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BBC News with Jerry Smit.
Jerry Smit为您报道BBC新闻。

Eight police officers have been arrested in Brazil after a television channel broadcast images of two teenagers being shot dead in a poor neighbourhood of the country's largest city of Sao Paulo. Investigators are trying to trace a third teenager who managed to flee the killers. Leonardo Rocha has more.
电视台广播图像显示,巴西最大的城市圣保罗一个贫困社区两名青少年被枪杀,随后,8名警察被逮捕。调查人员正在试图寻找成功逃脱凶手的第三名青少年。Leonardo Rocha报道更详细内容。

The security camera footage is truly shocking. Two men parked their motorbikes next to three teenagers in a dark street of Sao Paulo notorious for drug dealing. They were ordered to line up against the wall and put their hands up, after following orders they are shot at close range at least 18 times. The CCTV film shows a police car driving passed the scene second after the incident, but prosecutors in Brazil say there is no evidence that the vehicle try to stop the violence or to pursue the killers. [1.jpg]

South Africa's governing party, the ANC has accused a newspaper of defiling the memory of 13 South African soldiers killed for fighting rebels in the Central African Republic last month. The Mail and Guardian newspaper suggested the troops may have been deployed to protect ANC linked business interests in the CAR. Andrew Harding reports from Johannesburg.
南非执政党非洲人国民大会(ANC)指控一份报纸玷污上月在中非共和国抵抗叛军而牺牲的13名南非士兵的声誉。《邮政卫报》暗示军队被派往中非可能是为了保护其境内与ANC有关的商业利益。Andrew Harding在约翰内斯堡报道。

The South African government says that 13 of its soldiers who died in the Central African Republic last month are heroes who are fighting for peace and security. But opposition politicians and journalists are raising awkward questions, it's been alleged that the soldiers were there as a part of a business deal, essentially guarding the country's now ousted president in return for lucrative mining contracts. But today the ANC hit back threatening legal action and furiously accusing one newspaper of urinating on the graves of gallant fighters.

The Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir has ordered the release of all political prisoners. In a speech at the opening session of parliament, President Bashir also called for dialogue with other political parties. Correspondents say there's been a easing of tension between Sudan and South Sudan since they agreed to resume pumping oil last month.
苏丹总统巴希尔(Omar al-Bashir)下令释放所有政治犯。在议会开幕式的讲话中,巴希尔还呼吁与其他政党进行对话。通讯员表示,自上月同意恢复抽取石油以来,苏丹和南苏丹之间的紧张形势得到缓解。

The United States says it's not seen any evidence of large-scale troop movements by North Korea, but its latest threats have been taken seriously. There's been shrill rhetoric from the North in recent days including the declaration of a state of war with South Korea. The White House spokesman Jay Carney said the US had already taken measures in response.
美国表示,他们没有看到任何证据显示朝鲜大规模的军队调动,但是他们严肃对待朝鲜最近的威胁。最近几天,朝鲜发出了不依不饶的威胁,包括宣布与韩国进入战争状态。白宫发言人卡尼(Jay Carney)表示,美国已经采取措施作为回应。

"The actions we've taken are prudent, and they include on missile defence to enhance both the homeland and ally security and other actions like the B-2 and B-52 flights have been important steps to reassure our allies, demonstrate our resolve to the North, and reduce pressure on Seoul to take unilateral action."

Earlier South Korea warned of a strong and swift military reaction to any provocation from the North.

You are listening to World News from the BBC.

A Syrian activist group says at least 6,000 people died in Syria last month more than at any other times since the uprising began. The UN says that overall more than 70,000 people have been killed since protests against the government started two years ago.

A senior official in Yemen has warned that the economy could be devastated by Saudi Arab's efforts to deport Yemeni workers. A new Saudi labour law has been introduced to reduce millions of foreigners who work in the country as Sebastian Usher explains.
也门一名高级官员表示,由于沙特阿拉伯试图驱逐也门工作人员,经济将受到摧毁。沙特阿拉伯引入了一部新的劳动法,意图减少在该国工作的数百万名外国人。Sebastian Usher报道。

As part of a latest drive by the Saudis to cut the expatriate workforce that brought in some new laws which would penalize companies if they don't employ at least one Saudi, and also there has been a new drive against illegal workers. We've seen pictures of Yemenis rounded up and they are now been sent back to Yemen. The estimation is that may be up to 300,000 Yemenis could find themselves in this position.

