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BBC News with Jonathan Izard

The Nigerian army says it’s destroyed a number of extensive and well-equipped camps being used by the militant Islamist group Boko Haram to launch terror attacks against local communities. At a news conference in Abuja, a Nigerian general showed photographs of what he said were hospital facilities, dormitories, and fuel depots. Mark Doyle was there.
尼日利亚军方称摧毁了伊斯兰武装组织博科圣地大量装备精良的营地,该组织本要借此向当地发动恐怖袭击。在阿布贾召开的新闻发布会上,一名尼日利亚将军展示的图片显示了当地的医院设施、宿舍和燃料库。Mark Doyle报道。

Most of what was said at the press conference can’t be independently verified. Journalists can’t work freely in the conflict areas of north-eastern Nigeria because they are so dangerous. But a senior Nigerian officer just back from the north-east, Brig Gen Chris Olukolade, did reveal that some of the insurgent camps which the army says are now all destroyed were relatively extensive military facilities. It’s clear that some parts of northern Nigeria are still highly insecure. Foreigners and some Nigerians limit their movements in case of bombings or kidnap.
新闻发布会上的大部分信息尚未能独立证实,尼日利亚东北部冲突地区非常危险,记者无法自由工作。但尼日利亚高级官员Brig Gen Chris Olukolade刚从东北部回来,他说军方所谓被完全摧毁的叛军营地是分布很广的军事设施。显然尼日利亚北部一些地区仍非常不稳,外国人和有些尼日利亚人因担心爆炸或绑架已经限制了自身的活动。

At least two people have died in an attack by militants in the Afghan capital Kabul. Explosions were followed by a gun battle that lasted for several hours. David Loyn reports.

A short time after they started shooting, a known spokesman for the Taliban phoned the BBC to say that they were responsible. He said that the target was a building housing what he called CIA advisors who were training Afghan intelligence officials. But the injured all came from an international organization that worked with displaced people. One foreign aid worker was seriously injured and three Nepali guards were also taken to hospital; one died of his injuries. Much of the centre of the city was locked down for several hours as fighting continued. Specially trained Afghan commandos fought alongside Afghan police to try to take control of the situation.

Prosecutors in Paris have decided not to place under formal investigation the managing director of International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde. After two days of questioning, a court in Paris has decided Ms Lagarde be only named as an assisted witness in the allegedly fraudulent payment of $400m to the controversial businessman, Bernard Tapie. From Paris, David Chazan has the details.
巴黎检察官决定不对国际货币基金组织主席克里斯蒂娜·拉加德实行正式调查。经过两天的询问,巴黎法院认定,在向争议当事人、商人塔皮埃支付4亿美元的欺诈案件中,拉加德只能被视为协助证人。David Chazan在巴黎报道。

The status of assisted witness is far less damaging for Ms Lagarde than if she had been placed under formal investigation, which could have put her under pressure to resign as IMF chief. There will be relief in France where it had been feared that the country’s image could have been tarnished if Ms Lagarde had been forced to step down. Her predecessor as head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was also French, had to resign in the midst of a sex scandal.

China has signed the framework for a free-trade agreement with Switzerland, a deal which could become Beijing’s first with a major Western economy. Full details are expected to be finalised in July. The two countries already sell each other more than $26bn worth of goods a year. The BBC correspondent in Bern says that China has hinted it would also make Switzerland its financial centre of choice if Beijing allows off-shore trading of its currency, the yuan.

World News from the BBC

The popular Portuguese novelist and journalist Miguel Sousa Tavares has been investigated by prosecutors for calling the president a clown. If charged and found guilty, he could be jailed for three years. In a newspaper interview, Mr Tavares said Portugal had no need for a politician like the Italian Beppe Grillo, a former comedian, as it already had a clown as president. From Lisbon, here’s Alison Roberts.
著名的葡萄牙小说家兼记者Miguel Sousa Tavares因称总统为小丑而被检察官予以调查。如果被指控且确认有罪,他将被判刑三年。Tavares在报纸采访中说,葡萄牙不需要像意大利前喜剧演员毕普·格里罗这样的政治家,因为葡萄牙已经有了一位小丑总统了。艾莉森·罗伯茨在里斯本报道。

Mr Sousa Tavares is not being investigated for libel, but for the crime of offending the honour of the president of the republic, the attorney general’s office said in a statement. It didn’t say if the move was prompted by the president himself, as it has been reported. If criminal proceedings were to run their full course, it might not do much good for the president’s image. Mr Sousa Tavares’s work is hugely popular. By contrast, recent polls show Mr Cavaco Silva with the lowest ratings of any Portuguese president ever.
首席检察官办公室在声明中说,Sousa Tavares并非因诽谤罪被调查,而是因为触犯了共和国总统的名誉。此前报道称此举是由总统促成的,但声明中并未对此表态。如果刑事诉讼进行完毕,可能不会怎么影响总统的形象。Sousa Tavares很受欢迎,与此相反,民调显示卡瓦科·席尔瓦是葡萄牙支持率最低的总统。

The BBC has written off almost $150m after admitting an ambitious project to develop a revolutionary new digital archive system hasn’t worked. The BBC’s chief technology officer has been suspended pending a top-level investigation, and the team running the failed five-year project has been disbanded. The corporation’s head of strategy, James Purnell, said it had reached the point where good money was being thrown after bad.

"We messed up, I’m afraid, and everybody at the BBC is mortified because there’s been a really significant waste of license fee payers’ money. It was a project they’ve had a very good idea to start , but was too ambitious, has gone wrong.”

The former president of Guatemala, Alfonso Portillo, has been flown to the United States where he faces corruption charges. The American authorities accuse him of laundering $72m of public money during his presidency between 2000 and 2004. Mr Portillo had long been fighting the extradition, saying there was no proof against him. He told a Guatemalan radio station he was being unjustly kidnapped before boarding a plane to New York.
危地马拉前总统 Alfonso Portill已飞往美国,他将在那里接受腐败指控。美国当局指控他在2000到2004年担任总统期间洗钱掉公款7200万美元。Portill一直在反对引渡,他说没有可以指证他的证据。他告诉危地马拉一家广播台,自己在登上飞往纽约的飞机之前被无端绑架。

BBC News


1.depot n. 仓库;停车场;航空站

The guerrillas burned down the enemy's depot.

2.verify vt. 核实;查证

We must verify his figures.

3.displaced adj. 无家可归的;位移的;被取代的

Most of the civilians displaced by the war will be unable to return to their homes.

4.commando n. 突击队,突击队员

The commando blackened his face with charcoal.

5.tarnish vt. 玷污;使……失去光泽;使……变灰暗

The political scandal tarnished the reputation of the president.

6.disband vt. 解散;遣散

They disbanded an army at the close of the war.

7.mortify vt. 抑制;苦修;使…感屈辱

Forgetting the introductory remarks really mortified me.

8.extradition n. 引渡;亡命者送还本国

A New York court turned down the British government's request for his extradition.


1.The BBC has written off almost $150m after admitting an ambitious project to develop a revolutionary new digital archive system hasn’t worked.

write off 勾销;取消;很快地写好

He was written off as a has-been.

The account has been written off.

2.We messed up, I’m afraid, and everybody at the BBC is mortified because there’s been a really significant waste of license fee payers’ money.

mess up 陷入困境;搞糟

I'm all messed up after working on the car.

This wind will mess my hair up.

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