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BBC News with Jerry Smit

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said Russia was fulfilling its contracts to supply arms to Syria regardless the conflict there. But he would not say of Russia had already delivered the sophisticated anti-aircraft system to which Israel objects. He was speaking to a television station run by the Lebanese Shia movement, Hezbollah.

"As far as Russia is concerned, we are negotiating with them over many times at weapons, and Russia has agreed with Syria to fulfil these contracts depending on the circumstances. Part of these negotiations has been fulfilled, and we with the Russians are continuing to implement these contracts."

A court in New York has sentenced a man to 25 years in prison for his role in a plot to kill Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States. Manssor Arbabsiar pleaded guilty to charges including a conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism. From Washington Ben Wright reports.

Fifty-eight-year-old Manssor Arbabsiar is an Iranian born US citizen who sold second-hand cars in Texas. He told a court in New York last year that the plot to kill Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States involved Iranian military officials, a claim strongly denied by Tehran. The plan was to kill the ambassador by planting explosives at a Washington Restaurant. Arbabsiar travelled to Mexico several times in 2011 to try arrange the assassination attempt. But his contacts with Mexican drug cartel turned out to be an informant for the US government and he was arrested.

The US authorities have intercepted the threatening letter to President Obama similar to those containing traces of ricin which were sent to the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg and his gun control group. From Washington here's David Willis.

The letter sent to Michael Bloomberg in the Mayors Against Illegal Guns group that he found it warned against trying to take away peoples' guns are reference to the debate over greater gun control that has been raging here in the United States since the Connecticut school massacre last year. Whoever wrote them warns that he would rather die than give up his weapons. President Obama and Michael Bloomberg have both been leading proponents for tighter gun control laws.

The mother of the remaining suspect in the Boston marathon bombings says her son, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has recovered enough to walk. Zubeidat Tsarnaeva told the Associated Press that Dzhokhar had assured her that he and his brother who was killed by the police after the bombings were innocent.

Nigerian members of parliament have approved a bill that will make a gay marriage a criminal offence punishable by up to 14 years in prison. The legislation passed by the House Representatives would also make it illegal to register gay clubs and ban public displays of affection by same sex couples.

You're listening to World News from the BBC

The first international football match scheduled in Brazil's national stadium since it was renovated for next year's World Cup final has been suspended by a judge who said it was not safe. The judge has ordered the authorities to produce guarantees that the Maracana stadium is prepared to host Sunday's game between Brazil and England.

Two prominent opposition activists in Russia have denounced next year's Winter Olympics in Sochi as a monstrous scam, saying that half the $50bn spent on them had been stolen. Their reports said nepotism, censorship and absence of fair competition have led to a sharp increase in the cost of the games. Here is Alex Capstick.
俄罗斯两名显要的反对派活动人士谴责明年索契的冬奥会为十足的骗局,称花在冬奥会上的近500亿美元都被盗走。他们的报告称任人唯亲、审查制度和缺少公平竞争导致赛事成本骤增。Alex Capstick报道。

A stunning report on the preparations which started from scratch soon after the Sochi, a holiday resort on the Black Sea won the right to host Russia's first Winter Olympics in 2007. In their report, Boris Nemtsov and Leonid Martynyuk said price tag was over inflated and concluded that up to 30bn had been stolen. Their investigation alleges that many of most lucrative projects were not put out to tender, and have reached only the oligarchs and President Putin's cronies. Alex Capstick.
这份报告令人瞠目结舌,内容涵盖黑海度假胜地索契2007年赢得主办俄罗斯冬奥会开始以来的准备工作。鲍里斯·涅姆佐夫和Leonid Martynyuk说标价虚高,高达300亿美元的资金被窃走。他们的调查称很多最盈利的项目不是通过招标的方式运作的,而是只给寡头和总统普京的亲信。Alex Capstick报道。

The US space agency NASA has warned that astronauts on any future mission to Mars would be exposed to so much radiation getting there that they probably develop a fatal cancer. The findings come from data gathered by a NASA spaceship, the Curiosity rover. Jonathan Amos reports.

NASA's Curiosity rover measured the radiation falling on it as it cruise through space for eight months to get the red planet. It allows scientists to put some realistic numbers on the risks astronauts would face making the same trip. They will be bombarded with damaging particle from the Sun and from deep space, raising the probability of getting a fatal cancer and developing neurological and eyesight problems. The only real solution, say researchers, is simply to get to Mars and the relative protection of its surface as quickly as possible.


1.anti-aircraft adj. 防空用的 n. 防空兵器;防空部队

The anti-aircraft units opened fire and hit two of the enemy planes.
防空部队开炮, 击中了两架敌机。

2.assassination n. 暗杀,行刺

The assassination of the king precipitated the country into war.
由于国王遇刺, 该国顿时进入了战争状态。

3.intercept vt. 拦截;截断;窃听

Our radio communications have been intercepted by the enemy.

4.proponent n. 支持者;建议者;提出认证遗嘱者

Halsey was identified as a leading proponent of the values of progressive education.

5.renovate vt. 更新;修复;革新;刷新

They are going to renovate the old furniture.

6.nepotism n. 裙带关系;起用亲戚

For example, corruption, collusion and nepotism should be condemned by all Asians.

7.tender vi. 投标;变柔软

The firm tendered for the contract to build a new hotel.

8.oligarch n. 寡头政治执政者

Competition double oligarch times is entered gradually turn white - hot.


1.But his contacts with Mexican drug cartel turned out to be an informant for the US government and he was arrested.

turn out to be 结果是;原来是

The result will definitely turn out to be just the opposite of their wish.

Guys I meet seem nice at first, then turn out to be big jerks.
最近我约会的几个人开始看来都不错, 可不久就都变成了讨厌的混蛋!

2.A stunning report on the preparations which started from scratch soon after the Sochi, a holiday resort on the Black Sea won the right to host Russia's first Winter Olympics in 2007.

from scratch 白手起家;从头做起

He's a real go - getter. He built up his business from scratch.
他是一个进取又勤奋的人, 他是白手起家的.

We'll close that bookshop, and we'll start everything from scratch.
我们将把那家书店关掉, 一切从头干起.

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