Prosecutors in the United States say they will seek the death penalty for the man accused of shooting dead 12 people and injuring 70 more at a cinema in Colorado last July. James Holmes is expected to plead not guilty with his lawyers arguing that he was insane when the attack took place during the screening of a Batman film. Bryan Beard, a friend of one of the victims of the shooting said he was pleased with the prosecutors' decision.
一名男子被指控去年7月份在科罗拉多一家电影院开枪杀死12人,另外70多人受伤。美国检控方表示希望判处此人死刑。詹姆斯·霍尔姆斯(James Holmes)希望被判无罪,他的律师辩解称,事故发生时正值蝙蝠侠首映式,当时他的当事人意识不清醒。其中一名受害人的朋友Bryan Beard表示,他对检控官的决定感到欣慰。

“I've said this once and this is the last time I'll say it, the only way death will receive justice when somebody murders somebody else is death. I guess you fight fire with fire, it sounds awful, but I'm tired of being so politically correct. You know, if somebody takes an eye, you can't just be like slap them on the wrist. You can't.”

The technology giant Apple has apologized to customers in China after criticism over its after-sale service and warranties. The company says it will now replace more faulty iPhones and provide clear explanations of how warranties work.

1.trace vt.跟踪,追踪

eg. Trace an analogy between pastoral poetry and landscape painting.

2.notorious adj.臭名昭著的;臭名远扬的

eg. He is notorious for his goings-on.

3.defile vt.玷污;污染;弄脏

eg. Who are these men who defile the grassy borders of our roads and lanes.

4.awkward adj. 难对付的,棘手的

eg. They'd chosen an awkward time to call as I'd just got into the bath.

5.essentially adv. 本质上,根本上;本来

eg. Forgiveness is about pardoning things that are essentially inexcusable.

6.shrill adj. 强烈的,刺激的

eg. Shrill cries and startled oaths flew up around us as pandemonium broke out...

7.prudent adj. 小心的,慎重的

eg. A prudent man saves part of his wages.

8.unilateral adj. 单边的,一方的; 单方有义务的

eg. Let's put it to the question.How many people here are in favour of unilateral disarmament?

9.insane adj.精神失常的;疯狂的

eg. An insane person is unaccountable for his actions.

10.faulty adj. 有缺点的; 不完美的

eg. Is the vendor always held responsible if goods are faulty?

1.Investigators are trying to trace a third teenager who managed to flee the killers.

a third序数词前加不定冠词

在英语中,使用序数词时前面要加定冠词 the,但是,在下面的情况下则不加the:   


eg. Mother was my first teacher in my life.妈妈是我生命中的第一个老师。   

eg. Tom is Lily's third boyfriend. 汤姆是莉莉的第三个男朋友。   


eg. One fifth of the students here are from the country. 这儿1/5的学生来自农村。   

eg. Three fourths of the students here are from the country. 这儿的3/4的学生来自农村。   

3)当表达“又一,再一”时 ,序数词前不用 the,但可加不定冠词。   

eg. Please give me a second chance. 请再给我一次机会。   

eg. The poor woman had a third baby. 那个可怜的妇女又生了一个宝宝。   


eg. He was born on June 6th, 1974. 他出生在1974年6月6日。   

5)当序数词在句中作状语时,序数词前不用 the。   

eg. Who got there second? 谁第二个到那儿的?   

eg. I finished the work first. 我最先完成那项工作。   

6)当表达考试(赛跑等)中获得的名次时,序数词前不用 the。   

eg. She stands first in his class. 她在班上成绩排名第一。   

7)当用在一些习语中, 序数词前不用 the。   

eg. Business first and pleasure afterwards. 先做事而后娱乐。   

eg. First come, first served. 捷足先登/先到者优先。   

at first sight 乍一看到   first and last 总计,一共   

first of all 首先

2.The White House spokesman Jay Carney said the US had already taken measures in response.

in response作为答复

eg. He did it in response to an inner calling.

3.We've seen pictures of Yemenis rounded up and they are now been sent back to Yemen.

round up使聚拢

eg. It took the young couple a long time to round up enough money for a trip to Europe.

4.As part of a latest drive by the Saudis to cut the expatriate workforce that brought in some new laws which would penalize companies if they don't employ at least one Saudi.

bring in(政府或组织)推行,采用(新的法律或制度)

eg. The government brought in a controversial law under which it could take any land it wanted.

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