his recovery and comfort. And doctors have reported a further improvement after four days in hospital. They've not said how serious Mr. Mandela's condition is. But there is obvious concern. He's 94 years old, and this is his third stay in hospital since last December.

A day of national mourning has been declared on the India Ocean island of Mauritius after 11 people died in severe floods. Torrential rain hit the capital Port Louis on Saturday night. Water levels have now receded, but many buildings have been flooded. Residents expressed anger at the authorities have not done more to help them cope. They said roads were blocked, trees had fallen, and there's mud everywhere. Others reported shortages of food, water and electricity.

You're listening to the latest world news from the BBC.

The Syrian government has accused rebels of setting fire to three oil wells in the east of the country, causing a loss of nearly 5,000 barrels of oil a day. Syria state news agency says the wells were set ablaze following a dispute between the rebels about how to divide the oil. The government of president Assad has lost control of large parts of eastern Syria where most of the oil fields located.

The self-claim president of the Central African Republic Michel Djotodia has named his caretaker government. Rebels and the members of the former opposition will make up most of the cabinet. Although, there'll be one member was linked to the ousted president Francois Bozize. Mr.Djotodia will take on the role of Defense Minister, as well as being president. The rebels seized power in a coup last week.
中非共和国自封的总统米歇尔·乔托迪亚(Michel Djotodia)任命了看守政府名单。反叛分子和前反对派成员将担任内阁大部分职位。然而,还有一名成员与逃亡总统博齐泽(Francois Bozize)有关。乔托迪亚将担任国防部长一职,并担任总统。反叛分子在上周的政变中夺取了权利。

Pope Francis has used his first Easter Sunday message to call for peace around the world. In an address to tens of thousands of people in St. Peter Square in Rome, the new pontiff appealed for a diplomatic solution on the Korean Peninsula. He also mentioned conflicts in the Middle East and Africa. These people in St. Peter Square gave their reactions to the Pope's message.

We want to come to be, to get the blessing from the Pope and to feel the love and community here today. That's all we did. And we are hoping that this would be a new sign for world peace.

I listened to the Pope's reaching. And I attended the service. I think it reminds me of the younger generation. I often believe that there'll be peace. And if older brought in the same way we serve in God and treating the younger generation to give them peace and love.

An entire troop of performing fleas has been wiped out by the freezing temperatures currently gripping Germany. The director of the flea circus said he woke and found all 300 of tiny staffs dead inside their transport box. The circus has found 50 new fleas to fulfill an engagement to open their fair near Kommern.

1.repel vt.击退

eg. A country must have the will to repel any invader.

2.sporadic adj.不定时发生的,时有时无的;零星的

eg. The sound of sporadic shooting could still be heard.

3.infiltrate v.(使)悄悄进入,潜入;渗入,渗透

eg. Only a handful of commandos could infiltrate into the enemy's defensive positions.

4.intervene v. 出面;介入

eg. Don't intervene in the affairs of another country.

5.restful adj.平静的,悠闲的

eg. We had a very restful holiday at our country cottage.

6.recede vi.后退;减弱

eg. As the tide receded we were able to look for shells.

7.grip v. 紧握;吸引注意力;对…产生强有力的影响

eg. The frightened boy gripped his mother's hand.

8.fulfill vt. 履行(诺言等);执行(命令等)

eg. It may spur a person to act and to fulfill his human potential.

1.What happened is that a group of Jihadists managed to infiltrate the town over night.

manage to达成,设法

eg. They manage to sign up all the best performers.

2.Much of the violence across the region has been blamed on the radical Boko Haram sect.

blame on把责任推给…

eg. Why are you trying to put the blame on me?

3.The Syrian government has accused rebels of setting fire to three oil wells in the east of the country, causing a loss of nearly 5,000 barrels of oil a day.

set fire to放火烧, 点着了

eg. They set fire to the city and massacred all the inhabitants.

4.Rebels and the members of the former opposition will make up most of the cabinet.

make up组成

eg. North Africans make up the largest and poorest immigrant group in the country...

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