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BBC News with Julie Candler

A former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif has joined supporters of his Muslim League party in street celebrations following early indications that it will be the largest in parliament after Saturday's election. Speaking in his home city of Lahore, he told the BBC that he was determined to meet the huge challenges facing Pakistan and to bring about change.

"That is what our people would expect for. So we have to change, and people have shown their confidence in us. They’ve expressed their confidence in us. They know that we have changed this country in the past. We’ve done it, we've shown it to the people of this country and we’ll do it in the future as well."

A senior official of the party, a former cricket star, Imran Khan which previously had no parliamentary seats said he had emerged as the second largest national party.

The authorities in Turkey say at least 40 people have been killed by two car bomb explosions near the border with Syria. More than 100 others were wounded in the blasts. Judy Sopra reports from Istanbul.
土耳其当局称该国与叙利亚接壤处发生两起汽车爆炸案,导致至少40人丧生,还有另外100人受伤。Judy Sopra在伊斯兰堡报道。

The bombs struck at the heart of Reyhanli, a town close to the Syrian border. One car was parked outside the post office and another sandwiched between a municipal building and police headquarters. The area hosts an estimated 25,000 Syrian refugees and is a sensitive place in terms of Turkish support for the Syrian opposition. Syrians seek safety here and if this attack was carried out by their aggressor, they will fear extremely nervous about what happened as well the Turkish public, it will hold largely been against Turkish involvement in the Syrian conflict.

Egypt says it's arrested three members of an al-Qaeda-linked militant group accused of planning a series of suicide bombings in Cairo and Alexandria. The Interior Minister, Mohamed Ibrahim said the targets included a western embassy and the plot was in its final stages. He said police had found 10 kilograms of chemicals that could be used to make explosives, and a computer containing bomb-making instructions.

Two astronauts from the International Space Station made a rare emergency space work on Saturday to investigate a possible ammonia leak from the station's cooling system. From Washington Jane O’Brien reports.

Flakes of ammonia coolant were spotted drifting into space on Thursday prompting the most hastily planned space work in NASA history. It's thought the damage may have been caused by a small meteoroid or other debris but the two astronauts who used probing mirrors to inspect the area found no sigh of any leak. Mission control said the incident was a mystery but still asked the astronauts to replace the 117-kilogram pump control box that remains the most likely source of the trouble. Officials described the leak as serious but said there was no risk to the crew on board the International Space Station.

World News from the BBC

State security officials in Bulgaria say they've seized 350,000 fake ballot papers a day before parliamentary elections. Prosecutors said the ballots were found at a printing house owned by a member of the Centre-right Gerb party which lost power in February after protests against poor living standards and corruption. No party is expected to win a majority in Sunday's election which will be closely monitored by the organization for security and cooperation in Europe.

Two demonstrations have been held in Libreville, the capital of Gabon to protest against a rise in ritual killings. Activists say there have been at least 20 ritual killings this year, mostly of young girls whose mutilated bodies have been found washed up on the beach.

A hospital in Kuwait has hailed as a miracle the birth of a baby boy while his mother was clinically dead. The hospital's director said a nine-month pregnant woman from the Philippines was brought in suffering from extremely high blood pressure. Doctors performed an emergency cesarean section without anesthetic after her heart stopped. To their surprise, they were able to revive the mother after the baby was delivered.

In football, Wigan Athletic have caused a huge upset in the English FA Cup final by beating the favorite's Manchester City 1-0. Substitute Ben Watson scored the winning goal in the 91-minute to win the Cup for the first time in Wigan's history. Joe Wilson reports.
足球方面,维冈竞技在英格兰足总杯上以1:0 成绩打败曼城队,一举翻身。替补宾·屈臣在91分钟内赢得关键取胜的一分,赢得维冈历史上首次胜利。乔·威尔森报道。

In the late 1970s, Wigan Athletic were a non-league club. In the middle 1990s they struggled even to attract 2,000 supporters to their home games. Now, they are FA Cup winners. It is a story to breathe new life into the reputation of the old competition and on the day at Wembley, it was entirely deserved. Wigan's transformation has been overseen and financed by Dave Whelan, a footballer turned businessman. He broke his leg in the 1960 Cup Final at Wembley and now watched Wigan's triumph at the scene of his greatest adversity.

BBC News


1.blast n. 爆炸;冲击波;一阵

The blast was the largest so far in the new solar cycle.

2.sandwich vt. 夹入;挤进;把...做成三明治

Its location, sandwiched between the sea and the mountains, constrains the supply of available land.

3.aggressor n. 侵略者;侵略国;挑衅者

The United Nations Security Council took sanctions against the aggressor country.

4.ammonia n. [无化] 氨,阿摩尼亚

Dilute the ammonia with water before you use it.

5.meteoroid n. [天] 流星体

When a meteoroid enters the atmosphere of the earth (becoming a meteor), it is actually the speed compressing the air in front of the object that causes it to heat up.

6.cesarean adj. 剖腹产的;凯撒的 n. 剖腹产(等于Caesarean)

U.S. studies have shown babies born by cesarean have a greater chance for respiratory problems.

7.adversity n. 逆境;不幸;灾难;灾祸

They have learned to struggle against adversity.


1.Speaking in his home city of Lahore, he told the BBC that he was determined to meet the huge challenges facing Pakistan and to bring about change.

bring about 引起;使掉头;发生

The economic reform brought about great change in the lives of the common people.

We are working to bring about closer political integration in the EU.

2.Activists say there have been at least 20 ritual killings this year, mostly of young girls whose mutilated bodies have been found washed up on the beach.

washed up 将…冲上岸:耗尽;结束;毁掉:

The body of the drowned sailor was washed up.

I hardly believe the fact that their relationship has been washed up.

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