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BBC News with Iain Purdon.
Iain Purdon为你播报BBC新闻。

The government of Colombia and left-wing Farc rebels have reached agreement on land reform after more than six months of peace talks. It's the first and one of the most contentious issues on ending five decades of conflict. Sarah Rainsford reports from the Cuban capital Havana where the talks have been taking place.
经过六个多月的和平谈判,哥伦比亚政府和左翼Farc叛军终于达成土地改革协议,由此结束了长达50年冲突,土地是这场冲突的首要也是最有争议的问题。Sarah Rainsford在协商所在地古巴首都哈瓦那报道。

"Colombian government representatives and Farc rebels worked extra long hours in recent days to reach this deal, which marks a significant step forward in the peace process. In a joint statement, the two sides say what they've agreed represents a radical transformation of rural Colombia by assuring fair access to land and rural development. So, addressing the key causes of the armed conflicts. Details are limited for now, but the deal calls for the creation of a land bank as a way to reallocate land, including areas seized illegally during the fighting. Next stop for discussion starting next month is the issue of Farc members' participation in politics."

A large demonstration against a law legalizing gay marriage in France has been held in Paris. The same sex marriage bill, which also legalizes gay adoption, was signed into law after months of heated debate. Christian Fraser reports from Paris.

"The same sex marriage bill has stirred in France some of the fiercest debate and some of the biggest right-wing protest in decades. Today, there were four simultaneous demonstrations from different parts of Paris, then descended on the assembly lead in the central city. Many viewed it as a final stand against the bill - the President has already signed into law. Police said 150,000 people were marching, the organizers say it's close to a million."

A film about a passionate lesbian love affair, Blue is the Warmest Colour has won the top prize - the Palme d'Or - at the Canne Film Festival. The film by the French director Abdellatif Kechiche took the prestigious award on the closing night of the festival. Emma Jones reports from Canne.

"Blue was the Warmest Colour for this year's golden palm, an explicit love story about two young French women took home cinema's greatest trophy. And another French actress was rewarded, Berenice Bejo, stared The Artist was voted best actress for a frank Iranian film, The Past, by a jury chair, by Hollywood's biggest director, Steven Spielberg. But with Spielberg the helm, this was also a year for American excellence proved by Joel and Ethan Coen's new film Inside Llewyn Davis setting the Grand Prix a runner-up prize."

President Obama has visited the suburb of Moore in Oklahoma City to see the wreckage caused by last week's tornado and the first recovery efforts. Twenty-four people were killed and thousands of homes destroyed along with schools and medical facilities. Speaking along sides survivors and emergency teams, Mr Obama said it would take a long time for the community to rebuild.

World news from the BBC

The authorities in Burma have reaffirmed a long-standing ban that prevents families of Rohingya Muslims having more than two children. The ban will be enforced in parts of Rakhine state by officials who believed that high birth rates in Rohingya Muslim communities are stoking ethnic tension with Buddhists. Human Rights Watch called the two child ban abhorrent and inhumane. Burma considers Rohingya Muslims illegal immigrants and denies them citizenship.

The Kenyan government says it delivered a man accused of killing a British soldier into the hands of Britain security offices more than two years ago. Michael Adebolajo is one of the two men accused of hacking a soldier to death on a street in London on Wednesday. Gabriel Gatehouse reports from the Kenyan capital Nairobi.
肯尼亚政府称两年前曾将一名被控杀害一名英国士兵的男子交给英国安全部门。迈克尔·阿德波拉杰是被控周三在伦敦大街上砍死一名士兵的两名凶手之一。Gabriel Gatehouse在肯尼亚首都内罗毕报道。

Michael Adebolajo was detained in late November 2010 on an Island of the northeastern coast of Kenya near the border with Somalia. He was arrested on suspicion of links with al-Shabab, the Somali based Islamist militant group. He subsequently appeared in court in Mombasa alongside a number of Kenyan citizens. A spokesman for the Kenyan government told the BBC Mr Adebolajo was subsequently handed over into the custody of UK security offices in Kenya, he was not charged for any offense.

In the week of recent criticism over his strategies on dealing with Islamic extremism, the British Prime Minister David Cameron says he is setting up a task force to look at how to stop the radicalization of young Muslim men. In 2011, the government reduced funding for a program designed to help prevent radicalization.

Politicians and business leaders have gathered at the World Economic Forum in Jordon and have called for peace in the Middle East to be an international priority. The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the Israeli President Shimon Peres and the US Secretary of State John Kerry reiterated support for renewed talks based on a two-state solution to break the current impasse between the Palestinians and Israel.

BBC News


1.reallocate v. 重新分配;再指派

Can you reallocate a window seat in the forward section for me?

2.legalize vt. 使合法化;公认;法律上认为…正当

Some people want to legalize the possession of cannabis.

3.lesbian adj. 女同性恋的 n. 女同性恋者

I knew I should have included a few discreet lesbian overtones in that poem.

4.explicit adj. 明确的;清楚的;直率的;详述的

He avoids the explicit answer to us.

5.wreckage n. (失事船或飞机等的)残骸;(船只等的)失事

The wreckage slowly drifted away.

6.stoke vt. 拨旺火;使饱吃一顿;煽起,激起(常与 up 连用):

They also claim that the rioting was stoked by pro-government militia and plainclothes soldiers to discredit their movement.

7.abhorrent adj. 可恶的;厌恶的;格格不入的

Racism is abhorrent to a civilized society.

8.reiterate vt. 重申;反复地做

He reiterated the importance of good health in his speech.


1.He was arrested on suspicion of links with al-Shabab, the Somali based Islamist militant group.

on suspicion of 有嫌疑

The men were pulled in on suspicion of having committed a burglary.

He has been questioned on suspicion of slandering the Prime Minister.

2.A spokesman for the Kenyan government told the BBC Mr Adebolajo was subsequently handed over into the custody of UK security offices in Kenya, he was not charged for any offense.

hand over 交出;移交

When you vacate the room, you should hand over the door key to me.

I shall be glad to hand this job over.

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