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BBC News with Kathy Clugston

Gunmen in Pakistan have killed a senior member of Imran Khan's Movement for Justice Party outside her home in the city of Karachi. Zahra Shahid Hussain was shot twice in the head. The killing took place on the eve of a fiercely contested partial re-run of the votes in Karachi following last Saturday's election. Shahzeb Jillani reports.
巴基斯坦武装分子杀害伊姆兰汗的正义运动党高级成员,案发地是遇害者在卡拉奇的家房外。萨拉·舍希德·侯赛因头部中了两枪,上周六举行了选举,但卡拉奇即将对部分选票重新选举,此事引起了激烈争议。Shahzeb Jillani报道。

Zahra Shahid Hussain was 60 years old. She was the senior vice-president of Imran Khan's party. Initial reports suggested that it may have been a case of robbery. But later we are hearing that the gunmen try to snatch home a mobile phone of hers and then shot her in the head at a close range, which gives rise to suspicion that this was actually a targeted attack. It was a murder. Imran Khan has been quick to point a finger at MQM party, which dominates Karachi's politics. MQM has denied any involvement.

The authorities in Ivory Coast have arrested a militia leader accused of participating in one of the worst massacres during post-election violence in 2011. Human rights groups say Amade Oueremi's fighters executed hundreds of supporters of the former President Laurent Gbagbo in the western town of Duekoue. Our Africa editor Richard Hamilton reports.
科特迪瓦当局逮捕一名民兵领袖,此人涉嫌参与2011年选举后暴力期间的大屠杀。人权组织称Amade Oueremi的武装人员在西部城镇杜奎处决了前总统洛朗·巴博的数百名支持者。非洲编辑理查德·汉密尔顿报道。

Amade Oueremi was detained in a village close to a national park where he'd been based for more than 20 years. Some reports suggested he turned himself in. Human rights groups had criticized the new government's failure to arrest Mr. Oueremi, saying that it showed it was not pursuing justice against both sides in the conflict. Around 3,000 people were killed in Ivory Coast after Laurent Gbagbo refused to acknowledge that his rival Alassane Ouattara had won a presidential run-off. Mr. Gbagbo is currently awaiting trial at the International Criminal Court.
Amade Oueremi是在国家公园附近的村庄被捕的,他在那里已经驻扎20多年。有报道称他是自首的,人权组织批评新政府未能逮捕Oueremi,称这说明政府未能追究冲突双方的责任并伸张正义。由于洛朗·巴博拒绝承认其对手乌阿塔哈赢得总统决胜选举,有3000多人被杀。巴博目前正等待国际刑事法庭的审判。

The Nigerian military says it has arrested 65 Islamist militants as it continues its operation in the northeast of the country. There's been no independent confirmation. Will Ross is in Abuja.

The Nigerian military says 65 people were apprehended as they try to reach the town of Maiduguri. All the men were described in the statement as terrorists. In some areas of Maiduguri, which has a strong Boko Haram presence, the army has now extended the night-time curfew to 24 hours. The BBC has also received reports of civilians fleeing remote towns of Borno state as a result of the military offensive. They've been arriving in towns on the Cameroonian border.

Syrian state television says a powerful explosion has hit the capital Damascus. There're reported to be a number of casualties caused by the blast in the northern neighborhood of Ruken Al Deen. And reports from Syria say the father of a deputy Foreign minister Faisal Mekdad has been kidnapped in the southern province of Daraa. Government and opposition sources said the man in his 80s was abducted from his village.
叙利亚国家电视台称首都大马士革发生严重爆炸案,据悉北部社区Ruken Al Deen发生爆炸,导致多起伤亡。来自叙利亚的报道称副外长Faisal Mekdad之父在南部城市德拉遭绑架。政府和反对派都称这位80多岁的老人是在村庄被绑架的。

World News from the BBC

There's been a fourth day of deadly attacks across Iraq with at least 11 people killed. In one of the worst incidents, gunmen broke into the house of an anti-terrorism police officer in Baghdad and killed five people including the officer and his sleeping family. At least eight policemen were meanwhile abducted in western Iraq.

A team of federal investigators in the United States has started trying to establish the cause of Friday's accident involving two commuter trains in the state of Connecticut. More than 60 people were injured when the two packed trains collided head-on outside New York City in the evening rush hour. The Connecticut senator Richard Blumenthal said the number of injuries could have been much greater.

"The damage's absolutely staggering. The sides of cars are torn away like ribbons of cloths. Tons of metal tossed around like toy things. Insides of the cars are shattered. And I can say I feel that we are fortunate that even more injuries were not the resolve of this very tragic and unfortunate accident."

A Saudi Arabian climber has become the first woman from her country to conquer Mount Everest. Raha Moharrak reached the summit of the world's highest mountain on Saturday as part of a four-person team. Miss. Moharrak said she hoped her climb would encourage other Saudi women to new achievements.
沙特阿拉伯一名登山者成为该国首位征服喜马拉雅山的女性。Raha Moharrak 周六登上全世界最高山峰,同行的还有三名队友。Moharrak说希望能鼓励沙特其他女性也创造新成就。

"Being the first was less important than inspiring someone else to be the second", She said.

And tonight in Malmo Sweden

"Welcome to the grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013."

The Scandinavian country is hosting the televised pan-European extravaganza for the fifth time. Bookmakers are tipping neighboring Denmark's favorite among the 26 finalists with Russia, Ukraine and Norway also among the top contenders. The entries include an Armenian rock song written by a guitarist from the rocker Black Sabbath.

BBC News


1.snatch vt. 夺得;抽空做;及时救助

Freeze onto that bag or someone in the crowd may snatch it.

2.execute vt. 实行;执行;处死

He was executed as a deserter.

3.apprehend vt. 理解;逮捕;忧虑


The police apprehended the burglars.

4.curfew n. 宵禁;宵禁令;晚钟;打晚钟时刻

The military authorities lifted the curfew on the city.

5.abduct vt. 绑架;诱拐;使外展

The police caught the terrorist who tried to abduct the girl for ransom.

6.head-on adj. 正面的;直接的;头朝前的 adv. 迎头;头朝前地;正面针对地

If the enemy dare to invade us, we'll deal them head-on blows.
敌人胆敢进犯, 我们就给以迎头痛击。

7.extravaganza n. 狂妄的言行;内容狂妄的作品;铺张华丽的表演

Tonight, we are also going to enjoy an extravaganza performed by special actors. The performance will be not only magnificent but also moving and touching.

8.contender n. 竞争者;争夺者

The press established him as the leading contender.


1.Amade Oueremi was detained in a village close to a national park where he'd been based for more than 20 years. Some reports suggested he turned himself in.

turn oneself in 自首

Dr. Conrad Murray's attorney says his client has prepared to turn himself in, if charges are filed.

He has been given until noon today to turn himself in to authorities.

2.The damage's absolutely staggering. The sides of cars are torn away like ribbons of cloths.

tear away 拉掉;撕掉;拉走;夺走:

She tore the wrapping away and took out the gift.

The bandits struggled to tear her away from the safe.

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