BBC英语新闻:奥朗德迎上任1周年 法国多地举行集会抗议(双语)

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BBC News with Nile Nunes

The general election in Malaysia has been won by the governing National Front, the coalition that has been in power for more than half a century. The electoral commission said there had been a record turnout of about 80%. The opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, has not yet accepted the result.

Speaking at a news conference, he accused the Election Commission of complicity, in what he called, a fraudulent process.

"We want the Election Commission to give a satisfactory answer to why this fraudulent process was being condoned or done, and they are, clearly, or they were, complicit to the crime."

Hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshi Islamists are continuing to protest in the capital Dhaka to push for the implementation of their version of Islamic values. At least three people have died and more than 60 have been injured. Jill McGivering reports.
孟加拉国数十万穆斯林继续在首都达卡举行抗议,希望实施自己版本的伊斯兰法。至少三人丧生,60多人受伤。Jill McGivering报道。

It's been a day of clashes and running battles on the streets of Dhaka. Police used tear gas and rubber bullets, Islamic protesters built barricades, threw stones and set fire to vehicles and shops. The main rally continued into the night, elsewhere parts of the city blazed red in the darkness. The Islamists, who drew support from the country's religious schools, demand the death penalty for those who insult Islam, greater segregation of men and women and more emphasis on Islamic values and education. But the government, which describes Bangladesh as a secular democracy, has, so far, rejected those demands.

Syria has accused Israel of giving military supports to rebels after air strikes on the edge of Damascus. The Syrian government said Israel hit three military sites around the capital on Saturday night and early Sunday, causing deaths and injuries. Israel has not commented. The Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoabi said aggression by Israel had opened the door to all options.

" International community must realize that the complexes taking place in this region has become more dangerous after this attack. And those states who support Israel have to be well aware that our people and our state would not accept this assault."

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has condemned anti-Semitism. At the opening of a meeting of the World Jewish Congress in Budapest, Mr Orban acknowledged that the anti-Semitism was on the rise in his country as a result of the economic crisis, but made clear that it was unacceptable.

Saudi Arabia has, for the first time, officially sanctioned sports activities for girls in private schools. Many private girl schools in the country already provided such facilities, but some Saudi commentators have suggested the move may be intended to test whether sports could, at some point, be allowed for girls in state schools.

World News from the BBC

Tens of thousands of protesters have rallied in the French capital Paris to express their dissatisfaction with President Francois Hollande ahead of the first anniversary of his election. The demonstrators accused the president of abandoning socialism with his austerity policies. Recent opinion polls show Mr Hollande's approval rating has fallen to about 25% - the biggest slump for any French President in the past half century.

Libya has passed a law that would ban officials from the Gaddafi era from holding political office. The vote in the General National Congress came a week after militias supporting the law began besieging the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs, they started celebrating after the bill was passed. Rana Jawad has this report.

The law could potentially see the removal of the figures currently serving in both the congress and the cabinets. Although officials and the public at large generally see the law as a necessary measure, many believe that there are other interests being pursued on all sides under the guise of demands for this law to be adopted. And it includes militias afraid of losing power and political infighting within the congress itself. Human rights watchdogs say the law is too sweeping and vague.

Colombia's former President Alvaro Uribe says he will take Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission for allegedly putting his life at risk. The move comes two days after President Maduro accused Mr Uribe of plotting to kill him.

Russian hunters have discovered the wreckage of a light aircraft that went missing 11 months ago in the Ural's region with 13 people on board. At the time it was thought the plane had been stolen by the pilot and his friends after a drinking session to go on a fishing trip or to visit a sauna. Eleven bodies have been found near the crash site.

BBC News

1.fraudulent adj. 欺骗性的;不正的

The police are investigating fraudulent claims for fire damage.

2.complicit adj. 有同谋关系的,串通一气的

Several officers were complicit in the cover-up.

3.barricade n. 街垒;路障;争论之处

The soldiers make a barricade across the road.

4.segregation n. 隔离,分离;种族隔离

They were tired to death of segregation and of being kicked around.

5.anti-semitism n. 反犹太主义

Cosmopolitanism became difficult to disentangle from its overtones of anti - semitism.

6.slump n. 衰退;暴跌;消沉

Economists are forecasting a slump.

7.militia n. 民兵组织;自卫队;义勇军;国民军

First came the PLA men, then the people's militia.

8.wreckage n. (失事船或飞机等的)残骸;(船只等的)失事

The wreckage slowly drifted away.


1.Mr Orban acknowledged that the anti-Semitism was on the rise in his country as a result of the economic crisis, but made clear that it was unacceptable.

on the rise 在增加;在上涨

This fall of prices is consequent on the rise in production.

The numbers also demonstrate that intermarriage is on the rise.

2.Colombia's former President Alvaro Uribe says he will take Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission for allegedly putting his life at risk.

put sth at risk 使陷入险境

The doctor must not allow the patient to be put at risk.

He put himself at risk to save us.

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